G'huun Abilities

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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the G'huun encounter in Uldir. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.



G'huun is a three-phase encounter that will have your raid split into small teams in order to ferry orbs into a titan machine in order to progress through the fight.


Power Matrix & Reorigination Drive

An important part of the fight is the Reorigination Blast Icon Reorigination Blast ability. However, this ability is not simply cast by the boss, and instead needs to be triggered by the raid, as we will explain below.

The outer edge of the room is elevated. At the start of this elevated area there is a Power Matrix Icon Power Matrix orb present at the start of the fight (and more orbs spawn during the fight, as we explain below). A player will need to pick up the Power Matrix (by clicking it) and transport it across the upper platform until they reach the Reorigination Drive at the end. Upon reaching the end, the person carrying the Power Matrix will need to drop into the Reorigination Drive by clicking on it.

Depositing a Power Matrix Icon Power Matrix orb into the Reorigination Drive machine will grant it 35 Energy. At 100 Energy, the machine will cast Reorigination Blast Icon Reorigination Blast inflicting Arcane damage every 6 seconds for 30 seconds to everything in the room, friend and foe alike. The damage done to the raid is reasonably non-threatening since the ticks are spaced so far apart. However, the damage dealt to enemies is enormous; G'huun in particular will take 45-50% of his health in damage per Reorigination Blast. Enemies will also be stunned and take 100% more damage during this time.

Players who interacted with Power Matrix Icon Power Matrix will be debuffed with Imperfect Physiology Icon Imperfect Physiology upon depositing the orb into the machine. This debuff prevents them from interacting with another Power Matrix orb for 6 minutes on Heroic, and 2 minutes on Normal. Note that on Heroic, the duration of this debuff scales down as group size decreases, ensuring that this fight is still possible for smaller groups.

However, carrying the Power Matrix Icon Power Matrix is not a matter of simply picking it up and running it to the end. This is because for every 2 seconds that a player carries the orb, their movement speed is reduced by 20%. To counter this, the player is given an Extra Action Button that allows them to throw the orb up to 20 yards away. If another player is standing where the orb lands, they will catch it, however if the orb is not caught, it is destroyed. The Extra Action Button has a cooldown, preventing players from chain-throwing the orb.

A new Power Matrix Icon Power Matrix orb will spawn 15 seconds after the previous one was deposited into the Reorigination Drive or destroyed.

Furthermore, the platforms are covered by Amorphous Cysts (stationary attackable NPCs) that create an area called Undulating Mass Icon Undulating Mass that slows the movement of anyone inside of it by 75%, and deals a small amount of ticking damage. Damaging the Cysts will cause their Undulating Mass to temporarily shrink.

Finally, anyone on the upper platforms will take a small amount of ticking damage from Unclean Contagion Icon Unclean Contagion.


Explosive Corruption

Roughly every 15 seconds, regardless of phase, G'huun will afflict several random players with Explosive Corruption Icon Explosive Corruption. This debuff explodes after 4 seconds for a moderate amount of Plague damage to everyone within 5 yards and will leave a puddle of Blighted Ground Icon Blighted Ground. Blighted Ground will slow anyone inside of it by 75% and will deal a low amount of damage every 1.5 seconds. These Blighted Ground zones last until Reorigination Blast Icon Reorigination Blast is cast (explained below), which clears them.


Virulent Corruption

When Explosive Corruption Icon Explosive Corruption expires it will also trigger Virulent Corruption Icon Virulent Corruption, spawning 5 blight orbs that radiate outward from the player evenly in all directions. Players that are hit by these orbs will take a low amount of Plague damage and will be afflicted with a new Explosive Corruption debuff.


Phase One: My Minions are Endless!

During this phase G'huun is inactive and be protected by Blood Shield Icon Blood Shield, healing himself for 5% of his Health every 0.5 seconds.

Phase One lasts until the first Reorigination Blast Icon Reorigination Blast cast.


Thousand Maws

Roughly every 25 seconds, G'huun will cast Thousand Maws Icon Thousand Maws. This will summon 3 types of adds: Cyclopean Terrors, which will spawn on each cast of Thousand Maws, Blightspreader Tendril which will spawn on every second cast, and Dark Young which will spawn every fourth cast. Additionally the fight will begin with a wave of Cyclopean Terrors and a Dark Young active.

We explain all of these adds below.


Cyclopean Terror

Cyclopean Terrors will spawn spread out in a loose cluster around the room and will channel Torment Icon Torment into random players. Torment will deal a moderate amount of Shadow damage that increases every 3 seconds, for 15 seconds. This can be interrupted.


Dark Young

Dark Young need to be picked up by the tank. They will use Massive Smash Icon Massive Smash, dealing a moderately high amount of Physical damage to the tank, as well as knocking them back.

