Vault of the Wardens Mythic+ Guide (Legion 7.0.3)

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Mythic+ Affixes

When you reach level 4 in your Mythic+ dungeons, you will start to see affixes attached to the keystone which add additional effects to enemies within the dungeon. Each tier (4, 7, and 10) cannot be duplicated within one keystone, so you will have one of each at higher levels and they will cycle each week. Combinations can vary in difficulty and how much they synergise with each other and the instance in question, but all of them have an impact and have to be dealt with in different ways.


Tier 1 Affixes (Active at 4+ Keystones)

Raging. When targets reach 30% health, they Enrage, and deal 100% bonus damage. This encourages burning enemies down individually when they reach this point, or saving hard crowd control like stuns for when they reach this point during AoE.

Bolstering. Whenever an enemy dies, it buffs other enemies in combat with an additional 20% health and damage, which heavily encourages killing them at the same time, or within a small window of each other. In larger groups, this can be deadly if mis-managed. Note this does not, however, interact with adds summoned via boss mechanics.

Sanguine. When enemies die, they leave a small pool on the ground which deals damage to players and heals enemies standing within them. This increases the awareness requirement, and means you need to reposition groups quickly around them.

Teeming. The dungeon itself will generate additional lesser adds, which increases the number of targets in pulls. This mostly increases the difficulty of pulls as additional enemies will be active in each pack.

Bursting. When minions die within the dungeon, all party members inside will receive a stacking debuff that deals 5% of their maximum health every 2 seconds for 4 seconds. This requires the party to kill targets in a staggered fashion to prevent it stacking too high and killing off players, and for the healer to be acutely aware of the state of the party health when it is applied.


Tier 2 Affixes (Active at 7+ Keystones)

Volcanic. This causes random patches on the ground to spawn that will deal high pulsing damage if standing within them. Managing this is mostly on players avoiding them whenever they appear, and will by extension result in reduced DPS due to players avoiding them.

Necrotic. All enemies will apply a stacking debuff that deals flat ticking damage, and reduces healing/absorption received by 3%, stacking up to 10 with additional hits. This increases the intensity of tank healing and adds an additional component to the damage they receive.

Skittish. Enemies will randomly drop all threat on their current target. This makes it significantly more dangerous for DPS and adds an extra factor for tanks to account for, as dangerous mobs will require additional attention to keep in check.

Explosive. Enemies will occasionally spawn Explosive Orbs nearby with a small amount of health. These will will detonate after 6 seconds if not killed, dealing 50% of the all party members' maximum health. These orbs are immune to AoE and crowd control, so need to be switched to and killed quickly throughout the dungeon.

Quaking. All players will periodically cause a Shockwave 8 yards around their character, dealing 20% of players' maximum health to any players standing inside it after 3 seconds and interrupting casts. Players should remain spread to avoid taking more than one hit.

Grievous. Any players that falls below 90% health will be afflicted by a Grievous Wound, dealing a percentage of the player's maximum health every 3 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. This is permanent throughout the dungeon, so the healer needs to be aware of the stacks and heal players back above 90% to remove the debuff.


Tier 3 Affixes (Active at 10+ Keystones)

Tyrannical. Increases the health of boss targets by 40%, and their damage by 20%. This intensifies bosses significantly and must be noted when dealing with some of the more dangerous ones, as it also affects abilities alongside extending the duration of the fights in question.

Fortified. Increases the health of minions within the dungeon by 20%, and the damage they deal by 40%. This intensifies the trash pulls significantly and in some cases can limit how many extra you can pull at once, which will slow your pace between bosses.


Vault of the Wardens Timer: 33 Minutes

Vault of the Wardens has a number of tricky large pulls early on, but after the first boss, it evens out quickly and becomes a rush between bosses. This is a very mechanically-heavy dungeon through and through, so be prepared to manage these mechanics correctly.

After entering, head through the path to Tirathon Saltheril and then the elevator:

Vault Path A

After descending, take the following path through the mini-bosses, defeating the 3 bosses in the Vault then descend down the final elevator:

Vault Path A

Finally, follow the path to avoid some of the hidden trash leading to Cordana Felsong by dropping down the gap in the wall:

Vault Path A

Tirathon Saltheril


Important Trash to Note

Leading up to the first boss will be a number of large Satyrs and Demon Hunter packs, alongside a small mini-boss, Glayvianna Soulrender, in the first room. These packs can be dealt with individually or as groups, depending on how comfortable your tank is with the high incoming damage and affixes present.


