Draenor Raid Guides for World of Warcraft

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There are several outdoor raid bosses (also known as world bosses) in the continent of Draenor, that you can defeat for loot (and in one case, for a mount).

While you can participate in killing these bosses as many times per lockout as you like (although you will be restricted by their long respawn timers), you can only receive loot from one boss once per lockout.

The faction tagging system means that as long as the boss has been initially tagged by someone of the same faction as you, you will be eligible for loot if you participate in killing the boss, even if you do not share a raid group with the player who tagged the boss.

There are 4 such bosses in Draenor.

Boss Guides

Currently, we offer you the following strategy guides:

Overview of the Bosses

Drov the Ruiner is located in Gorgrond. The massive magnaron only has a handful of abilities, but will pose a serious threat for any players that do not have raiding gear.

Rukhmar is a firehawk that flies around in the Spires of Arak region of Draenor. This boss has a larger number of abilities than any other Draenor world boss, and requires considerably more tactical consideration to defeat.

Tarlna the Ageless is located in Gorgrond. Like the other Gorgrond world boss, Drov the Ruiner, Tarlna does not have many abilities, but the encounter faces players against two types of adds, adding some complexity.

Supreme Lord Kazzak is located in Tanaan Jungle. The boss resembles the two previous incarnations of himself that players had the chance to fight in past World of Warcraft expansions. He uses only a few abilities against the raid, and he summons a type of adds.