Taloc Abilities

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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Taloc encounter in Uldir. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.



Taloc is a three-phase encounter, revolving around area management and add control.


Phase One: The Corrupted Construct

Phase One begins with Taloc at 60% Health, and will last until he reaches 35%.


Plasma Discharge

Plasma Discharge Icon Plasma Discharge is a debuff Taloc will apply to players, dealing moderate Shadow damage and causing them to drop puddles of Blood Storm Icon Blood Storm every 2 seconds for 4 seconds.


Blood Storm

Blood Storm Icon Blood Storm is a pool on the ground that deals low Shadow damage every 1 second to players within it. These pools last indefinitely, but as we will see, Taloc will consume them occasionally with one of his abilities.


Cudgel of Gore

When Taloc reaches 100 Energy (which is entirely time-based and predictable), he will cast Cudgel of Gore Icon Cudgel of Gore on the active tank's location, and will absorb all Blood Storm Icon Blood Storm within 18 yards. This will knock players within 30 yards back and will deal heavy Shadow damage to the raid, decreasing the further the player is from Taloc. It should also be noted that after Cudgel's cast time, Taloc will charge to the location of the tank and complete a small wind-up animation before actually triggering Cudgel of Gore.


Retrieve Cudgel

Retrieve Cudgel Icon Retrieve Cudgel will cause Taloc to charge to the cudgel's location dealing heavy Physical damage to players caught in his path.


Sanguine Static

Taloc will target a player with Sanguine Static Icon Sanguine Static and fire a wave of blood magic towards them. Players caught in the path of Sanguine Static Icon Sanguine Static will be knocked back and suffer moderate Shadow damage.


Transition Phase

At 35% Health, Taloc will enter a 90-second transition phase. He will walk to the center of the room and gain Powered Down Icon Powered Down, causing him to spill Blood Storm Icon Blood Storm around himself and take 99% reduced damage. During this time, Taloc will be inactive, and the encounter area will begin to descend deep into the temple.

Uldir Defensive Beam Icon Uldir Defensive Beams are set up along the elevator shaft exclusively during the transition phase, and will intersect random sections of the platform as the raid descends through them. They deal moderate Arcane damage every 0.2 seconds to all players caught within them. While the actual damage events from the lasers are only moderate, the fact that they will tick 5 times per second makes them tremendously lethal.

Once the area finishes descending, Taloc will once again become active and take normal damage as the encounter reaches Phase Two.


Coalesced Blood

Coalesced Blood will periodically cast Slough Off Icon Slough Off, dealing Shadow damage within 4 yards and leaving Blood Storm Icon Blood Storm underneath them. They will need to be kited by a tank.


Volatile Droplet

Volatile Droplets will also spawn, and fixate on random players. If they come in contact with a raid member, they will explode for moderate Fire damage and knock back all players within 5 yards. The knock back itself will move players 10 yards.


Phase Two: Ruin's Decent

Once the elevator platform has reached the ground floor, Phase Two will begin and will knock the entire raid away from Taloc. During this phase, Taloc will use the same abilities as during Phase One (with the only difference being that Plasma Discharge Icon Plasma Discharge will target 5 players instead of 3), in addition to which the Volatile Droplet adds from the Transition Phase will continue to spawn. It should be noted, that the number of Plasma Discharges that go out on the raid decreases with raid size.