Felsworn Infester/Shadow Hunter

Leading up to the first mini-boss, you will encounter a number of Felsworn Infester Satyrs, and Shadow Hunter Demon Hunter enemies, coming in pairs. We would advise moving down the right side to avoid the Immoliant Fury targets on the left. Felsworn Infesters will alternate between casting Corrupt Icon Corrupt, which will deal moderate Shadow damage to a random player in the group, and Nightmares Icon Nightmares which will stun a random non-tank player for 4 seconds. When this expires, 4 projectiles will be launched out from the affected player, dealing moderate Shadow damage to anyone hit. Whilst Nightmare can be dispelled if applied, it should be a high priority to interrupt to avoid the stun and remove the effect of the projectiles. Shadow Hunters will cast Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis at 40% health, and proceed to deal massive tank damage through Vital Strike Icon Vital Strike, so use cooldowns if you are pulling a large number of these.


Glayvianna Soulrender

Glayvianna Soulrender will follow after the first path of trash, blocking the way ahead. She operates as a mini-boss, and will deal particularly heavy tank damage. After engaging, she will regularly hit the tank with Double Strike Icon Double Strike which deals a high amount of Physical damage and leaves a powerful DoT. Alongside this, Glayvianna will throw out Glaive Icon Glaive projectiles that will deal high Physical damage to anyone hit. She will also regularly cast Swoop Icon Swoop, which will cause her to leap through the tank, dealing high Physical damage and knocking any players back in the path she travels, so be careful of positioning and remain spread.

At 50% health, Glayvianna will cast Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis, increasing all damage dealt by 50% and gaining access to a new ability in Fel Trap Icon Fel Trap, alongside those she used previously. This will create three circles around the room in random locations that will create large green telegraphs, and any player who is in them after 3 seconds will trigger Fel Detonation Icon Fel Detonation. This deals high Fire damage to the player who triggers it and anyone else within 5 yards, and knocks players hit into the air. Take note that during the Metamorphosis phase, her abilities are especially deadly and should be avoided if possible due to the damage buff.


Viletongue Belcher

Large groups of Viletongue Belchers block the path upward and will be pulled together with the more dangerous enemies. They do nothing important aside from tank damage and being present in large numbers.


Felsworn Myrmidon/Immoliant Fury

In this area you will first encounter these two enemies, as you missed them in the first room by moving down the right side. Felsworn Myrmidons will deal heavy tank damage and also routinely cast Deafening Screech Icon Deafening Screech, which cannot be interrupted and will silence any players in front for 3 seconds upon cast completion. These should be faced away from the group or stunned, to prevent this stopping the healer from keeping the group healthy. Immoliant Fury enemies will also present a high tank threat, regularly casting Strike Icon Strike on their target followed up briefly after by Cleave Icon Cleave, which will hit all players in front of them. Much like the Myrmidons, these should be faced away from the group due to Cleave. Lastly, they will cast Slide Icon Slide, which will position them behind the tank, followed up by a Strike/Cleave combo, so be aware of this when it happens.


Fel-Infused Fury

Fel-Infused Fury Demon Hunters will cast Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis at 50% health, and buff their damage dealt by 50% much like the mini-boss before them. When they get to 20% health or lower, they will begin to cast Unleash Fury Icon Unleash Fury, which will deal lethal Fire damage to the party and must be stunned or interrupted, else this will result in a wipe.


Tirathon Saltheril Encounter


Quick TL;DR

Ranged DPS should spread to avoid chaining Swoop Icon Swoop, and interrupt the subsequent Furious Blast Icon Furious Blast. Avoid Furious Flames Icon Furious Flames and Fel Mortar Icon Fel Mortar telegraphs. The tank should use active mitigation during Darkstrikes Icon Darkstrikes. When the boss is in the Havoc form, avoid the Hatred Icon Hatred laser; when he is in the Vengeance form, dodge glaive chains from Glaive Icon Glaive.



The Tirathon Saltheril encounter has three phases, the first beginning when you engage him and lasting until 70% health, and the second lasting until 40% health, as he cycles between his Metamorphosis forms, with the third and final phase lasting until you kill him.

During the first phase, Tirathon will deal high tank damage and regularly cast Fel Mortar Icon Fel Mortar, creating a large circular green telegraph in the room that players should quickly avoid. If you are present after 2 seconds, high Fire damage will be taken from the blast followed by a patch of Furious Flames Icon Furious Flames in the area, dealing periodic damage.

