Ping System Guide

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The new World of Warcraft Ping System allows you to efficiently communicate with teammates. The following guide explains how the system works in detail.



Patch 10.1.7 adds a new Ping system to World of Warcraft that allows you to quickly communicate with your team without having to use voice or text chat.

A Ping System tutorial can be accesed on the Options > Ping System page.


How Does It Work?

Holding the G button opens up a ping wheel where you can quickly call out commands such as Attack, Assist, Warning, and On My Way.

Open Ping Wheel

Drag your mouse for the desired ping.

Ping System Drag Mouse

You can ping a location, a unit, or a unit frame.

Ping Location

You can also send contextual pings by pressing G while the cursor is on an enemy, the ground, or the unit frames.

Ping Unit
Ping Unit Frame

Ping Sysyem Settings

The new Ping System can be enabled and customized under Game Options.

Ping System Settings

Ping System Keybinds

Set up keybinds for individual ping commands in the Keybinds Menu.

Ping Keybinds

Macro Support for Ping Commands

The new Ping system allows you to create macros for the following Ping commands:

  • /ping
  • /ping attack
  • /ping assist
  • /ping onmyway
  • /ping warning
Ping Sysem Macros

Pings and Ignored Players

Ignoring players will automatically silence their pings.



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