Havoc Demon Hunter PvP Talents and Builds (Dragonflight 10.2.7)

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Choosing the right PvP and PvE talents is a prerequisite to proper performance in PvP. This guide goes through the various talent choices available to you as a Havoc Demon Hunter and gives you the best combinations you can take.

This page is part of our Havoc Demon Hunter PvP Guide.


Talent Choices for Havoc Demon Hunters

This build is built around Eye Beam Icon Eye Beam, Demonic Icon Demonic, and Soul Rending Icon Soul Rending to increase your damage output and survivability.


Talents Summary

While the above table provides a generally accurate overview of the viability of talents, some finer points are discussed in the sections that follow, and we recommend you read those for a deeper understanding.


Demon Hunter Talent Tree Highlights

Some important spells to note in the Demon Hunter talent tree:

  • The Hunt Icon The Hunt. The Hunt has returned as a regular talent and is crucial for opening up kill windows. Stun the kill target with Fel Eruption Icon Fel Eruption, Imprison Icon Imprison the healer, and use The Hunt to land a kill.
  • Collective Anguish Icon Collective Anguish is in the final tier and makes it so Eye Beam Icon Eye Beam summons an allied Demon Hunter. This mob will deal damage to your target and heal you.
  • Sigil of Misery Icon Sigil of Misery is a new spell for Havoc that allows them to place on the ground and will fear all enemies inside of it after 2 sec. This is a great follow-up after a stun or Imprison Icon Imprison is on the enemy healer.

Havoc Demon Hunter Talent Tree Highlights

Some important spells to note in the Havoc Demon Hunter Talent tree:

  • Essence Break Icon Essence Break deals spread damage and increases the damage of your next Chaos Strike Icon Chaos Strike and Blade Dance Icon Blade Dance.

PvP Talents for Havoc Demon Hunters

Glimpse Icon Glimpse makes you immune to crowd control and reduces the damage you take until you land when casting Vengeful Retreat Icon Vengeful Retreat. This is a great way to avoid incoming damage when you are the primary focus for the enemy team.

Chaotic Imprint Icon Chaotic Imprint works great when paired with the talent Any Means Necessary Icon Any Means Necessary. If your primary goal is to deal damage, this talent is perfect for increasing your overall damage output.

Reverse Magic Icon Reverse Magic removes all harmful magical effects from yourself and all nearby allies within 10 yards, and sends them back to their original caster if possible. If you are playing against a team with multiple magical crowd control abilities (Polymorph Icon Polymorph, Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice), you should be using this talent.

Detainment Icon Detainment increases the duration of your Imprison Icon Imprison, and that target is immune to damage and healing while it is active. This is great for crowd control on the enemy healer.

Cleansed by Flame Icon Cleansed by Flame makes Immolation Aura Icon Immolation Aura also dispel all magical effects on you when cast. This is a very important talent to have when playing against a team with DoTs on it. Use this talent versus Shadow Priest, Affliction Warlocks, Balance Druids or Elemental Shaman.

Unending Hatred Icon Unending Hatred is a great PvP talent if you find yourself running out of Fury when you are the kill target. Often, you will run and kite when you are the target, and this is bad for your overall damage output. Taking this talent will give you Fury as you run away and allow you to keep dealing damage.



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