Brawler's Guild: Disruptron Mk. 3R-Alpha (Special Challengers) (WoD 6.2)

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Disruptron Mk. 3R-Alpha is a Special Challenger of the Brawler's Guild. This boss requires you to keep jumping over laser walls, all the while avoiding moving sonic disks. Before we delve further into the explanations, we advise you to first watch this very short video, which shows how the fight with Disruptron Mk. 3R-Alpha goes.

This encounter is not currently part of the Battle for Azeroth season of the Brawler's Guild.


Abilities and Strategy

Disruptron Mk. 3R-Alpha has only one ability: Static Charge Icon Static Charge. It stuns players within 8 yards.

Other than that, there are horizontal laser walls moving along either the south-north axis or the west-east axis. They deal damage to you when they touch you, but you can jump over them.

Also, there are 3 cannons around the room. Each of them sends disks flying around the room in various directions. For most of the fight, only one laser is active at a given time. At 35% health, the boss will activate them all.

So, the strategy for this fight is to keep jumping over the laser walls and avoid the sonic disks. Jumping over the laser walls has the highest priority. Melee players should also pay attention to Static Charge Icon Static Charge and interrupt it.

When the boss reaches 35% health, he will activate all cannons, suddenly making the fight much harder. This is a good time to use all your DPS cooldowns.


Generic Advice

  • Do not panic. It does not matter if you mess up your rotation, but you need to stick to the strategy.
  • If you are in for a long Brawler's Guild session, you may want to use a flask.
  • Prepot! Use a Potion of Brawler's Might Icon Potion of Brawler's Might, a Potion of Brawler's Cunning Icon Potion of Brawler's Cunning, or a Potion of Brawler's Deftness Icon Potion of Brawler's Deftness right before Disruptron Mk. 3R-Alpha appears, depending on what your main statistic is.
  • When the 60-second cooldown on your potion is over, you can use the same potion again or you can use a Brawler's Healing Potion Icon Brawler's Healing Potion if you need healing.
  • Group up with other players so that you benefit from each other's buffs.

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