Throughout the encounter, Tirathon will regularly spawn Fel Fury enemies in sets of 3. These will come roughly every 30 seconds, and will cast Scorch Icon Scorch on random players dealing moderate Fire damage and intensifying with each subsequent cast. If they are not killed after 10 casts, they will explode via Fel Detonation Icon Fel Detonation, which is lethal to the group, so these should be cleaved down quickly to prevent this.

Next, Tirathon will target a random ranged player with Swoop Icon Swoop, leaping toward them, dealing high Physical damage, and knocking away players in his path and at the final destination. After landing, a cast of Furious Blast Icon Furious Blast will immediately follow. This will deal massive damage to the party if it completes, so it must be interrupted. To counteract the effects of Swoop, the party should try to remain spread.

Tirathon will periodically apply Darkstrikes Icon Darkstrikes to himself, that will increase his damage dealt for 10 seconds. If a tank is hit without active mitigation (such as Demon Spikes Icon Demon Spikes or Shield of the Righteous Icon Shield of the Righteous) during this period, the boss will gain a significant absorption shield, so tanks should maintain their defense until the 10 second buff is over to avoid extending the encounter.

At 70% health, Tirathon will change into his Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis form.

Vengeance Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis will reduce all damage taken by 25%, extending the duration of the fight and removing the Swoop Icon Swoop/Furious Blast Icon Furious Blast mechanics. In exchange, Tirathon will start the phase with Throw Glaive Icon Throw Glaive, spawning two whirling glaives in the room that will be connected by a Fel Chain Icon Fel Chain. Any player standing between these (in the chain) will take massive Fire damage every second, so try to manage your positioning to avoid getting caught by this. The boss will also have to regularly be repositioned as the glaives (and chain) move, so be prepared for that.

At 40% health, Tirathon will change into his Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis form, which will last until he dies.

Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis will increase all his damage dealt by 25%, enhancing the danger of all previous mechanics significantly, whilst losing the Fel Mortar Icon Fel Mortar mechanic. He will deal moderate Fire damage every 5 seconds to the entire group via Immolation Aura Icon Immolation Aura, which the healer must be aware of. Finally, he will gain Hatred Icon Hatred, which will form a beam on a specific target that will move around the room. If you stand in the beam or the area it is being cast in, you will suffer massive Fire damage every second, so make sure to avoid this.


Inquisitor Tormentorum


Important Trash to Note

Following Tirathon Saltheril there is a short gauntlet of Blazing Imps in the next corridor, and a single Foul Mother blocking the path to the elevator to deal with.


Blazing Imp/Foul Mother

The mass of Blazing Imps will all cast Fireblast Icon Fireblast at random players, but they are vulnerable to interrupts and mass crowd control, which, if possible, should be used while AoEing this group down. Upon death, they will begin an Implosion Icon Implosion cast that will draw in players within 10 yards when it completes, and then deal heavy Fire damage to those dragged in. This should simply be moved away from to prevent this from happening.

The Foul Mother blocks the entrance to the elevator, which will be surrounded by a Foul Stench Icon Foul Stench aura. This deals light Nature damage to players too close to the Foul Mother, reduces chance to hit by 75%, and reduces Haste by 50% of any player affected, so stand at maximum range. In between this, she will alternate between casting Mortar Icon Mortar and A Mother's Love Icon A Mother's Love. The first, Mortar, will leave a telegraph underneath random players that will deal moderate Fire damage upon impact. A Mother's Love will cause her to face a random player and spew a cone effect, leaving a cloud that will deal high Nature damage every second to any players remaining in it. Finally, she will routinely spawn additional Blazing Imps whilst engaged, which should be cleaved down.


Inquisitor Tormentorum Encounter


Quick TL;DR

Use an unimportant spell to trigger the Sap Soul Icon Sap Soul ability cooldown. Face Orbs during Inquisitive Stare Icon Inquisitive Stare casts to avoid being disoriented, and stack up adds after the boss Teleport Icon Teleports.



Inquisitor Tormentorum will regularly cast Sap Soul Icon Sap Soul, which cannot be interrupted. This will debuff players so that the next ability cast is put on a 10-second cooldown. You should try to burn off this debuff with non important abilities such as a self heal as a DPS, or a non-important utility tool such as Blessing of Freedom Icon Blessing of Freedom or Hex Icon Hex.

