Arcane Mage PvP Talents and Builds (Shadowlands 9.2.5)

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Choosing the right talents is a prerequisite to proper performance in PvP. This guide goes through the various talent choices available to you as an Arcane Mage and gives you the best combinations you can take.

This page is part of our Arcane Mage PvP Guide.


Regular Talents for Arcane Mages

Level Choices
15 Amplification Amplification Rule of Threes Rule of Threes Arcane Familiar Arcane Familiar
25 Master of Time ? Master of Time Shimmer Shimmer Slipstream Slipstream
30 Incanter's Flow Incanter's Flow Focus Magic Focus Magic Rune of Power Rune of Power
35 Resonance Resonance Arcane Echo Arcane Echo Nether Tempest Nether Tempest
40 Chrono Shift Chrono Shift Ice Ward Ice Ward Ring of Frost Ring of Frost
45 Reverberate Reverberate Arcane Orb Arcane Orb Supernova Supernova
50 Overpowered Overpowered Time Anomaly Time Anomaly Enlightened Enlightened

While the above table provides a generally accurate overview of the viability of talents, some finer points are discussed in the sections that follow, and we recommend you read those for a deeper understanding.


Tier 1 (Level 15) Talents

Amplification Icon Amplification is the best choice in this tier, and it will help with your overall damage on Arcane Missiles Icon Arcane Missiles. If you struggle with Mana and Mana conservation, Rule of Threes Icon Rule of Threes could be good.


Tier 2 (Level 25) Talents

Shimmer Icon Shimmer is the best choice in this tier. This is very strong when trying to get crowd control on the enemy team. If an enemy is trying to get out of line of sight of your Polymorph Icon Polymorph, for example, you can Shimmer while casting it and avoid losing line of sight. This talent replaces Blink Icon Blink. Master of Time Icon Master of Time is also an option here, as we lost Displacement Icon Displacement as Arcane, this talent simulates that.


Tier 3 (Level 30) Talents

Incanter's Flow Icon Incanter's Flow is the best choice in the tier. It provides great damage (especially when you are at 5 stacks). Be sure to track and time how many stacks your Incanter's Flow buff has before using your offensive cooldowns. With the new changes to Rune of Power Icon Rune of Power, this is also a strong option to synergize with the use of Arcane Power Icon Arcane Power.


Tier 4 (Level 35) Talents

Resonance Icon Resonance is the best choice in this tier. This will make it so you have more consistent/burst damage when using Arcane Barrage Icon Arcane Barrage.


Tier 5 (Level 40) Talents

When playing against a Restoration Druid or a Restoration Shaman with Grounding Totem Icon Grounding Totem, Ring of Frost Icon Ring of Frost is the best choice in this tier. Druids are difficult to get crowd control on as an Arcane Mage, and Ring of Frost Icon Ring of Frost helps with this. Assistance from a teammate (such as a Rogue stunning the Druid) will make it easier.

Against any other healer, Chrono Shift Icon Chrono Shift is the best choice in this tier. This talent will help you kite away from teams much easier, making it harder for them to kill you.


Tier 6 (Level 45) Talents

Arcane Orb Icon Arcane Orb is the best choice in this tier. This talent will give you even more consistent damage while giving you more Arcane Charges on a short cooldown.


Tier 7 (Level 50) Talents

Enlightened Icon Enlightened is the best choice in this tier if your overall goal is to have more consistent damage. The damage increase and Mana regeneration are both important for Arcane Mages. If you want more burst damage, Overpowered Icon Overpowered is a great way to increase it. This makes Arcane Power Icon Arcane Power even more powerful, but remember, on a 3-minute cooldown, it will be hard to get much value from this talent.


PvP Talents for Arcane Mages

You can choose 3 of the following PvP talents. Each of them has their uses, but some are better for certain strategies than others. The top three choices are the most useful, but can be replaced with other PvP talents depending on your team's goal.


Mandatory PvP Talents

Temporal Shield Icon Temporal Shield creates a shield around you for 4 seconds. Once it expires, you will instantly be healed for 100% of the damage you took while it was active. This is a great defensive tool and should be used when the enemy team is using their burst cooldowns.

Mass Invisibility Icon Mass Invisibility makes you and your allies within 40 yards invisible for 5 seconds. Dealing damage will cancel this effect. This is a very strong PvP talent against every team. Using this talent guarantees crowd control on enemy healers before using your burst damage. It can also help your teammates if they are being focus or to avoid incoming crowd control.

Arcane Empowerment Icon Arcane Empowerment allows Clearcasting Icon Clearcasting to stack 2 additional times. This increases your sustained and burst damage and works very well with Amplification Icon Amplification.


Situational PvP Talents

If you want to have more peels for your teammates or need help getting crowd control, Master of Escape Icon Master of Escape is a good talent to take. This should be used versus teams that have multiple ways to stop your Polymorph Icon Polymorphs or to help peel for your teammates/healer.

If you want to play extremely defensive against a team with two melee on it, you can swap Master of Escape Icon Master of Escape for Torment the Weak Icon Torment the Weak. This, in combination with abilities like Chrono Shift Icon Chrono Shift, will make it very difficult for melee to catch you.

The new talent for Arcane Mages in Patch 9.1, Arcanosphere Icon Arcanosphere is a very powerful talent that requires a lot of setup, but will pay off if the 4-second channel fully finishes. This ability goes through all walls and barriers and can do very large damage to unsuspecting players. Replace Arcane Empowerment Icon Arcane Empowerment or Mass Invisibility Icon Mass Invisibility for Arcanosphere. This talent likely should be a talent to keep on almost always, with the insane burst it provides being so powerful.



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