Discipline Priest PvP Useful Macros (Shadowlands / 9.2.5)

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Macros are crucial to be successful in PvP. They allow players to use abilities on enemies without having to target them. This helps increase overall damage/healing and general awareness in the arena. Here are a few macros that all Discipline Priests can benefit from.

This page is part of our Discipline Priest PvP Guide.


Shadow Word: Death Macro

  • #showtooltip Shadow Word: Death
  • /stopcasting
  • /cast [@target,harm] Shadow Word: Death
  • /stopmacro [harm]
  • /targetenemy
  • /cast Shadow Word: Death
  • /targetlasttarget [harm]

This macro allows you to use Shadow Word: Death Icon Shadow Word: Death both to avoid incoming crowd control and to deal damage with only one keybind. If you target an enemy, the macro will simply use Shadow Word: Death on the enemy. This is what you want to deal damage and also to avoid CC. And if you target an ally the macro will target a nearby enemy to use the ability on. That way you can quickly press this macro when healing an ally if you notice a spell such as Polymorph Icon Polymorph being cast on you, and you will death it.


Power Word: Barrier Macro

  • #showtooltip Power Word: Barrier
  • /cast [@cursor] Power Word: Barrier

This macro allows you to drop your Power Word: Barrier Icon Power Word: Barrier on your cursor location without having to click it, allowing you to be faster. Make sure you are well aware of the range and radius of your spell before you stat using this macro.


Purify Macro

  • #showtooltip Purify
  • /cast [target=party1] Purify

This macro allows you to cast Purify Icon Purify on your party1 without having to target it, for a quicker dispel. You can reproduce this with party2 when you play 3v3 and have two people in your team..


Target Assist Macros

  • #showtooltip Solace
  • /cast [harm][@targettarget] Solace

This macro allows you to cast Power Word: Solace Icon Power Word: Solace on the target of any ally you are targeting yourself without targeting the enemy. Such a macro allows you to keep doing your damage rotation without having to switch targets between your DPS and their kill target. You can reproduce this macro with Penance Icon Penance, Mind Blast Icon Mind Blast, Smite Icon Smite, and Purge the Wicked Icon Purge the Wicked.


Dispel Magic Macro

  • #showtooltip Dispel Magic
  • /cast [target=focus] Dispel Magic

This macro allows you to cast Dispel Magic Icon Dispel Magic on your focus target without having to target it.


Mind Control Macro

  • #showtooltip Mind Control
  • /cast [target=focus] Mind Control

This macro allows you to cast Mind Control Icon Mind Control on your focus target without having to target it.


Shackle Undead Macro

  • #showtooltip Shackle Undead
  • /cast [@arenapet1, exists] shackle undead
  • /cast [@arenapet2, exists] shackle undead
  • /cast [@arenapet3, exists] shackle undead

This very handy macro allows you to cast Shackle Undead Icon Shackle Undead on the Undead pet of a Hunter without having to target it, regardless of whether the Hunter is Arena1, Arena2, or Arena3. You simply need to use it and if there is an Undead pet it will be controlled. This is helpful to easily deny Roar of Sacrifice Icon Roar of Sacrifice when your team is about to do a go. Make sure to have a separate Shackle Undead keybind to crowd control a Death Knight who uses Lichborne Icon Lichborne.



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