Tormentorum also infrequently spawns a number of Tormenting Orb, which will periodically cast Inquisitive Stare Icon Inquisitive Stare on the party. This will spawn a beam from the Orb to all players, and if players are not facing the beam when the cast completes, they will be disoriented for 3 seconds. As the fight goes on, more orbs will be spawned, increasing the frequency of beams. Due to this, you should be ready to change your facing depending on new beam casts.

At two times in the encounter at 70% and 40% health, Tormentorum will Teleport Icon Teleport to a random corner in the room and activate the cells in that area, releasing one of four different groups of enemies. Below, going in a clockwise path around the room, is a list of what to expect in each group.

The North East block will release a number of Faceless creatures, containing a Void-Touched Juggernaut, Deranged Mindflayer, and Faceless Voidcaster. The Juggernaut will deal the highest melee damage, and cast Cleave Icon Cleave that will deal high Physical damage to the tank and to other nearby party members. At 50% health, it will cast Enrage Icon Enrage and increase its melee attack speed by 150% for 10 seconds. Cooldowns should be used by the tank whilst this is up, and killing the Juggernaut is important to prevent multiple casts of this.

The Deranged Mindflayer and Faceless Voidcaster are caster adds that will need to be interrupted to re-position them. The Voidcaster will repeatedly cast Voidbolt Icon Voidbolt, dealing moderate Shadow damage to a random player, and Shadow Crash Icon Shadow Crash, firing a slow-moving missile toward a player that will detonate for moderate Shadow damage and leave behind a high damage pool of shadow. Mindflayers will channel Mind Flay Icon Mind Flay on random players, dealing moderate Shadow damage every second and slowing them, which can be interrupted. Finally, Mindflayers will cast Frightening Shout Icon Frightening Shout which is the highest priority to be interrupted. This fears all players within 10 yards for 4 seconds, which will likely signal a player death, or lead to someone being disoriented and killed.

The South East block will spawn 5 Lingering Corruption Sha, which can comfortably be AoEd down. Upon death, they will apply Corrupted Touch Icon Corrupted Touch to a random player, which after 10 seconds will detonate for high Shadow damage to all allies within 8 yards. Do not dispel this, and when afflicted, watch the timer and move out to avoid stacking up multiple splashes on the group.

The South West block will contain enemies from Outland, with one Felguard Annihilator, one Shadowmoon Warlock, and one Shadowmoon Technician. The Annihilator presents a tank threat, and will cast Uppercut Icon Uppercut for massive Physical damage and knock the tank back out of position; be ready to react to this. Next, Intercept Icon Intercept will be cast on a random ranged player routinely, causing the Annihilator to charge at them and stun them for 3 seconds. Finally, Pummel Icon Pummel can follow an Intercept, interrupting a nearby player if the Annihilator is in range while they are casting.

The Shadowmoon Warlock tries to cast at range, and can only be moved if interrupted. The Warlock will focus on casting Seed of Corruption Icon Seed of Corruption on random players in the group, applying a heavy Shadow DoT to the targeted player. After 18 seconds, either when dispelled or when the player has received roughly 500,000 damage from any source, this will detonate for the same damage to all nearby players within 10 yards. Due to this, when afflicted try to move out of the group. Alongside this, it will apply Curse of Tongues Icon Curse of Tongues which can be decursed, slowing cast speed by 50% for 15 seconds. Outside of these two important casts, it will try to fill time with repeat casts of Shadow Bolt on its current target for light Shadow damage.

The Shadowmoon Technician presents the largest threat to the group, due to its high damage output. The Technician's main cast will be Throw Dynamite Icon Throw Dynamite, which deals moderate damage to a random player and splashes to others within 5 yards, so remain spread. It will also cast Throw Proximity Bomb Icon Throw Proximity Bomb, which will place a mine on the ground that, if any player steps over, will trigger Proximity Bomb Explode Icon Proximity Bomb Explode for moderate Fire damage to the player that triggers it and to others within 5 yards. Finally, it will also attempt to cast Silence Icon Silence on ranged players, interrupting and silencing the player for 5 seconds, making this a priority target.

The North West block contains creatures from Mogu’shan Vaults, with a single Enormous Stone Quilen, and two Mogu'shan Secret-Keepers. The two Secret-Keepers cannot be moved, but the Quilen must be picked up immediately by the tank and moved over to a chosen Secret-Keeper to cleave down. The Quilen will deal massive tank damage via Monstrous Bite Icon Monstrous Bite, and repeatedly cast Petrification Icon Petrification every 2 seconds, culminating in a permanent stun to players if this reaches 100 stacks.

