Transmogrification WoD Honor Plate Sets (legion 7.2)

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Warlords of Draenor Season 1 Honor gear is sold by Austin Feeney (Alliance, Stormshield), Bregg Coppercast (Alliance, Stormshield), Marshal Karsh Stormforge (Alliance, Ashran), Stone Guard Brokefist (Horde, Stormshield), Shadow Hunter Gar'ant (Horde, Stormshield), and Warlord Noktyn (Horde, Ashran). Head, Chest, and Legs items cost 2,250 Honor Points. Shoulders and Hands cost 1,750 Honor Points. WoD Season 1 Honor gear also has a chance to be contained in the tributes you obtain from placing work orders in your Gladiator's Sanctum, in the Dented Ashmaul Strongbox Icon Dented Ashmaul Strongboxes, Ashmaul Strongbox Icon Ashmaul Strongboxes, and Gleaming Ashmaul Strongbox Icon Gleaming Ashmaul Strongboxes you can obtain by turning in tokens in Ashran, or in the Bronze Strongbox Icon Bronze Strongboxes, Silver Strongbox Icon Silver Strongboxes, and Gold Strongbox Icon Gold Strongboxes that you can earn in Battlegrounds.

To go with the Alliance set, we advise the following pieces:

To go with the Horde set, we advise the following pieces:



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