Best Stats and Gear Guide for Alchemy in Dragonflight

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This page details the best Dragonflight Alchemy stats and gear, and how they can be used to maximize profession output.


Crafting Stats for Alchemy in Dragonflight

All stats have their uses, but for Alchemy we recommend focusing on Multicraft and Resourcefulness for mass-producing Potions, Phials, Reagents, Incenses, and Transmutes, or on Inspiration and Resourcefulness for Alchemy Stone crafting and maximum quality crafts early on.

For more information on profession stats and gear, please refer to our dedicated guide below:


Best Alchemy Gear

Alchemists, like most other professions, can use three pieces of gear at once, 1 tool and 2 accessories. Blue-quality items are best in slot.

Item Type Source
Alchemist's Sturdy Mixing Rod Icon Alchemist's Sturdy Mixing Rod Tool Inscription
Alchemist's Brilliant Mixing Rod Icon Alchemist's Brilliant Mixing Rod Tool Inscription
Wildercloth Alchemist's Robe Icon Wildercloth Alchemist's Robe Accessory Tailoring
Master's Wildercloth Alchemist's Robe Icon Master's Wildercloth Alchemist's Robe Accessory Tailoring
Alchemist's Hat Icon Alchemist's Hat Accessory Leatherworking
Expert Alchemist's Hat Icon Expert Alchemist's Hat Accessory Leatherworking
Profession Gear

As shown in the image above, quality is a big factor in the stats you can get from the gear. Green versions are bind on equip and from trainer recipes, but blue versions require faction / renown grinding for their recipe and are bind on pickup, requiring you to submit a (Re)Crafting Order for them.

Also, remember to enchant your primary tool with Enchant Tool - Draconic Resourcefulness Icon Enchant Tool - Draconic Resourcefulness or Enchant Tool - Draconic Inspiration Icon Enchant Tool - Draconic Inspiration, and consider using an Aerated Phial of Quick Hands Icon Aerated Phial of Quick Hands if you are going to be doing a lot of crafts at once.


Gear Alchemy Can Make For Other Professions

Alchemy cannot make gear for use by other professions.



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