Lihuvim, Principal Architect Heroic Encounter Journal

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Welcome to the Heroic difficulty Encounter Journal for Lihuvim, Principal Architect in Sepulcher of the First Ones.


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As combat unfolds, Lihuvim accumulates protoform energy. Upon reaching 100 energy, Lihuvim casts Synthesize Icon Synthesize which allows nearby protoform lattices to be destroyed. Any remaining lattices are transformed into Protoform Automa when the synthesis completes.

Damage Dealers
  • Deconstructing Blast Icon Deconstructing Blast destroys Genesis Motes in its area of effect, and increases the target's Physical damage taken.
  • Protoform Cascade Icon Protoform Cascade inflicts damage to all players in a circle around Lihuvim.
  • Resonance Icon Resonance inflicts heavy damage and applies vulnerabillities to all players hit by the blast.
Manifest Mote Icon Manifest Mote

Lihuvim unleashes a blast of protoform energy that creates an Unstable Mote at the location of several players.

Unstable Mote Icon Unstable Mote

Standing too near to an Unstable Mote destabilizes it causing it to rapidly expand in area of effect.

This area inflicts 16,822 Cosmic damage every 2 sec to players who remain in the area.

Deconstructing Energy Icon Deconstructing Energy

Lihuvim causes protoform energy to collapse around several players, inflicting 5,607 Cosmic damage every 1 sec for 6 sec.

Deconstructing Blast Icon Deconstructing Blast

Lihuvim dematerializes the player, inflicting 22,430 Cosmic damage and increasing their Physical damage taken by 112,150% for 12 sec.

Deconstructs nearby Unstable Motes within 8 yards.

Cosmic Shift Icon Cosmic Shift

Lihuvim expels players, inflicting 28,037 Cosmic damage and pushing them away.

Resonance Icon Resonance

Lihuvim launches alternating blasts of Kinetic Resonance and Sundering Resonance at their current target.

Kinetic Resonance Icon Kinetic Resonance

Lihuvim creates an explosion at target location, unleashing a strike that inflicts 112,150 Physical damage to all players within 12 yards and increasing Cosmic damage taken by 50% for 15 sec.

Sundering Resonance Icon Sundering Resonance

Lihuvim unleashes a blast at target location, inflicting 112,150 Cosmic damage to all players within 12 yards and increasing Physical damage taken by 50% for 15 sec.

Protoform Cascade Icon Protoform Cascade

A wave of protoform energy motes crash over the area, each inflicting 44,860 Cosmic damage to players within 2 yards of the impact point.

Synthesize Icon Synthesize

Upon reaching 100 energy, Lihuvim begins forming Protoform Automa in nearby bays, releasing excess Protoform Radiance into the area.

Defeating a Protoform Automa during this time prevents it from fully forming.

$?diff!16[Standing inside a bay during this time applies Protoform Disalignment.][]

Protoform Radiance Icon Protoform Radiance

Excess protoform energy bathes the area in radiant light, inficting 11,215 Cosmic damage every 2 sec .

This effect stacks.

Protoform Disalignment Icon Protoform Disalignment

Standing inside an active bay reduces Cosmic damage taken by 50,467%.

Synthesized Automa

These automa are the result of Lihuvim's frantic iteration on designs originally intended to aid with Protoform creation.

Degeneration Automa
Degenerate Icon Degenerate

The Degeneration Automa inscribes the target with protoform energy, inflicting 5,607 Cosmic damage every 0.5 sec for 15 sec.

Acquisitions Automa
Instability Icon Instability

The Acquisitions Automa is imperfect and unstable, pulsing 5,607 Cosmic damage to all players every 5 sec.

Cosmic damage inflicted increased by 11,215%%.

Casts Detonation upon death.

Detonation Icon Detonation

The Acquisitions Automa catastrophically explodes upon death, inflicting 16,822 Cosmic damage to all players within 40 yards and launching them away.

Guardian Automa
Form Sentry Automa Icon Form Sentry Automa

The Guardian Automa creates a Sentry that persists for 30 sec.

Sentry Fire Icon Sentry Fire

The Sentry periodically unleashes a barrage of energy at random targets that inflicts 2,803 Cosmic damage.

Defense Matrix Automa
Ephemeral Barrier Icon Ephemeral Barrier

The Defense Matrix Automa generates a shield of energy for 30 sec that reduces the damage taken of all of nearby Automa by 50%.



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