Drov the Ruiner Detailed Strategy Guide

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Boss Icon - Drov the Ruiner


This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive description of the encounter with Drov the Ruiner in Draenor. It is targeted at anyone who desires to understand the fight mechanics.

This guide is updated for World of Warcraft WoD 6.1.2.

Drov the Ruiner is a world boss in Draenor. The fight against Drov is not very complicated, and the strategy to defeat him is likewise not very complex. Primarily, your raid's gear and basic skills will be put to the test.


General Information


Enrage Timer

We do not know if Drov the Ruiner has a hard enrage timer, and there do not appear to be any soft enrage mechanics present in the encounter.



To be added.


Spawn Patterns

Drov the Ruiner is known to spawn in the north end of the Valley of Destruction, in Gronn Canyon, Gorgrond. The boss spawns in a very distinctive location, on an elevated platform surrounded by giant runed stones. We currently do not know if there are any other locations where the boss may spawn, but given the specificity of this location, that is unlikely.

We are unsure of what the respawn timer of this boss is, but it most likely follows other world bosses in having a longer timer.

It is also worth mentioning that the tagging system for world bosses is faction-wide. That is to say, as long as the boss is engaged by someone on your faction, all other members of your faction are eligible for loot if they engage the boss, regardless of whether or not they are grouped together.


Overview of the Fight

The fight against Drov the Ruiner is not very complex. It is a single-phase fight during which you face Drov, as well as some adds called Frenzied Rumbler that Drov regularly summons.



Drov the Ruiner has two abilities, in addition to which he summons some adds that have a few abilities of their own.

  • Colossal Slam Icon Colossal Slam is a frontal cone attack that deals Nature damage to affected players, knocking them high into the air. Any players who are too close to Drov when Colossal Slam is cast will also take Nature damage, even if they are not located within the cone. We are not yet sure what this range is. It seems that Drov will face in a random direction immediately before casting Colossal Slam.
  • Giga Smash Icon Giga Smash is an ability that Drov uses to deal raid-wide Nature damage.
  • Call of Earth Icon Call of Earth is used to summon Frenzied Rumbler adds.
    • These adds emerge from the ground and deal damage to any players who come in contact with them at this time. After this, they roll around (and cannot be tanked), dealing further damage to any players that they come in contact with. It appears that when Drov stops his cast of Call of Earth, the Rumblers re-submerge, only to re-emerge again at random times throughout the encounter.
    • When the Rumblers re-emerge, they use Acid Breath Icon Acid Breath and Crushing Charge Icon Crushing Charge to deal damage to raid members. Acid Breath is a simple frontal cone attack that deals Nature damage and leaves behind a Nature damage DoT, while Crushing Charge is used to charge forward in a fixed direction, dealing damage to any players in the way and knocking them back.

Please note that some of the above-mentioned information is speculative, having not had the opportunity to fight the boss on the Beta. Likewise, we are unaware of any abilities that require a tank switch, or they call for more than one tank, unless the Frenzied Rumblers need to be tanked after they re-emerge.



The strategy for defeating Drov the Ruiner is quite simple. The main concerns of the fight are avoiding damage from the boss' Colossal Slam Icon Colossal Slam, and from the Frenzied Rumbler.

Ranged raid members and healers should be spread out loosely around the boss. Everyone will have to be on the look-out for Colossal Slam, and move out of the way when Drov chooses a direction to face. Melee DPS players should also move away from Drov when this happens, in order to avoid the incidental damage that Colossal Slam deals.

When Call of Earth Icon Call of Earth is being cast, everyone will have to do their best to avoid being hit by the spawning Frenzied Rumblers, until these adds submerge.

Before we talk about the adds, Drov's Giga Smash Icon Giga Smash is important to mention. This deals raid-wide damage, so it is simply something that the healers will have to be prepared to handle throughout the fight. That said, all raid members should make sure to use their defensive cooldowns to help out.


Frenzied Rumblers

We are not yet certain how the mechanics related to the adds work in practice, specifically after they submerge at the end of a Call of Earth Icon Call of Earth cast. Most likely, they re-emerge at certain times after that, and then need to be tanked, and the tanks should face them away from other raid members to minimise the damage from Acid Breath Icon Acid Breath. The Crushing Charge Icon Crushing Charges will just have to be avoided or healed through.

It is difficult to say whether the Rumblers that re-emerge in this way need to be killed, or if they can simply be ignored while the raid burns down Drov. This will depend on several factors, and we will update the guide when we know more.


When to Use Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp

We recommend using Heroism Icon Heroism/Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Time Warp Icon Time Warp at the start of the fight, when all players have their DPS cooldowns available.


Corpse Running/Avoiding Wipes

Because the fight does not take place in an instanced environment, it is possible for dead raid members to release spirit and run back to the place where they died and resurrect. This is a good way for your raid to replenish its numbers. Keep in mind the following things:

  • After 2 resurrections in quick succession, you will have to wait for 2 minutes before you can resurrect again.
  • When you resurrect, you come back with 50% of your maximum health. It is best that healers are prepared ahead of time to heal you.
  • It is best to group up (in ghost form) and resurrect at the same time, rather than each one individually. This gives you a better chance to recover.

If a large portion of your raid dies, remaining raid members should attempt to delay a wipe for as long as possible, to give the dead raid members a chance to run back.


Learning the Fight

The fight against Drov the Ruiner is quite simple. As long as players avoid the boss' frontal cone attack, and do not take unnecessary damage from the adds, then killing Drov should not be too hard.


Concluding Remarks

This concludes the Drov the Ruiner guide. As soon as we have the chance to kill the boss on live realms, we will update the guide where it is needed.