Stone-Keepers will cast Flesh to Stone Icon Flesh to Stone every 10 seconds, which will slow all players by 5% per stack. At 10 stacks, this will petrify players, permanently stunning them and likely causing a wipe. This can be dispelled if it becomes too high and there is a risk of a player being petrified. The Stone-Keepers' primary cast, however, is Stone Block Icon Stone Block, which will create a telegraph on the ground. After 2 seconds, this will deal light Physical damage to any players who are hit by it, and knock them back 10 yards.



After defeating the Inquisitor, you are presented with two separate named mobs within The Vault that block the way to the bosses behind them. Blade Dancer Illianna blocks Glazer, and Dreadlord Mendacius blocks Ash'Golm. We would recommend moving to Ash'Golm first and dealing with the Dreadlord.


Important Trash to Note


Dreadlord Mendacius

Dreadlord Mendacius will deal heavy tank damage, and regularly cast Thunderclap Icon Thunderclap. This deals light Nature damage to players within 20 yards, but is otherwise unimportant. Meteor Icon Meteor will be cast on a random player and will create a large, green circular telegraph that after 3 seconds will deal massive Fire damage to the player. This is split among all players in the area, so everyone should stack together in this area. When engaged, he will quickly cast Summon Grimguard Icon Summon Grimguard, which will spawn a nearby Grimguard. These will deal massive damage and cast Mortal Strike Icon Mortal Strike on the tank, reducing healing. They will also cast Charge Icon Charge on random players, dealing damage to anyone standing in their path. Ideally, the Grimguards should be crowd controlled when they spawn, but if that is not possible be prepared for the increased damage.


Ash'Golm Encounter


Quick TL;DR

Avoid fire effects in Lava Wreath Icon Lava Wreath, Fissure Icon Fissure, and Volcano Icon Volcano. Soak up Lava Icon Lava before it reaches the Embers spawned, and kill them if needed. Reset the fight using the Owl Statue when things get overwhelming and use cooldowns to burn down the boss.



Ash'Golm contains a lot of highly dangerous mechanics. Once in the fight, however, you will be able to effectively reset the fight by clicking one of Owl Statues at the edge of the fighting area. This is a one time use, and will freeze Ash'Golm, remove all ground effects, and apply Brittle Icon Brittle to the boss and any Elementals in the room for 20 seconds, which will increase all damage taken by 25%. This should be used in conjunction with cooldowns and Heroism Icon Heroism/Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust if possible, to limit the amount of time spent with dangerous mechanics active. Try to hold off on it until the room becomes particularly dangerous, however, and the group is beginning to struggle, using it as a reset mechanic to recover a bit.

Throughout the fight, Ash'Golm will be damaging the entire group via Smoldering Icon Smoldering for light Fire damage every 3 seconds. This should just be healed through and presents a constant source of incoming damage the group must account for. Ash'Golm will also repeatedly cast Pyroclast Icon Pyroclast on the group in short intervals, which will create a red telegraph beneath a random ranged player. Ash'Golm will then throw a boulder at that location, which lands after roughly 2 seconds. When it does, this deals heavy Fire damage to any players in the area and knocks them back. Pay particular attention to the edge of the platform if targeted, as you can be knocked off. After landing, the boulder will spawn a Volcano Icon Volcano, which will spew gouts of flame at random locations in the room.

On top of this, Ash'Golm will place Lava Icon Lava across the platform using two mechanics, Lava Wreath Icon Lava Wreath and Fissure Icon Fissure. Lava Wreath will create a small ring of flame that will turn into 6 gouts that will spread outward from the spawn point and then begin to rotate. Fissure will extend two lines from Ash'Golm to the edge of the room. These will rotate around the room slowly. Any player that walks over one of these patches will soak it up and remove it, however it will place a significant Fire damage DoT on that player, which can stack up if multiple pools are soaked.

Finally, Embers will spawn roughly every 30 seconds, which will begin to chain cast Sear Icon Sear on random players in the group for light Fire damage. This is the only thing that is interruptible in the fight, so using interrupts on this is a good idea. If they are not defeated after 40 seconds, the Embers will begin to cast Detonate Icon Detonate, dealing heavy Fire damage to the group. If, however, the Ember comes into contact with any moving patches of Lava Icon Lava in the room, it will be absorbed and the Ember will immediately begin to cast Detonate. This can be avoided by either focusing the Ember down quickly before any patches can reach it, or soaking up any stray patches that are moving toward it. This depends on whether you want to focus DPS on the boss to shorten the fight, or go for safety.




