Guide to defeating The Lich King with all classes

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The Lich King is the final boss of the Knights of the Frozen Throne adventure. Once he has been defeated once with each class, you will be awarded the Prince Arthas skin for your Paladin Hero.


Health, Hero Power, Cards, Etc.

Health 30 (+30 Armor)
Hero Power
  • The Scourge is a 2 Mana Hero Power that summoned a 2/2 Ghoul and is used for the first 7 turns of the game.
  • Harvest of Souls is a passive Hero Power used in phase 2 of the fight and prevents and makes the The Lich King immune and prevents any weapon durability loss.
  • Remorseless Winter is a 0 Mana Hero Power that is used during the last phase of the fight and deals increasing damage to the player every time it is cast.



Special Conditions

At the start of the game, The Lich King attempts to weaken your deck with an opponent-specific spell. They are as follows:

  • Anduin: Shut up, Priest;
  • Garrosh: The True King;
  • Gul'dan: Soul Reaper;
  • Jaina: The True Lich;
  • Malfurion: Purge the Weak;
  • Rexxar: The Hunted;
  • Thrall: Necrotic Plague;
  • Uther: Fallen Champions;
  • Valeera: The Price of Power.

Game Progression

The Lich King starts with the Hero Power The Scourge, which lasts for the first six turns of the game.

The Lich King always casts Frostmourne on Turn 7. Note that this is not the regular Frostmourne as seen in the Death Knight Cards. The Lich King's Frostmourne summons six Trapped Soul, and both The Lich King and Frostmourne are immune until all of the Souls have been killed. The Lich King will also not play any more minions until this time. Frostmourne vanishes when the last Soul dies, and any minions which were removed when it was played are returned.

After the last Trapped Soul dies, The Lich King gains the Hero Power Remorseless Winter. This Hero Power starts off by doing 1 damage, and increases by 1 Damage each turn it is used. This Power cannot be stopped by using Mindbreaker.



The guides for each class can be found on the links below.



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