Arms Warrior PvP Talents and Builds (Dragonflight 10.2.7)

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Choosing the right PvP and PvE talents is a prerequisite to proper performance in PvP. This guide goes through the various talent choices available to you as an Arms Warrior and gives you the best combinations you can take.

This page is part of our Arms Warrior PvP Guide.


Regular Talents for Arms Warriors


(META) Thunderclap / Shockwave build for Arms Warriors


Spear of Bastion / Shockwave burst build for Arms Warriors


Important Choice Nodes

Wrecking Throw Icon Wrecking Throw / Shattering Throw Icon Shattering Throw: This node comes down to whether or not the enemy has magical immunities, such as Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield or Ice Block Icon Ice Block. If they do, pick Shattering Throw Icon Shattering Throw, otherwise use Wrecking Throw Icon Wrecking Throw for shield breaking, and if the enemy team has none of both, skip this node and pick something else in the talent tree.

Blademaster's Torment Icon Blademaster's Torment / Warlord's Torment Icon Warlord's Torment: The most damage you can get here is Warlord's Torment Icon Warlord's Torment, as you have a lot of other effects that increase your critical damage, and Anger Management Icon Anger Management benefits greatly from this talent. In a Bladestorm Icon Bladestorm focused build, you can pick Blademaster's Torment Icon Blademaster's Torment instead.

Blunt Instruments Icon Blunt Instruments / Warbreaker Icon Warbreaker: Whether you will hit cleave damage is a simple choice. Warbreaker Icon Warbreaker for cleave and Blunt Instruments Icon Blunt Instruments for single target.

Storm Wall Icon Storm Wall / Ignore Pain Icon Ignore Pain: The clear winner here is Ignore Pain Icon Ignore Pain. As Arms, you have a high amount of excess rage that you can spend, allowing this talent to increase your durability immensely.

Improved Sweeping Strikes Icon Improved Sweeping Strikes / Strength of Arms Icon Strength of Arms: This node comes down to whether you can take advantage of Sweeping Strikes Icon Sweeping Strikes or not. It is your most potent damage increase, but if there is nothing to cleave, you should go with Strength of Arms Icon Strength of Arms.

Blood and Thunder Icon Blood and Thunder / Crackling Thunder Icon Crackling Thunder: You should always choose Blood and Thunder Icon Blood and Thunder in this node, as it allows you to apply and spread Rend Icon Rend, for major damage gains.


Mandatory PvP Talents

You can choose 3 of the following PvP talents. Each has uses, but some are better for certain matchups than others.

Sharpen Blade Icon Sharpen Blade is the only mandatory talent. This ability is essential for landing killing blows. It is a great way to drain Mana from the enemy healer quickly.

Be sure not to use this ability when the enemy is at full health but rather as a follow-up to a CC chain or when you suspect the enemy healer will use bigger healing cooldowns or abilities.

Safeguard Icon Safeguard is a very strong talent, that provides an additional wall for your team, in addition to slightly more short-term mobility for you.


Situational PvP Talents

Storm of Destruction Icon Storm of Destruction reduces the cooldown of your Bladestorm Icon Bladestorm to 1 minute, which is great for a build that involves Blademaster's Torment Icon Blademaster's Torment.

Battlefield Commander Icon Battlefield Commander has strong benefits and is your go-to when you require no additional utility.

War Banner Icon War Banner is compelling vs. teams with a lot of crowd control, like RMP (Rogue/Mage/Priest) or Jungle Cleave (Feral Druid/Hunter/Priest). Timed correctly, this ability alone can completely ruin the enemy team's setup and cooldowns. In Patch 9.2, this ability now also works on Disarm Icon Disarm, and has made it, so it is a lot more beneficial to use this ability offensively as well to cover your major offensive cooldowns such as Warbreaker Icon Warbreaker.

Master and Commander Icon Master and Commander received nerfs. It is not worth considering in an arena environment as it offers less defensive power than the other PvP talents. This PvP talent shines in the Rated Battleground bracket, and you should consider bringing it with you there. Master and Commander Icon Master and Commander also benefits from Inspiring Presence Icon Inspiring Presence.

Disarm Icon Disarm has a short cooldown and can completely ruin the damage of weapon-based classes like Frost DK or Subtlety Rogue. This ability can even be used offensively vs. specializations that require weapons for their defensives, such as stopping another Arms Warrior from using Die by the Sword Icon Die by the Sword or a Death Knight from using Death Strike Icon Death Strike

Duel Icon Duel is a powerful alternative vs. enemies that cannot be CC'd with Disarm Icon Disarm. Good times to pick this talent are vs Retribution Paladin, Destruction Warlock, and Feral Druid.

Demolition Icon Demolition has been changed in Dragonflight to give less of a damage increase and reduce the cooldown of your throws by 50%. It is potent with Wrecking Throw Icon Wrecking Throw, but not worth considering with Shattering Throw Icon Shattering Throw. This talent is recommended to pick up against Destruction Warlock and Affliction Warlock for their Dark Pact Icon Dark Pact and Mistweaver Monk for their Life Cocoon Icon Life Cocoon.

Death Sentence Icon Death Sentence is a vital talent that gives you a little bit extra mobility, and can be good to have if you feel like you do not need other talents in a given situation.



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