Important Trash to Note

Following Ash'Golm, you can potentially skip the extra mob if you are fine on the mob counter by pathing around through the side path. This can be beneficial for some affixes, particularly with Bolstering.


Blade Dancer Illiana

Blade Dancer Illianna will regularly attack the tank with Pierce Icon Pierce as her main ability, dealing heavy Physical damage. She will apply Gift of the Doomsayer Icon Gift of the Doomsayer to a random player in the group, which will replicate any heal received by the player onto Illiana. This can be decursed, and if possible you should avoid healing players with this active unless necessary. Deafening Shout Icon Deafening Shout will be cast rarely and will interrupt any spellcasting in the group, so watch for this and stop casting.

Illiana will also be accompanied by 4 Malignant Defilers. These will regularly cast Drain Icon Drain on a random player, which is a channel that can be interrupted. This will apply a 5 second dispellable debuff that will stun the player for 5 seconds, and leech health each second. Upon death, they will cast Detonate Icon Detonate, dealing high Fire damage to the group and also applying Immolated Icon Immolated to other Defilers. This increases the damage of their own Detonate when they die, so be wary if these are killed at the same time.


Glazer Encounter


Quick TL;DR

Ranged players should move out of Lingering Gaze Icon Lingering Gaze patches, and everyone should dodge Pulse Icon Pulse Orbs coming from the cast so they damage the boss. During Focusing Icon Focusing, reposition the lenses so they bounce back onto the boss, and kill the Overloaded Lens before the beam hits.



Glazer is a high damage encounter with a very dangerous puzzle phase after 30 seconds, in the Energize Icon Energize cast.

First however, the main phase must be explained briefly. The most important thing are the casts of Pulse Icon Pulse, which will spawn 4 orbs in each corner of the boss's model, and then launch them out to the edge of the room. When they hit the mirrors on the walls, they will bounce back toward Glazer. If these collide with the boss, they will deal moderate Arcane damage to the boss, which you should aim to do. If, however, they hit a player, it will deal heavy Arcane damage to them and split into 4 smaller purple Pulse orbs, which will split out in the same way as the initial Pulse cast. These smaller orbs will be destroyed if they collide with either player or Glazer alike, and deal the same damage as a regular orb, but will not split.

There is an opportunity here to increase the damage dealt to the boss via Pulse Icon Pulse by getting hit by the initial orbs, and splitting them into 4. This will, however, significantly amplify the number of projectiles the group needs to avoid, and is quite dangerous. Do this only if you are comfortable with the encounter and need additional damage to make the timer in the dungeon.

Alongside this, Glazer will cast Lingering Gaze Icon Lingering Gaze on a random ranged player, spawning 3 fast-moving projectiles that will land after 1 second. This deals no direct damage, but will spawn a Lingering Gaze pool on the ground, dealing heavy Shadow damage every second and slowing players who remain within it. These should be moved out of quickly, and avoided at all times to prevent complications with Pulse Icon Pulse orbs.

After 30 seconds, Glazer will cast Energize Icon Energize and teleport to the centre of the room, and begin channelling Focusing Icon Focusing. This reduces all damage taken by Glazer by 99% and stops any casts of abilities usually used in up to this point; instead, Glazer will channel a beam directly in front of him (dealing high damage to any players it comes in contact with), and he will begin rotating slowly while this is happening. At the same time, multiple mirrors will spawn around the room, alongside 1 Overloaded Lens. The Overloaded Lens must be killed quickly, due to its Overload Icon Overload, which deals lethal Fire damage to the party if Glazer's beam ever comes into contact with it.

When Glazer's beam comes in contact with a mirror, he will stop rotating, and simply channel the beam. Players will have to adjust the mirrors around the room (by clicking them; doing so causes them to rotate to the right slightly each time) to redirect the beam back around to hit Glazer. This means players should quickly spread out and adjust lenses in between burning down the Overloaded Lens. It is recommended to wait and see which direction Glazer is rotating in to establish how the mirrors should be arranged (based on the first one he will hit with his beam).

Glazer will also pulse with Radiation Icon Radiation on the party during this part of the fight, dealing heavy Arcane damage every 3 seconds and increasing the damage taken from subsequent Radiation casts via Radiation Level Icon Radiation Level. This puts a timer on doing this part of the fight, as a healer will quickly become overwhelmed by the damage on the entire group, so adjust the mirrors as soon as possible to expedite this phase.

