Xav the Unfallen Mythic Encounter Journal

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Welcome to the Mythic difficulty Encounter Journal for Xav the Unfallen in Theater of Pain.


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If you are interested in more information about this encounter, we are please to tell you that we have more content. First of all, we have the encounter journal for the other difficulties.




Damage Dealers
  • When a player is defeated during Blood and Glory Icon Blood and Glory both players are returned to Hazak's arena.
  • Hazak performs multiple avoidable attacks in succession during Might of Maldraxxus Icon Might of Maldraxxus.
Xav the Unfallen
Blood and Glory Icon Blood and Glory

Upon reaching 100 energy, Xav forces players into the dueling pit below. The winner of the duel is granted Glory Icon Glory while the loser is affected by Bloodied Icon Bloodied.

Players gain a stack of Glorious Combat Icon Glorious Combat every 1 sec.

If neither player is defeated within 45 sec, both players are affected by Cowardice Icon Cowardice.

Glory Icon Glory

Damage dealt increased by 25% for 30 sec.

Bloodied Icon Bloodied

Damage dealt decreased by 10% for 30 sec.

Glorious Combat Icon Glorious Combat

Combatants take 5% increased damage, stacking every 1 sec.

Cowardice Icon Cowardice

Damage dealt reduced by 50% for 30 sec.

Might of Maldraxxus Icon Might of Maldraxxus

Xav leaps to the center of the arena inflicting 6,639 Physical damage to all players and performs a random combination of attacks.

Crushing Slam Icon Crushing Slam

Hazak slams the ground, inflicting 8,852 Physical damage to players in a line in front of him.

Massive Cleave Icon Massive Cleave

Hazak slashes in a frontal hemisphere, inflicting 11,065 Physical damage to all players struck.

Brutal Combo Icon Brutal Combo

A series of brutal melee strikes that inflict increasing Physical damage to their target.

Oppresive Banner Icon Oppresive Banner

Xav plants an Oppressive Banner Icon Oppressive Banner, reducing the movement speed of all players by 15% every 663 sec while it persists.