Emerald Dream Zone Guide

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Emerald Dream is an outdoor zone introduced in Patch 10.2 intended for max level characters. It contains plenty of new content and activities you can complete that we highlight here in more detail.


Why is Emerald Dream Important?

Completing activities in the Emerald Dream is crucial to player progress in Patch 10.2. Here are just a number of goals you should focus on in the zone:

  • Increasing your Renown with Dream Wardens to gain access to the Dreambound Augment Rune Icon Dreambound Augment Rune (Permanent Augment Rune) at Renown 18.
  • Unlocking 8 Dragonriding Glyphs to gain access to new Dragonriding talents.
  • Unlocking two Dragonriding mounts — Flourishing Whimsydrake Icon Flourishing Whimsydrake and Grotto Netherwing Drake.
  • Completing new Public Events, including Superbloom, Emerald Frenzy, and Emerald Bounty for rewards.
  • Completing the new A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens weekly quest.
  • Hunting for mounts, pets, toys, Dragonriding customizations, and transmog.
  • Farming Season 3 gear and Flightstones Icon Flightstones and crests for gear upgrades.

Can You Fly in the Emerald Dream?

Both Dragonriding and standard flying unlocked via Dragon Isles Pathfinder will work in the Emerald Dream.


How to Unlock the Emerald Dream?

When Patch 10.2 goes live, all players will automatically accept the Emerald Dream intro quest called Call of the Dream. If you have not played the Patch 10.1.7 intro, you will need to complete that first.


Does Emerald Dream Have an Intro Skip for Alts?

When you complete the Emerald Dream intro on your first character, alts will be granted Shandris's Scouting Report Icon Shandris's Scouting Report when they accept the Call of the Dream quest, letting them skip the Coalition of Flames storyline and continue straight with the Emerald Dream campaign.


Emerald Dream Campaign

The Emerald Dream campaign consists of 6 chapters. However, only 3 will be available immediately when the patch goes live. The remaining chapters have not been tested on the 10.2 PTR.

  • Enter the Dream (Chapter 1) — Fyrakk has invaded the Emerald Dream. Mert Merithra and allies within the Dream, and find that Fyrakk has brought reinforcements of his own.
  • Druids of the Flame (Chapter 2) — Tyrande Whisperwind hunts the leader of the Druids of the Flame in order to discover why they have allied themselves with Fyrakk.
  • The Claws of Vyranoth (Chapter 3) — Join Vyranoth as she seeks to find why Fyrakk wants control of Amirdrassil, and uncovers what became of the Primalists she was once close to.

The Emerald Dream also contains two storylines not directly tied to the campaign.

  • Reforing Tyr Part 4 — Beginning the week of November 21, journey to the Nighthold with the Tyr's Guard in hope of retrieving Tyr's disc and restoring him. Rewards Dragon Isles Drakes: White Scales.
  • Misfit Dragons — Join Wrathion and Vyranoth as they conduct some draconic diplomacy and try to obtain the help of the Netherwing and the Thorignir dragons.

How to Enter the Emerald Dream?

Emerald Dream is located to the northwest of Ohn'ahran Plains. Players can access the zone through a portal at 18.11 49.56 in the Ohn'ahran Plains.

A one-way portal in Valdrakken that teleports players to the Central Encampment can be found in the Emerald Enclave between the two green banners.


Emerald Dream Dragon Glyph Locations with TomTom Coordinates

You can collect 8 new Dragonriding Glyphs to gain access to Dragonriding Perks in the Emerald Dream. New Dragonriding Racing tracks are available, too.


Dragonflight Season 3 Gear and New Upgrading System

Completing Emerald Dream activities grants gear along with Flightstones Icon Flightstones and crests used for gear upgrading. Learn more about upgrading gear by visiting our guide.


Dream Wardens Reputation and Activities

Dream Wardens are a new faction with 20 Renown ranks. Completing activities in the zone increases your reputation standing and unlocks rewards, Renown rewards, including a permanent augment rune.


Central Encampment (Emerald Dream Hub)

The main hub of the Patch 10.2 zone is the Central Encampment. In the following section of the guide, we will show you some of the important vendors you will find here.

At 50.26 61.66, you will find Moon Priestess Lasara, the Dream Wardens Renown Quartermaster.

Keeper Amrymn standing right next to her can be used to check your current Renown rewards with the faction. Amrymn gives you the weekly quest.

