Hearthstone's 10th Anniversary Event Guide

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Hearthstone's 10th anniversary event is celebrated in World of Warcraft for one week starting on March 11. The following guide explains the activities players can complete during the event and showcases the available rewards.



Please note the following guide is incomplete and based on data mining. We will be updating it with more details when the Event goes live.



Hearthstone's 10th Anniversary Event is a one-week crossover world event during which players can complete various activities and earn Hearthstone-themed rewards in World of Warcraft.


Hearthstone's Anniversary Event Start and End Dates

The event starts on March 11, 2024 and ends on March 18, 2024. According to the in-game calendar, celebrations will be held in Orgrimmar, Stormwind, and Valdrakken.


Who Can Participate in the Event?

Players Level 60 and above can participate in Hearthstone's anniversary event.



Based on datamining, there will be a Hearthstone promotion, requiring players to play Hearthstone for the Fiery Hearthsteed Icon Fiery Hearthsteed mount and the Hearthstoned: Fiery Edition Icon Hearthstoned: Fiery Edition achievement.

We also found two achievements tied to collecting Hearthstone cards in World of Warcraft, namely Hearthstone Beginner Icon Hearthstone Beginner and Hearthstone Card Collection Icon Hearthstone Card Collection.

We will update this section with a full list of activities when the Event starts.



We have datamined multiple rewards tied to Hearthstone's 10th Anniversary Event. These include two mounts, a battle pet, a toy, 36-slot bag, and three Hearthstone-themed cosmetic pieces of armor. We do not know exactly how to obtain some of the rewards right now.


Compass Rose

The Hearthstone-themed disc mount is probably the most-anticipated reward players can get during the Hearthstone anniversary event.

The player directly stands on the mount, as you can see below.

The disc itself has the Hearthstone logo embedded in its center and a light blue aura emanating from it./p>


Fiery Hearthsteed

Fiery Hearthsteed Icon Fiery Hearthsteed is a mount tied to a Hearthstone promotion as the Hearthstoned: Fiery Edition Icon Hearthstoned: Fiery Edition achievement indicates. We assume you will need to actually download and install Hearthstone and play a few games to receive the mount in World of Warcraft.



Sarge Icon Sarge is a mouse pet that you can unlock during the Event.


Hearthstone Game Table

Hearthstone Game Table Icon Hearthstone Game Table is a toy awarded by finding 10 Hearthstone cards in the game. It is granted by the Hearthstone Beginner Icon Hearthstone Beginner achievement.


Collector's Carryall

Collector's Carryall Icon Collector's Carryall is a 36-slot bag that you can get during the Event. We do not know its source.


Reno's Lucky Hat

Reno's Lucky Hat Icon Reno's Lucky Hat is a Hearthstone-themed head piece.


Taverner's Belt

Another piece of armor you can get is Taverner's Belt Icon Taverner's Belt.


The Tavern's Tabard

The final one is a tabard — The Tavern's Tabard Icon The Tavern's Tabard.


Hearthstone Cosmetic Armor Set

Here is a character wearing all 3 armor pieces listed above — Reno's Lucky Hat Icon Reno's Lucky Hat, Taverner's Belt Icon Taverner's Belt, and The Tavern's Tabard Icon The Tavern's Tabard.



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