Neltharion's Lair Dungeon Guide: Location, Boss Strategies, Trash, and Loot

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Welcome to our guide to the Neltharion's Lair dungeon in Season 2 of the Dragonflight World of Warcraft expansion. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the dungeon, including how to get to it, its layout, the trash and boss mechanics within, and its loot.


Getting into Neltharion's Lair

Neltharion's Lair is a max-level dungeon in Highmountain, Broken Isles. You can quickly access the portals in each capital city (Orgimmar or Stormwind).


This guide will focus on an extensive overview of the dungeon, providing vital information to increase your chance of completing the key. We will cover all 4 boss fights supported by the most notable trash enemies in the dungeon and their important abilities. If you would like to learn about the rest of the dungeon in Season 2, please see our overviews linked below. Otherwise, without further ado, let us begin!


Neltharion's Lair Layout


The Lost Road and Rokmora


Notable Trash Before Rokmora

Right when you start the dungeon, you will slide down the cave, making your way towards the first boss of the dungeon - Rokmora. Here is what you should know about the non-boss-enemies prior:

  • Avoid standing in the Acid Splatter Icon Acid Splatter upon killing the Vileshard Crawlers.
  • Embershard Scorpion will mostly be a concern for your tank due to its Impaling Shard Icon Impaling Shard, as it will also add a follow-up BleedBleed effect.
  • If you end up pulling any Rockback Gnasher, they will dangerous for your tank, because of their Bone Chomp Icon Bone Chomp ability, dealing front-load damage and adding an additional BleedBleed effect.
  • Tarspitter Lurker is one of the harder mobs in this area, first, because it will damage your party with Viscid Bile Icon Viscid Bile, followed by spawning toxic ground pools, which you should avoid - Rancid Ooze Icon Rancid Ooze. If that weren't all, the mob would occasionally cast Submerge Icon Submerge, becoming completely immune to attacks until the ability is over.
  • Vileshard Hulk is the first tank buster in this dungeon, first because of its deadly Piercing Shards Icon Piercing Shards frontal, followed by its single-target hit ability Fracture Icon Fracture. Use your party-external cooldowns to help your tank at any point!

Rokmora Boss Guide


All Roles

  • Rokmora will occasionally spawn Blightshard Skitter, focus them and kill them immediately. Avoid the follow-up Choking Dust Icon Choking Dust ground ability.
  • Make sure to have all Blightshard Skitter killed before the boss manages to cast Shatter Icon Shatter, otherwise you risk to take additional damage from Rupturing Skitter Icon Rupturing Skitter. Keep in mindtha
  • When the boss casts Shatter Icon Shatter, there will be a follow-up effect called Crystalline Ground Icon Crystalline Ground. Moving during the Crystalline Ground Icon Crystalline Ground will cause you to take extra damage, it is best if you stay still until the area of effect is gone.


  • Immediately taunt any newly-spawned Blightshard Skitters to avoid your team members dying from aggro.
  • Move away from any existing Choking Dust Icon Choking Dust to help your melee players position safely.
  • Aim the Razor Shards Icon Razor Shards frontal away from your team.


  • Be prepared with your healing cooldowns if there are any existing Blightshard Skitters during the Shatter Icon Shatter cast. The extra damage from Rupturing Skitter Icon Rupturing Skitter will turn lethal the higher the key goes.

Broken Teeth and Ularogg Cragshaper


Notable Trash Before Ularogg Cragshaper

Neltharion's Lair Barrels Once you defeat Rokmora, head towards the Empty Barrels to access the next part of the dungeon - Broken Teeth, where you will meet Ularogg Cragshaper.

  • Beware of Understone Drummers, if you decide to pull them, they will spawn an extra set of mobs which will be via War Drums Icon War Drums, and make your run significantly harder, it is better to avoid them.
  • Rockbound Pelter will spam-cast Jagged Disc Icon Jagged Disc and occasionally re-position due to its Retreat Icon Retreat ability.
  • Watch out when you are fighting Stoneclaw Hunters, they will deal AoE damage around them with Stone Shatter Icon Stone Shatter. In addition, they will have a Rockback Gnasher pet, which will cast Bone Chomp Icon Bone Chomp on your tank, with a follow-up BleedBleed effect. The Stoneclaw Hunter will also cast Kill Command Icon Kill Command empowering further the Rockback Gnasher, enabling them to have an extra ability called Stone Gaze Icon Stone Gaze.
  • Mightstone Breaker is one of the most dangerous mobs in this area, because of their Avalanche Icon Avalanche cast, once you see it, change positions to avoid its damage.
  • Blightshard Shaper is the main focus-target in this area, interrupt its Stone Bolt Icon Stone Bolt cast and side-step its Petrifying Totem Icon Petrifying Totem ground visual effect.