Elianna can be found at 50.20 61.81 in front of Alassin, the Stable Master.

Talisa Whisperbloom is selling various cosmetics for Seedbloom Icon Seedbloom. She can be found at 49.82 62.11.

The remaining two important NPCs can be found at 49.81 62.89 — Cuzolth (item upgrader) and Vaskarn offering Dreaming Crest Exchange.


Emerald Dream Weekly Quest: A Worth Ally: Dream Wardens

The new weekly quest A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens is picked up at Keeper Amrymn in the central encampment. Players must aid the Dream Wardens by earning 1,500 reputation with the Dream Wardens.

Upon completing the quest, you will receive 500 reputation with Dream Wardens and a Satchel of Dreams Icon Satchel of Dreams, containing about 1,000 gold, between 12-15 Drake's Dreaming Crest Icon Drake's Dreaming Crests, and a chance at 1 Item Level 463 Explorer gear piece.


Emerald Dream Activities

The following activities can be completed in the Emerald Dream:

  • World Quests;
  • Killing the new World Boss;
  • Superbloom;
  • Emerald Frenzy;
  • Emerald Bounty;
  • Killing rares.

Emerald Dream World Quests

World Quests unlock in the zone when you finish the first campaign chapter. They are a great for farming reputation with Dream Wardens and getting seeds and gear.


Emerald Dream World Boss

Aurostor the Hibernator is a new world boss found in the Emerald Dream. Do not forget to kill him every week for a chance at 460 (Champion 3/7) Item Level loot.



The Superbloom begins at the start of the hour, every hour. Once the event begins, Sprucecrown, an Ancient of Life, travels around Amirdrassil, the World Tree, starting a ritual to bloom life.

Whenever there is an ongoing Superbloom, you will see Sprucecrown's exact location on the map marked with a horn icon. Hovering over the icon will provide you with more information about the event.

Superbloom should be completed at least once per week for the weekly quest. If there are not enough players nearby, you will receive the Lone Wolf's Insight Icon Lone Wolf's Insight buff that increases your Bloom gains and Lone Wolf's Courage Icon Lone Wolf's Courage that increases your primary stat by 150%, Stamina by 60% and healing 1% health every 10 seconds.

At the beginning of the event, do not forget to pick up The Superbloom from Clarelle near Sprucecrown.

The event begins with The Tree Rises phase which takes 1 minute to complete. All you have to do during this phase is to pick up a power from a nearby Dreamfruit. The powers are very similar to Anima Powers from Torghast.

Pest Patrol takes around 2 minutes. During that time, you must collect Bloom by completing various activities around Sprucecrown while he travels to his next location. The activities range from fending off attackers to shooing insect swarms.

Growing Concerns takes around 6 minutes to complete. During this phase, you must defeat attacking primalists.

Seeding Chaos is the next phase which requires you to dig up mulch and help as much as you can around Sprucecrown.

When Sprucecrown reaches his location, An Unruly Storm will start. The phase takes around 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Primalists will emerge from portals and attack you. Keep killing them until the timer is up

A Fiery End is the final portion of the event, and you will have 5 minutes to take down the Superbloom boss named Verlann Timbercrush. Defeating him completes the Superbloom event.

After completing a Superbloom, your character will receive the Surging Bloom Icon Surging Bloom buff.


Superbloom Rewards

The first reward of the week will yield a Cache of Overblooming Treasures Icon Cache of Overblooming Treasures from the weekly quest that you picked up earlier.

The cache contains a Dream Wardens Insignia that increases your reputation standing with the Dream Wardens by 1,000, a Veteran 1/8 Item Level 463 piece of gear, and a Dreamseed.

Depending on the number of Bloom collected, you will also receive a green, blue, and purple bag.

  • Sprouting Dreamtrove Icon Sprouting Dreamtrove (Green Bag) — Contains Flightstones Icon Flightstones, Dragon Isles Supplies Icon Dragon Isles Supplies, and Emerald Dewdrop Icon Emerald Dewdrop.
  • Budding Dreamtrove Icon Budding Dreamtrove (Blue Bag) — Contains Flightstones Icon Flightstones, Dragon Isles Supplies Icon Dragon Isles Supplies, and Drakewatcher Manuscripts.
  • Blossoming Dreamtrove Icon Blossoming Dreamtrove (Epic Bag) — Contains Flightstones Icon Flightstones, Dragon Isles Supplies Icon Dragon Isles Supplies, and a Dreamseed.

