Havoc Demon Hunter PvP Rotation and Playstyle (Shadowlands / 9.1)

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PvP requires you to perform various actions in the course of a duel, match, or battleground: interrupting/silencing enemies, damaging them, bursting them down, defending yourself, keeping yourself alive, etc.. It is a game mode that fully utilises your kit, especially spells that are rarely used in PvE. On this page, we go through all the spells you need to use in PvP as a Havoc Demon Hunter, how you should use them, and we explain what your playstyle should be.

This page is part of our Havoc Demon Hunter PvP Guide.


Playstyle for Havoc Demon Hunters

The Havoc Demon Hunter has only one role when in an Arena match: do damage. Players should focus on maximizing their damage as much as they can. With strong mobility, you should be able to stay on a target for most of the game. Use your strong consistent damage to force cooldowns and then punish the enemy team by using your offensive abilities.


Before Gates Open

Have a plan for who you will be mainly using your crowd control on. Although Havoc Demon Hunters do lack crowd control, they still have Imprison Icon Imprison and Chaos Nova Icon Chaos Nova.

If the enemy team has a class that can stealth, use Spectral Sight Icon Spectral Sight to see them in stealth and disrupt their opener.


The Opener

The opener refers to your team's opening crowd control chain and damage done as soon as you get out of the gates. The main goal in the opener is to force your enemies to use their cooldowns.

If the enemy healer uses their trinket in the opener, they are in trouble. In the opener, Arms Warriors should focus on sticking to an enemy and dealing large amounts of damage to the target.

This is the rotation you should use on your target at the beginning of the game.

  1. Use Throw Glaive Icon Throw Glaive to slow the enemy and close the gap between you and the target (it will only slow the target if you are using the Master of the Glaive Icon Master of the Glaive regular talent).
  2. Make sure you are connecting to your target to take advantage of the Demon Blades Icon Demon Blades talent.
  3. Use Fel Rush Icon Fel Rush to gain Momentum Icon Momentum, if you are using this talent.
  4. Use Immolation Aura Icon Immolation Aura if the enemy team is stacked.
  5. Use Felblade Icon Felblade to generate Fury.
  6. Use Demon's Bite Icon Demon's Bite to generate Fury.
  7. Use Blade Dance Icon Blade Dance to spend your Fury.
  8. Use Chaos Strike Icon Chaos Strike if you are about to cap your Fury.
  9. Use Eye Beam Icon Eye Beam when you have enough Fury.
  10. Use your burst rotation.

Burst Damage

When you have the enemy healer in crowd control and you are trying to kill an enemy, you use your burst damage.

  1. Use Fel Rush Icon Fel Rush to gain the Momentum Icon Momentum buff if you are using the regular talent.
  2. Use Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis.
  3. Use Chaos Nova Icon Chaos Nova to stun your kill target.
  4. Use Death Sweep Icon Death Sweep.
  5. Use Immolation Aura Icon Immolation Aura if the enemy team is stacked.
  6. Use Annihilation Icon Annihilation.
  7. Use Eye Beam Icon Eye Beam.
    • With the Demonic Icon Demonic regular talent, this will extend Metamorphosis by an additional 6 seconds.
  8. Use Felblade Icon Felblade if the enemy team is running away and to generate Fury.
  9. Use Annihilation Icon Annihilation for any Fury you have.
  10. Use The Hunt Icon The Hunt if you are Night Fae to get to deal a large amount of damage and heal yourself.

Sustained damage

Sustained damage is damage you do when your burst cooldowns are not available.

  • Generate Fury using:
    • Demon's Bite Icon Demon's Bite.
    • Immolation Aura Icon Immolation Aura. This should be used when the enemy team is stacked.
    • Felblade Icon Felblade.
      • Demon's Bite has a chance to reset the cooldown of Felblade. If you are not close to capping your Fury, use this as soon as you can.
    • If you are playing the Demon Blades Icon Demon Blades regular talent, you want to make sure you have as much uptime on your target to maximize your Fury generation.
  • Spend your Fury on:
    1. Eye Beam Icon Eye Beam should be the first ability. This will put you into Metamorphosis where you will deal even more damage with your other abilities.
    2. Blade Dance Icon Blade Dance/Death Sweep Icon Death Sweep. Depending on if you are in Metamorphosis or not, the ability's name will change, but still has the same effect.
    3. Chaos Strike Icon Chaos Strike/Annihilation Icon Annihilation if the other abilities are on cooldown and you are about to cap your Fury.
  • If you are using the PvP talent Rain from Above Icon Rain from Above, you want to use it when the enemy team is in the center of the map and cannot get to a pillar quickly.
  • Use Consume Magic Icon Consume Magic to dispel a Magic effect on the enemy target.
  • Use The Hunt Icon The Hunt if you are Night Fae to get to deal a large amount of damage and heal yourself.

Defensive Techniques

Blur Icon Blur is your main defensive cooldown. This increases your dodge chance and reduces the overall damage done to you. On a 1-minute cooldown, this is very powerful and should be used when your healer is struggling to keep you alive.

Darkness Icon Darkness is a great defensive for not only yourself, but also for your teammates. If the enemy team is using their offensive cooldowns on a teammate that has no defensive abilities left, using Darkness Icon Darkness where they are could keep them alive.

Vengeful Retreat Icon Vengeful Retreat should be used to gain the Momentum Icon Momentum buff for damage, but there will be times where you will need to run away from the enemy team. This lets you get distance and you can still use Throw Glaive Icon Throw Glaive so you do not waste the Momentum Icon Momentum buff.

Rain from Above Icon Rain from Above can be used offensively to score a kill if you have no cooldowns; but it can also be used defensively. Use this when melee on the enemy team is focusing you and you need to avoid it.



It is advised to use Macros to use abilities on enemies or allies without having to target them. For this reason, we have a page dedicated to them.



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