Ularogg Cragshaper Boss Guide


All Roles

  • When Ularogg Cragshaper is casting Strike of the Mountain Icon Strike of the Mountain, move away from the ground animation to avoid taking damage.
  • Bellowing Idol Watch out for Bellow of the Deeps Icon Bellow of the Deeps cast, quickly focus the Bellowing Idols to avoid taking damage from Falling Debris Icon Falling Debris.
  • Once the boss reaches maximum energy, he will cast Stance of the Mountain Icon Stance of the Mountain, transforming himself to a Bellowing Idol, your goal here is to follow the him throughout the shuffle and nuke it. If you are playing with comms, it is best to mark it once you have identified which is the right Bellowing Idol.


  • Use activate mitigation for each Sunder Icon Sunder attack.
  • When Ularogg Cragshaper is casting Bellow of the Deeps Icon Bellow of the Deeps, move him closer to any existing Bellowing Idols to make it easier for your party to cleave them.


  • Keep everyone healthy on each Strike of the Mountain Icon Strike of the Mountain cast in case either of them gets caught in it.

Path of The Worm and Naraxas


Notable Trash Before Naraxas

  • Stoneclaw Grubmaster is the only new non-boss-enemy you will face here. Watch out for his Stone Shatter Icon Stone Shatter AoE damage around him and immediately focus the Tarspitter Grub when spawned with Worm Call Icon Worm Call cast. If you let the Tarspitter Grub finish its Metamorphosis Icon Metamorphosis (you can also stun them)cast, it will transform into Rotdrool Grabber and gain several new abilities.

Naraxas Boss Guide


All Roles

  • Avoid being hit by Rancid Maw Icon Rancid Maw and its follow-up ground effect.
  • Melee players should be aware of the acid pools near the boss coming from Putrid Skies Icon Putrid Skies.
  • It is extremely important to kill the 2 Wormspeaker Devouts before letting them get consume by Naraxas. If they do so, it will trigger a Fanatic's Sacrifice Icon Fanatic's Sacrifice enabling the boss to get a Ravenous Icon Ravenous each time she eats one. Remember that Wormspeaker Devout is affected by all crowd-control effects, so this is the perfect time to use them.
  • When the boss falls under 20% health, she will become Frenzy Icon Frenzy, gaining attack speed and increased physical damage, hence why you want to save your second set of cooldowns for this time!


  • When the boss casts Spiked Tongue Icon Spiked Tongue run away to avoid being Devouring Icon Devouring. If that happens, you will likely die since the healer can't assist you; this will be the time to use your bonus movement speed abilities. During this time, you can use your defensive cooldowns to reduce the incoming damage of the "dragging" channel. You might want to optimize the Rancid Maw Icon Rancid Maw and use the pools while being dragged; just a heads up!
  • Be ready with active mitigation when the boss has Frenzy Icon Frenzy effect.


  • Watch out for Toxic Retch Icon Toxic Retch cast. It will be applied to all 5 party members and can be PoisonPoison dispel, if you have one.
  • Spot-heal your tank during Spiked Tongue Icon Spiked Tongue "phase".
  • Heads up that throughout the boss fight the Angry Crowd will throw Hurling Rocks Icon Hurling Rocks onto your party members, which will overlap with Toxic Retch Icon Toxic Retch PoisonPoison debuff. Always keep your party healthy to avoid having random deaths. Coordinate defensive cooldowns to best cover the difficult period of the boss fight.