They will also gain Energy over time and upon reaching 100 they will cast Dark Bargain Icon Dark Bargain. This is a short cast that will increase the damage taken, healing done, and damage done of anything within 10 yards by 25% for 30 seconds. Dark Bargain will also affect players, however taking two stacks of the buff will mind control the player, requiring them to be killed by the raid.


Blightspreader Tendril

Blightspreader Tendrils will cast Decaying Eruption Icon Decaying Eruption, dealing a moderately high amount of damage to everyone in the raid. This can be interrupted. Once interrupted, Blightspreaders melee attack, so they need to be picked up by the second tank. They also have an Energy bar that depletes over time. Once depleted, they will cast Burrow Icon Burrow, making them briefly untargetable and moving them to a random place in the room.


Phase Two: Behold the Power of G'huun!

Triggering a Reorigination Blast Icon Reorigination Blast for the first time will remove Blood Shield Icon Blood Shield upon completion, and push G'huun into Phase Two. The upper platform will continue to be active during this phase.


Corrupting Bite

Corrupting Bite Icon Corrupting Bite will cause each of G'huun's melee attacks to deal a small amount of additional Plague damage. Consecutive attacks on the same target will buff G'huun with Growing Corruption Icon Growing Corruption, increasing the damage Corrupting Bite deals by 15% per stack. This effect resets when G'huun attacks a new new target.


Wave of Corruption

Periodically, G'huun will release a Wave of Corruption Icon Wave of Corruption, radiating from his center to the edge of the room. Players hit by the wave will have a stack of Putrid Blood Icon Putrid Blood applied to them, as well as take a small amount of Plague damage, splashing to everyone within 5 yards. Players hit by the splash will also be knocked back a short distance and will apply an additional stack of Putrid Blood to each other, and this effect can continue to chain.

It is worth noting that Wave of Corruption Icon Wave of Corruption cannot be dodged by players.


Putrid Blood

Putrid Blood Icon Putrid Blood is stacking DoT with an indefinite duration that ticks for a small amount of Plague damage every 1.5 seconds. Even though the DoT lasts indefinitely, it can be removed through another ability the boss uses (explained directly below).


Blood Feast

After every second Wave of Corruption Icon Wave of Corruption (specifically when he reaches 100 Energy), G'huun will use Blood Feast Icon Blood Feast. This will root a target for 10 seconds. After the root is over, all players within 8 yards of the target will have their Putrid Blood Icon Putrid Blood stacks removed. A Gibbering Horror add will spawn for each Blood Feast cast, with its damage and Health being increased by 5% for each stack of Putrid Blood that is removed.


Gibbering Horror

When the Gibbering Horror reaches 100 Energy (roughly 15 seconds) it will cast Mind-Numbing Chatter Icon Mind-Numbing Chatter, inflicting light Shadow damage to the raid, as well as interrupting all spell casts for 3 seconds.

The Gibbering Horror must be tanked.


Phase Three: Your Destruction is Assured!

When G'huun reaches 20% Health, he will enter Phase Three. During this phase G'huun will continue to cast Wave of Corruption Icon Wave of Corruption and Corrupting Bite Icon Corrupting Bite. In addition to this, he will use some new abilities, described below.



When the boss enters Phase Three, he will destroy the Reorigination Drive and trigger Collapse Icon Collapse. This will cause a large chunk of debris to fall from the ceiling, knocking back all raiders and inflicting lethal Nature damage to anyone caught underneath the chunk. All raid members will be damaged, though, with the damage of Collapse being lower the farther away players are from the impact zone. During the cast of Collapse, G'huun will also gain the buff Corpulent Mass Icon Corpulent Mass, reducing the damage he takes by 99%.


Malignant Growth

G'huun will cover areas of the room with Malignant Growth Icon Malignant Growths roughly every 20 seconds. After a short time they will explode dealing effectively lethal damage to all players caught in the area. The graphic of the Growths makes them look as though you might be able to side-step them, similar to the mushrooms on Brackenspore, however the radius of the explosion on the Growths is such that they have 100% coverage of the area they spawn in. These Growths will cover half the room, divided into 3 equally-sized pie slices, the positioning of which will alternate between safe and unsafe slices. Once the first unsafe sections explode, the safe areas will become unsafe and explode seconds later.


Gaze of G'huun

G'huun will cast Gaze of G'huun Icon Gaze of G'huun at 100 Energy (roughly every 20 seconds). After a 2-second cast, Gaze will fear anyone who is facing him for 5 seconds. This alternates with Malignant Growth Icon Malignant Growth, such that every 10 seconds, you will encounter one of these abilities.



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