When the beam hits Glazer, he will have Beamed Icon Beamed applied, taking 100% additional damage for 15 seconds. Offensive cooldowns should ideally be timed to coincide with this.


Cordana Felsong


Important Trash to Note

After both Glazer and Ash'Golm are defeated, there will be another mini-boss leading to the final elevator. This introduces the Elune's Light Icon Elune's Light mechanic, that is required to reveal enemies in the subsequent area to be able to attack them. Any that are still in darkness will be untargettable. You are able to jump down on the far left and miss most of the path, to minimise the trash required after descending, but this is up to your group. On the final bridge leading to Cordana Felsong, any Elune's Light held by players should be dropped, as anyone holding one will be stunned for 8 seconds when crossing, and drop the Light. This is to prevent extra Light being available during the Cordana encounter.


Grimhorn the Enslaver

The final named mob in The Vault is Grimhorn the Enslaver, which will block the way to the elevator. He will regularly cast Imprison Icon Imprison on a random non-tank player, triggering Torment Icon Torment. This roots the player in place and causes them to deal high damage both to themselves and players around them. To counteract this, healers should keep them topped and others should move away from the afflicted player. He will also cast Anguished Souls Icon Anguished Souls, that will spawn a number of green telegraphs around the area, which after 6 seconds will spawn a pool in the area dealing high Shadow damage to players standing in it. If this is cast upon a player who has already been hit by Imprison, they will need a lot of healer attention and likely a personal defensive cooldown to survive.


Elune's Light

Whilst this is not an enemy, it is a core ability in this area of the dungeon. As you advance, you will see a pillar that you can interact with. When a player does so, the pillar disappears and the player is imbued with Elune's Light Icon Elune's Light. This causes them to shine a light around them, revealing hidden enemies. This player also has an extra action button that can be used to create a pillar at a target location, removing Elune's Light from the player. The new pillar reveals hidden enemies around it, and can be interacted with by another player so that they may receive the Light (allowing you to pass it around, essentially).

Elune's Light Icon Elune's Light can be knocked away by some enemy abilities that target the tank, so we would advise placing this on a reliable melee or healer.


Barbed Spiderling

Barbed Spiderlings will spawn in groups, and there will also be a large patrol consisting of 10 spiders moving up and down the right side ramp on the second floor. These will deal heavy tank damage and upon reaching 50% health, will retreat away to the darkness and repeatedly cast Barbed Web Icon Barbed Web on random players. This will deal moderate Physical damage to those hit, and ideally they should be stunned just before they move away to give more time to get them low; after they move away they will spread out and cannot all be revealed by a single Elune's Light Icon Elune's Light efficiently. When this happens, hunt the lowest-health ones down first to reduce group damage.


Spirit of Vengeance

Each Spirit of Vengeance will wait in the darkness, but have a very high aggro radius so be careful, as once pulled they will teleport to a random player in range after a certain distance. They will remain in place otherwise, and deal massive damage to their closest target if no tank is present. They will regularly cast Throw Icon Throw, dealing high Physical damage at random players in the group. Alongside this, they will cast a Knockdown Kick Icon Knockdown Kick/Turn Kick Icon Turn Kick combo on their current target (usually the tank), stunning and then knocking back the player hit. If the player is holding Elune's Light Icon Elune's Light during Knockdown Kick, it will be dropped onto the ground, so putting it on the tank is not ideal.


Aranasi Broodmother

Lastly, Aranasi Broodmothers will cast Razors Icon Razors, spawning 3 large brambles around her, which will arm over 2 seconds. If any player moves inside the brambles after this, they will be trapped in a root and suffer moderate Physical damage every 3 seconds. After these brambles are spawned, the Broodmother will cast Pull Icon Pull, which will try to drag all players into this area, and players should run against this to prevent the root.


Cordana Felsong Encounter


Quick TL;DR

A ranged player should grab the Elune's Light Icon Elune's Light buff. Stand in Deepening Shadows Icon Deepening Shadows to disperse them. Kill the Avatar of Shadow when it spawns to retrieve the Light, and move to Cordana to reveal her, whilst avoiding all Fel Glaive Icon Fel Glaive and Detonating Moonglaive Icon Detonating Moonglaive casts. Tank must be aware of Knockdown Kick Icon Knockdown Kick, to not be thrown off the platform. Find the gaps in the waves of Ghosts during Creeping Doom Icon Creeping Doom and use these to avoid taking damage. Throw the light at Avatar of Vengeance spawns to make Cordana vulnerable.