The Dragon's Spine and Dargrul the Underking


Notable Trash Before Dargrul the Underking

Once you have defeated Naraxas, jump down the cave underneath the corpse of the boss to access the last part of the dungeon, where you will face Dargrul the Underking. Here is what you should know about each non-boss-enemy in this area:

  • Understone Demolisher does nothing but auto-attacks to your tank. Still, once it finishes its Charskin Icon Charskin cast, it will randomly fixate people with Burning Hatred Icon Burning Hatred and kite it away if you get targeted! Remember that you can stun/disturb the Charskin Icon Charskin cast to delay the effect.
  • Rockbound Trapper is a heavy tank-hitting mob, first because of their Jagged Disc Icon Jagged Disc, and second because of its Bound Icon Bound cast.
  • Emberhusk Dominator is the most dangerous mob in this area. Your tank must pay attention to Ember Swipe Icon Ember Swipe and position the mob so it doesn't cleave any melee player. In addition, they will occasionally cast Frenzy Icon Frenzy, increasing further the damage they deal; if you do have an Enrage Icon Enrage dispel, here is the perfect time to use it. At last, your healer must pay attention to everyone's health because of the Crystal Spike Icon Crystal Spike instant casts.

Dargrul the Underking Boss Guide

dargul-the-underking + crystal-spikes (fit somewhere below)

All Roles

  • Avoid the initial ground effect from Crystal Spikes Icon Crystal Spikes. Later in the fight, you can use them for cover against Magma Wave Icon Magma Wave.
  • Dargul When the boss casts Magma Sculptor Icon Magma Sculptor, it will spawn a Molten Charskin add. The ad will fixate (Burning Hatred Icon Burning Hatred) a random player from your party chasing them until defeated. To make it easier, kite the add towards any existing Crystal Spikes Icon Crystal Spikes so he can get a stunned - Crystal Cracked Icon Crystal Cracked and increase its damage taken by 100% at which time you should switch and kill it. At last, the longer the add lives, the more stacks of Rising Inferno Icon Rising Inferno it will receive and the more damage you will take from Magma Breaker Icon Magma Breaker, which makes it a top priority to deal with the add and stun it with Crystal Spikes Icon Crystal Spikes as quickly as you can.
  • Once the boss reaches 100 energy, it will cast Magma Wave Icon Magma Wave; it is crucial to see cover behind Crystal Spikes Icon Crystal Spikes before the cast is finished to reduce the incoming damage. This is the perfect time to use your defensive cooldowns. Watch out for the following-up Lava Geyser Icon Lava Geyser effect after Magma Wave Icon Magma Wave and the giant magma pool on the ground.


  • Watch out for Molten Crash Icon Molten Crash; here is a good place to use your active mitigation.
  • Beware that the more you move the boss, the more damage your team will take from Magma Breaker Icon Magma Breaker.
  • Aim the Landslide Icon Landslide frontal away from any players or active Crystal Spikes Icon Crystal Spikes.


  • Keep everyone healthy during Molten Charskin as your whole party will take damage from Magma Breaker Icon Magma Breaker each time it steps.
  • Watch out for your tank's health during Landslide Icon Landslide & Molten Crash Icon Molten Crash combo.
  • Use your major cooldowns during the Magma Wave Icon Magma Wave channel to avoid any party member from dying.

Neltharion's Lair Loot Table



Type Item Stats
Neck Understone Gorget Icon Understone Gorget Crit/Vers
Mail Shoulder Skyhorn Mantle Icon Skyhorn Mantle Haste/Crit
Leather Chest Vest of Rupturing Diamonds Icon Vest of Rupturing Diamonds Crit/Vers
Plate Wrist Deepfurrow Bracers Icon Deepfurrow Bracers Crit/Vers
Cloth Wrist Sunfrost Wristwraps Icon Sunfrost Wristwraps Haste/Crit
Mail Waist Boulderbuckle Strap Icon Boulderbuckle Strap Haste/Mastery
Plate Waist Greystone Belt Icon Greystone Belt Haste/Crit
Cloth Legs Riverrider Legwraps Icon Riverrider Legwraps Mastery/Haste
Leather Boots Rivermane Sandals Icon Rivermane Sandals Haste/Crit
Trinket Shard of Rokmora Icon Shard of Rokmora Agi/Str

