Patch Content Updates (Dragonflight / 10.1.7)

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The following guide covers everything new in PvP for Patch 10.1.7.


When Will Patch 10.1.7 of Dragonflight Go Live?

Patch 10.1.7 will be going live the week of September 4th, 2023, with it bringing many exciting changes for PvP!


New Content In Patch 10.1.7 of Dragonflight


Restoration Druid Changes

One of the biggest changes that will impact the PvP meta is the newest Restoration Druid talent, Grove Guardians Icon Grove Guardians. This talent summons treants that will cast healing spells on the target. These treants make up a large amount of Restoration Druid overall healing, and will put Druids in a strong healing spot in 10.1.7.

To look at the in-depth changes and updated guide for Restoration Druid check out the updated Restoration Druid PvP Guide.


Mistweaver Monk Mana Tea Rework

Mistweaver Monks have also received some changes to their toolkit. Mana Tea Icon Mana Tea has been redesigned. This change will drastically help Mistweaver Monks with the mana issues that they have faced. With this rework come 2 new talents: Lifecycles Icon Lifecycles and Energizing Brew Icon Energizing Brew. These talents will make Mana Tea even stronger.

To look at the in-depth changes and updated guide for Mistweaver Monk check out the updated Mistweaver Monk PvP Guide.


New Ping System

The new Ping system will allow you to communicate with your teammates if you are not in voice. You can keybind these commands to macros or binds. Here are the Ping commands you can use:

  • /ping
  • /ping attack
  • /ping assist
  • /ping onmyway
  • /ping warning

Here is an example of using one of these commands in a macro:

  • /ping [@target] attack
  • 1.5.

    Updated Arena Unit Frames

    Arena Frames have been added to edit mode, and with this update it brings many different options:

    • Arena frames now use the compact unit frames style.
    • Edit Mode includes settings for width, height, and border and allows you to preview different arena sizes (2v2, 3v3, 5v5).
    • PvP trinket status has been added to the right of the enemy’s frame.
    • An icon indicating the enemy’s specialization is now shown during the pre-match phase. Pre-match frames can’t be used for targeting and don’t show power bars.
    • Character tooltips now show the player’s specialization.
    • Arena frames will always show debuffs.
    • Arena frames will now show loss of control debuffs in a larger icon next to the unit frame.
    • Arena frames now gray out if players are stealthed or invisible.

    Note: if you are not interested in seeing the new arena frames, you can hide them by copying and pasting the following command into a macro and running it every time you log in:

    /run CompactArenaFrame:HookScript("OnShow", function(self) CompactArenaFrame:Hide() end)


    Updated Guides

    With drastic PvP changes happening in Patch 10.1.7, all guides have been updated with the latest information needed to be successful in PvP.



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    If you are interested in which healer is the best in Patch 10.1.7, here is the the Healer tier list:

    10.1.7 Healer Tier List.


    Ranged DPS

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    Melee DPS

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