Cordana Felsong is a lethal encounter with a huge number of mechanics that can immediately wipe the group if played incorrectly, so taking care is very important. There will be one Elune's Light Icon Elune's Light orb available in one of the four corners for players to grab before the encounter begins, and ideally this should be placed on a ranged DPS.

Cordana herself will deal high tank damage, and repeat the Knockdown Kick Icon Knockdown Kick/Turn Kick Icon Turn Kick combo from the previous trash. The knockback is more substantial, however, moving the tank 20 yards, so be very careful of going anywhere near the edges of the platform so that this does not punt you off. Whilst this is not an instant death, as a Felbat will carry you up, the boss will be loose on the platform and it will very likely signal a wipe.

Cordana will also cast Detonating Moonglaive Icon Detonating Moonglaive at a random ranged player, which will launch a glaive toward them and then return to Cordana. If this hits anyone in its path, it will trigger Detonation Icon Detonation for massive Fire damage to players within range, and amplify all damage taken by players hit by 50% for 10 seconds. This means players should be very aware of where it has been launched from and avoid the path, and note the path it is going to return on. If this does go off, make sure to use a lot of defensive cooldowns to survive through the debuff.

On top of this, Cordana will spawn Deepening Shadows Icon Deepening Shadows throughout the encounter, which will create a pool in a random location in the room. This will grow every second unless dealt with, dealing heavy Shadow damage every second to those who remain within. These are shrunk by having players holding Elune's Light Icon Elune's Light stand on them, as they are immune to the damage, and the light will shrink the pool, eventually removing it. Make sure to prioritise clearing pools that are in the pathway of the group.

20 seconds into the fight, Cordana will summon an Avatar of Shadow, which will immediately cast Steal Light Icon Steal Light, removing the Elune's Light Icon Elune's Light from the player holding it until the Avatar is defeated. Cordana will also cast Shadowstep Icon Shadowstep, which will remove her from the fight and place her into stealth until she is revealed by Elune's Light Icon Elune's Light. While stealthed, Cordana will fire out 8 Fel Glaive Icon Fel Glaives every 3 seconds, which deal high Fire damage to any player hit, so avoid them. The Avatar will then cast Shadow Strike Icon Shadow Strike on a random player forhHeavy Shadow damage, without a threat table. This means killing the Avatar quickly is extremely important, and the player should retrieve the Elune's Light Icon Elune's Light to find Cordana. This can either be done manually by running toward the path of the Fel Glaive Icon Fel Glaive source, or more safely by throwing the light toward her current path.

At 40% health, Cordana will begin a channel of Creeping Doom Icon Creeping Doom, which will move her to the centre of the room and make her immune to damage. She will then immediately create a wave of Ghosts, and 3 more waves after that, each one 5 seconds apart. The Ghosts move across the platform, and cannot be attacked or otherwise stopped. They are visible just as they appear, but then they go into stealth. Within each wave, there is a gap (a missing Ghost) at a random location. If a player comes into contact with a Ghost, they will take massive Fire damage. Therefore, players will have to use the gaps in the lines of Ghosts to avoid taking damage.

The player holding Elune's Light Icon Elune's Light can reveal the Ghosts and you can move accordingly to path your way through them. Some stealth reveal mechanics, such as Spectral Sight Icon Spectral Sight from Demon Hunters can also reveal the location of the ghosts to the player. This can be helpful if there is a situation where players have perhaps lost track of the gap, or are overwhelmed by the speed of the wave spawns.

When she lands, Cordana will be attackable again. At 25% health, she will summon an Avatar of Vengeance that will shield her, reducing all damage taken by 99% through Vengeance Icon Vengeance. You should quickly reveal the Avatar using Elune's Light Icon Elune's Light, by tracking the source of the Fel Glaive Icon Fel Glaive being thrown, and burn it down. Be extremely careful moving the boss, as she will still use Turn Kick Icon Turn Kick, and the Avatar will always spawn by the edge in a corner of the room.

Finally, roughly a minute after casting Creeping Doom Icon Creeping Doom, Cordana will fire off two waves of Ghosts at once, but not gain immunity. Navigating this is difficult, so you should prioritise moving through one wave first and then positioning so the second wave passes through you.