Valorous Darkruned Plate DK Transmog (PvE Tier 8 Set) (Legion 7.2)

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Pieces from the Valorous Darkruned Plate (also known as the PvE Tier 8 set) are exchanged, at Dubin Clay in Dalaran, for tokens that drop from bosses in the second tier of 10-man Northrend raids (Ulduar). Additionally, some pieces (Hands and Legs) are dropped by Emalon the Storm Watcher in the 10-man version of Vault of Archavon. Unlike other Northrend raid sets, none of the Tier 8 pieces can be bought with Gold.

To go with this set, we suggest the following pieces:



  • 19 Jan. 2017: Added transmog suggestions for cloak, waist, feet, and weapon.
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