Transmogrification Shaman PvE Tier 1 Set (WoD 6.2)

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Shaman PvE Tier 1 Set

Tier 1 pieces drop directly from bosses and trash mobs in Molten Core:

  • Head: Earthfury Helmet Icon Earthfury Helmet (Garr in Molten Core)
  • Shoulders: Earthfury Epaulets Icon Earthfury Epaulets (Baron Geddon in Molten Core)
  • Chest: Earthfury Vestments Icon Earthfury Vestments (Golemagg the Incinerator in Molten Core)
  • Wrists: Earthfury Bracers Icon Earthfury Bracers (trash mobs in Molten Core)
  • Hands: Earthfury Gauntlets Icon Earthfury Gauntlets (Gehennas in Molten Core)
  • Waist: Earthfury Belt Icon Earthfury Belt (trash mobs in Molten Core)
  • Legs: Earthfury Legguards Icon Earthfury Legguards (Magmadar in Molten Core)
  • Feet: Earthfury Boots Icon Earthfury Boots (Lucifron in Molten Core)