Restoration Druid PvP Best Arena Compositions (Dragonflight 10.2.7)

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Team composition in 2v2 or 3v3 Arena is very important, because not all classes work well together. Here, we give you the best compositions you can have for your Restoration Druid (i.e., the best classes to pair with it).

This page is part of our Restoration Druid PvP Guide.


2v2 Arena

In 2v2 Arena, you will primarily be playing with a melee DPS or Demonology Warlock. Every time your DPS is using their burst rotation, use Mighty Bash Icon Mighty Bash on the enemy healer. Follow it up with three Cyclone Icon Cyclones. The goal of this is to always have consistent crowd control while your DPS is bursting. The result is that the enemy healer will not be able to keep up with the damage and run out of Mana quickly. You can also use Entangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots to keep the healer away from their partner.

Here is a list of the best team compositions for 2v2:


3v3 Arena

Your role in 3v3 is similar to 2v2 Arena. Your primary goal is to keep HoTs on all of your teammates and maintain Lifebloom Icon Lifebloom stacks on whichever teammate is taking the most damage. If the enemy team has multiple stuns, there is a chance they can swap to you. Use Bear Form Icon Bear Form in between your healing spells so you do not get killed in a chain of stuns. It is important to note that your different forms can prevent a few crowd control abilities (Polymorph Icon Polymorph and Repentance Icon Repentance).

Here is a list of the best team compositions for 3v3:



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