Prologue Guide for Knights of the Frozen Throne

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The Prologue of the Knights of the Frozen Throne adventure involves an encounter with The Lich King, and then Tirion. This encounter largely sets the backstory for the expansion, and should cause you little difficulty to defeat. This guide contains a strategy section in case you are struggling with Tirion, but is primarily here for the decklists. If you are having difficulty, you should be sure to read our beginner guide to the game Why am I Losing in Hearthstone?


Health, Hero Power, Deck Lists

Frost Lich Jaina Tirion Fordring
Health 30 (+5 Armor) 30
Hero Power Icy Touch costs 2 Mana. Deals 1 damage. If this kills a minion, summon a Water Elemental. The Silver Hand costs 2 Mana. Summons 2 1/1 Recruits.


Tirion always plays the first five cards in his deck in order. This allows you to ping the Eager Rogue on the first two turns and generate your first Water Elemental. This strategy is repeatable at various points throughout the game. Tirion's primary strategy after the first five turns is to get a board of many minions and buff them up using Quartermaster and Stormwind Champion. You can prevent him from doing this by saving your Blizzard and Death and Decay to wipe out any wide boards that Tirion makes. You should also kill off 1/1 minions with your hero power to generate even more Water Elementals.

Note: Frost Lich Jaina starts the game in play, which means that her Battlecry effect does not activate. This means that your Elementals do not have Lifesteal.