Ularogg Cragshaper

Type Item Stats
Cloth Head Cragshaper's Fitted Hood Icon Cragshaper's Fitted Hood Haste/Crit
Leather Head Steelgazer Hide Hood Icon Steelgazer Hide Hood Haste/Vers
Cloth Shoulder Roggthread Mantle Icon Roggthread Mantle Haste/Vers
Mail Chest Tunic of Screaming Earth Icon Tunic of Screaming Earth Crit/Haste
Mail Wrist Bitestone Wristwrap Icon Bitestone Wristwrap Haste/Vers
Leather Hands Gravelworn Handguards Icon Gravelworn Handguards Haste/Crit
Plate Legs Rock Solid Legplates Icon Rock Solid Legplates Haste/Mastery
Plate Boots Rockbound Sabatons Icon Rockbound Sabatons Haste/Vers
Ring Loop of Vitriolic Intent Icon Loop of Vitriolic Intent Haste/Mastery
Trinket Talisman of the Cragshaper Icon Talisman of the Cragshaper Vers


Type Item Stats
Plate Head Subterranean Horror Faceguard Icon Subterranean Horror Faceguard Mastery/Haste
Back Putrid Carapace Icon Putrid Carapace Mastery/Crit
Leather Wrist Wristbands of Rousing Violence Icon Wristbands of Rousing Violence Mastery/Haste
Mail Hands Gauntlets of Innumerable Barbs Icon Gauntlets of Innumerable Barbs Mastery/Crit
Cloth Boots Offal Galoshes Icon Offal Galoshes Mastery/Vers
Ring Band of the Wyrm Matron Icon Band of the Wyrm Matron Crit/Vers
Trinket Naraxas' Spiked Tongue Icon Naraxas' Spiked Tongue Mastery

Dargrul the Underking

Type Item Stats
Mail Head Mountain Throne Coif Icon Mountain Throne Coif Haste/Vers
Neck Chain of the Underking Icon Chain of the Underking Crit/Mastery
Leather Shoulder Steelgazer Hide Mantle Icon Steelgazer Hide Mantle Haste/Vers
Plate Shoulder Tremorguard Pauldrons Icon Tremorguard Pauldrons Mastery/Crit
Plate Chest Rockbound Chestguard Icon Rockbound Chestguard Haste/Vers
Cloth Chest Tunic of Smoldering Ire Icon Tunic of Smoldering Ire Crit/Mastery
Cloth Hands Gloves of the Mountain Conquest Icon Gloves of the Mountain Conquest Haste/Mastery
Plate Hands Rumblestone Gauntlets Icon Rumblestone Gauntlets Vers/Haste
Cloth Waist Roggthread Cord Icon Roggthread Cord Haste/Vers
Leather Waist Sinister Ashfall Cord Icon Sinister Ashfall Cord Crit/Mastery
Leather Legs Charskin Legguards Icon Charskin Legguards Crit/Mastery
Mail Legs Faultline Leggings Icon Faultline Leggings Crit/Mastery
Mail Feet Bitestone Boots Icon Bitestone Boots Haste/Vers
Trinket Mark of Dargrul Icon Mark of Dargrul Crit

Neltharion's Lair Achievements

There are 7 total achievements to obtain in Neltharion's Lair:

Achievement Criteria
Neltharion's Lair Defeat Dargrul in Neltharion's Lair.
Heroic: Neltharions Lair Icon Heroic: Neltharions Lair Defeat Dargrul in Neltharion's Lair on HeroicHeroic difficulty or higher.
Mythic: Neltharions Lair Icon Mythic: Neltharions Lair Defeat Dargrul in Neltharion's Lair on MythicMythic difficulty.
Mythic: Neltharions Lair Guild Run Icon Mythic: Neltharions Lair Guild Run Defeat Dargrul in Neltharion's Lair on MythicMythic difficulty while in a guild group.
Keystone Hero: Neltharions Lair Icon Keystone Hero: Neltharion's' Lair Complete Neltharion's Lair at MythicMythic Level 20 or higher, within the time limit.
Got to Ketchum All Icon Got to Ketchum All Use the Ketchum Tablet to acquire imprints of all the named snails within Neltharion's Lair.
Cant Eat Just One Icon Cant Eat Just One Defeat Naraxas after she gains 6 stacks of Ravenous Icon Ravenous in Neltharion's Lair on MythicMythic difficulty.


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