You will receive all 3 bags upon collecting 8,000 Bloom during a Superbloom.


Emerald Frenzy

Twice an hour, a random area in the zone will become empowered with life energies for a short time, causing the wildlife to become Emerald Frenzied, and you must take them down. Doing so will award you Emerald Dewdrop Icon Emerald Dewdrop. As enemies become more powerful, complete a bonus objective to earn extra Emerald Dewdrops, a Plump Dreamseed Icon Plump Dreamseed to be used in the Emerald Bounty event, and Slumbering Dream Fragment Icon Slumbering Dream Fragments.

Emerald Frenzies will be marked with a crossed sword icon on the Emerald Dream map.


Emerald Bounty

Scattered throughout the Emerald Dream are small patches of dirt. Plant any level of Dreamseed into any patch of dirt at any time to trigger the Emerald Bounty event. The higher the level of Dreamseed, the greater the rewards.

As the flower grows, contribute Emerald Dewdrop Icon Emerald Dewdrop or Dreamseeds.

Planting a seed from your inventory triggers the event. You will have 3 minutes to complete activities around the flower, like chasing away critters, pulling weeds, or taking out violent lashers. Doing so will give you Emerald Dewdrops to contribute to the growing plant.

Once the Dreamseed has matured into a beautiful flower, those who helped it grow will be rewarded.


Emerald Bounty Rewards

The quality of the Dreamseed planted affects rewards. You can get the following rewards from Emerald Bounties:

  • Small Dreamseed Icon Small Dreamseed — Bloomed Bark Warleathers (Leather), Ceremonial Jacaranda Regalia (Cloth), Embrace of the Dreamfused Skull (Mail), Overgrown Freyan Warplate (Plate).
  • Plump Dreamseed Icon Plump DreamseedDustite Icon Dustite, Elmer Icon Elmer, Napps Icon Napps, Seedle Icon Seedle, Snoots Icon Snoots, and Snoozles Icon Snoozles.
  • Gigantic Dreamseed Icon Gigantic DreamseedReins of the Blossoming Dreamstag Icon Reins of the Blossoming Dreamstag, Reins of the Evening Sun Dreamsaber Icon Reins of the Evening Sun Dreamsaber, Reins of the Rekindled Dreamstag Icon Reins of the Rekindled Dreamstag, Reins of the Snowfluff Dreamtalon Icon Reins of the Snowfluff Dreamtalon, Reins of the Springtide Dreamtalon Icon Reins of the Springtide Dreamtalon.
  • All Dreamseeds — Chance at Reins of the Winter Night Dreamsaber Icon Reins of the Winter Night Dreamsaber and Drake Crests if enough Emerald Dewdrops were contributed.

Killing Rares

Rares will be located on your map with a golden star icon inside a silver dragon portrait.

Killing rares gives 25 reputation with the Dream Wardens, Slumbering Dream Fragment Icon Slumbering Dream Fragments, Flightstones Icon Flightstones, Small Dreamseed Icon Small Dreamseed, and Dragon Isles Supplies Icon Dragon Isles Supplies, and gear.

Here is a map with all rares found in Emerald Dream.


Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope Raid

Emerald Dream is home to the new Amirdrassil raid. To learn everything about it, please visit our dedicated raid guide.


Emerald Dream Meta-Achievement

Dream On Icon Dream On is the Emerald Dream meta-achievement. It comes with the following 7 requirements:

  • Defenders of the Dream Icon Defenders of the Dream — Complete the Emerald Dream Camp
  • Treasures of the Emerald Dream Icon Treasures of the Emerald Dream — Discover the hidden treasures within the Emerald Dream.s
  • Dream Seeds Icon Dream Seeds — Contribute a seed at each Emerald Bounty locations to help grow the listed plants.
  • Super Duper Bloom Icon Super Duper Bloom — Complete a Superbloom at epic bloom quality.
  • Adventurer of the Emerald Dream Icon Adventurer of the Emerald Dream — Complete 10 of the listed special encounters in the Emerald Dream.
  • Warden of the Dream Icon Warden of the Dream — Reach rank 20 renown with the Dream Wardens.
  • Explore the Emerald Dream Icon Explore the Emerald Dream — Explore the Emerald Dream, revealing the covered areas of the world map.


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  • 09 Nov. 2023: Added rares map.
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