Zul, Reborn Abilities

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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Zul, Reborn encounter in Uldir. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.


Pool of Darkness

Zul will spawn a Pool of Darkness Icon Pool of Darkness periodically throughout the encounter. This pool will pulse Shadow damage to the raid every 2 seconds unless someone is standing inside of it. The person soaking the pool will take moderate Shadow damage every 2 seconds while inside.


Phase One: The Forces of Blood

Phase One lasts from the start of the fight until Zul reaches 40% Health.

During this phase, Zul will progressively gain Energy, but this has no real impact on the phase. Instead, the amount of Energy he has accumulated at the end of the phase will dictate some aspects of Phase Two.

Zul ideally does not need to be tanked during this phase, however during testing Zul would occasionally sneak in melee attacks between casts. It is a wise idea to keep a Tank in range of Zul as much as possible to mitigate this should this behavior make it to the live encounter.


Dark Revelation

Zul will afflict two players with Dark Revelation Icon Dark Revelation 30 seconds into the fight, and again every minute after that. This debuff lasts 10 seconds and upon expiration, each player will explode and deal huge Shadow damage to all players, with the damage being lower the farther away players are from the explosion.

Moreover, when a debuff expires from a player, a Minion of Zul add will spawn.


Minion of Zul

The Minions of Zul fixate on players, trying to reach them in order to use Pit of Despair Icon Pit of Despair, fearing all players within 5 yards for 12 seconds.

Minions of Zul have a dispellable buff called Bound by Shadow Icon Bound by Shadow, which absorbs a large amount of damage and increases their damage by 20% while active. However, when Bound by Shadow is removed (either by damage or by dispelling), it will kill its target.


Shadow Barrage

Zul will randomly target members of the raid and cast Shadow Barrage Icon Shadow Barrage on them. This will deal moderate Shadow damage and leave a DoT that ticks for light Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.


Call of Blood

Zul will periodically summon adds to the fight during Phase One: Bloodthirsty Crawgs, Nazmani Crushers, and Nazmani Bloodhexers. Crawgs will be spawned roughly every 45 seconds, while Bloodhexers and Crushers will be spawned roughly every minute.


Bloodthirsty Crawg

Bloodthirsty Crawgs use Hungering Maw Icon Hungering Maw, which heals them for 200% of the damage they deal.

They also use Engorged Burst Icon Engorged Burst, which they cast when they reach full Energy (something that is entirely time-based and predictable). This will kill the Crawg and deal very high Shadow damage to the raid every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.


Nazmani Bloodhexer

Bloodhexers cast Bloodshard Icon Bloodshard at the lowest-Health player in the raid, dealing a moderate amount of Shadow damage.

If two Bloodhexers are within 20 yards of each other, they will gain Sanguine Presence Icon Sanguine Presence, healing all enemies for 10% of their Health every 2 seconds.

Lastly, they will also summon Animated Ichor when their Energy bars reach 100% (this is time-based and predictable). Ichors will slowly travel to Zul and if they it make it to him, they will cast Ichor Transfusion Icon Ichor Transfusion, killing the Ichor, and transferring all of its Health to Zul. It should be noted that both the Ichor and the Bloodhexer can be fully crowd controlled, meaning your raid is able to slow, stun, knock back etc.


Nazmani Crusher

Crushers will occasionally cast Bloody Cleave Icon Bloody Cleave in a cone in front of them. They will also gain Energy over time, and upon reaching 100 Energy, will cast Thrumming Pulse Icon Thrumming Pulse. If this cast gets off, it will buff all enemies within 30 yards for 40 seconds, increasing the damage they deal by 50%.


Phase Two: Zul, Awakened

Phase Two starts when Zul reaches 40% Health and lasts until he dies.


Locus of Corruption

During Phase One, Zul will gradually generate Energy over time. Upon entering Phase Two, he will spend all his Energy on Locus of Corruption Icon Locus of Corruption. This will apply a stack of Corrupted Blood Icon Corrupted Blood to the raid for every 5 Energy spent. This is a DoT that deals Shadow damage every 2 seconds, and lasts for the remainder of the encounter.


Rupturing Blood

Zul will use Rupturing Blood Icon Rupturing Blood in a cone in front of him. This will apply a stackable debuff to anyone within the cone, lasting 20 seconds, that will tick for moderate amount of Physical damage every 2 seconds. When it expires it will drop a massive pool of blood on the floor called Ruptured Blood Icon Ruptured Blood, which persists until the end of the fight. Standing in the Ruptured Blood will apply additional stacks of Corrupted Blood Icon Corrupted Blood to the player.



Deathwish Icon Deathwish will target 2 random players and force them to run towards to nearest edge of the room. If the players are not dispelled before they reach the edge of the platform, they will leap off to their death. In either event, when the debuff is removed, it will deal moderate Shadow damage to the raid, and spawn several Minion of Zul. This damaged is reduced by proximity from the Deathwish.



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