Guide to Leveling Enchanting and Making Gold in Shadowlands

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This page covers everything you need to know about leveling Enchanting in the Shadowlands expansion from 1-115, as well as how to make gold with the profession.


Enchanting in Shadowlands

Enchanting allows you to make your gear better by adding enchants to it. While previous expansions have focused on making most gear slots non-enchantable, Shadowlands advances in the opposite direction and you will now be able to enchant gloves, bracers, chests, cloaks and boots, in addition to weapons and rings!

Enchanting in Shadowlands

You will also be able to enchant top end materials for other professions:

These materials are used, among other things, in the crafting of gear that can become Legendary once infused with Soul Ash Icon Soul Ash by the Runecarver in Torghast. Thus, it will be in high demand, allowing you to cut a profit as long as you sell it at the right times.

You will also be able to help out Herbalists and Miners with the new Enchant Gloves - Shadowlands Gathering Icon Enchant Gloves - Shadowlands Gathering enchant.


Leveling Enchanting from 1-115 in Shadowlands

Reaching 115 skill in Shadowlands Enchanting is quick, and you might even make a profit while leveling, as long as you pick the correct time to sell your crafts.

The trainer can be found in Oribos, in the northeastern part of the Hall of Shapes:

Enchanting Trainer Location

Remember to buy and use your enchants on the Enchanting Vellum Icon Enchanting Vellum item you can buy from the vendor next to the trainer. This will create an item you can use to apply the enchant later, and most importantly, sell to other players!


1-25 Shadowlands Enchanting

If you are not in a rush, disenchanting Shadowlands items is the cheapest way to get to 20.

Otherwise, craft Shadowlands Gathering Icon Shadowlands Gathering until Level 10 and your choice of Illuminated Soul Icon Illuminated Soul, Agile Soulwalker Icon Agile Soulwalker and Strength of Soul Icon Strength of Soul until Level 25.

The gathering enchant is an absolute must for gatherers, and will likely sell well in the first months of Shadowlands. While not as powerful as the later 15 primary stat enchants, the initial 10 primary stat enchants are extremely cheap and should always be used until you have end-game gear at your disposal.

Total Materials for 10 Shadowlands Gathering Icon Shadowlands Gathering and 15 Illuminated Soul Icon Illuminated Soul: 75 Soul Dust Icon Soul Dust.


25-50 Shadowlands Enchanting

Craft Celestial Guidance Icon Celestial Guidance (+2 skill up per enchant) until Level 31, Sacred Stats Icon Sacred Stats to Level 40 and Bargain of Haste Icon Bargain of Haste or Bargain of Critical Strike Icon Bargain of Critical Strike until Level 50.

The first (and by far cheapest) weapon enchant you will find in Shadowlands is Celestial Guidance Icon Celestial Guidance, while Sacred Stats Icon Sacred Stats marks a return to chest stat enchants, reminiscent of WoW Vanilla's Enchant Chest - Greater Stats Icon Enchant Chest - Greater Stats.

Total Materials for 3 Celestial Guidance Icon Celestial Guidance, 9 Sacred Stats Icon Sacred Stats and 10 Bargain of Haste Icon Bargain of Haste: 16 Sacred Shard Icon Sacred Shard and 68 Soul Dust Icon Soul Dust.


50-80 Shadowlands Enchanting

Craft Bargain of Versatility Icon Bargain of Versatility until Level 60, Soul Vitality Icon Soul Vitality until Level 75 and your choice of Eternal Intellect Icon Eternal Intellect, Eternal Agility Icon Eternal Agility or Eternal Strength Icon Eternal Strength until Level 80.

Soul Vitality Icon Soul Vitality is the highest stamina cloak enchant in the game and also the cheapest, making it a great value option. The top end primary stat enchants, such as Eternal Intellect Icon Eternal Intellect, will be highly sought after, but are also likely to be very expensive early on, due to using an Eternal Crystal Icon Eternal Crystal, which require disenchanting epic gear.

Total Materials for 10 Bargain of Versatility Icon Bargain of Versatility, 15 Soul Vitality Icon Soul Vitality (likely to need at least 30 due to recipe becoming green at 70) and 5 Eternal Intellect Icon Eternal Intellect: 5 Eternal Crystal Icon Eternal Crystal, 20 Sacred Shard Icon Sacred Shard and 80 Soul Dust Icon Soul Dust.


80-115 Shadowlands Enchanting

This is where leveling Enchanting becomes really expensive. While, theoretically, this should not actually lead to a Gold loss because the crafts will also be worth much more when sold, you might want to look out for when the Darkmoon Faire arrives here, for the +5 skill point quest.

Craft Tenet of Critical Strike Icon Tenet of Critical Strike, Tenet of Versatility Icon Tenet of Versatility, Tenet of Haste Icon Tenet of Haste or Tenet of Mastery Icon Tenet of Mastery until Level 95, Eternal Stats Icon Eternal Stats, Eternal Skirmish Icon Eternal Skirmish or Eternal Bounds Icon Eternal Bounds to Nevel 101, Lightless Force Icon Lightless Force or Eternal Grace Icon Eternal Grace to 111 and Sinful Revelation Icon Sinful Revelation or Ascended Vigor Icon Ascended Vigor to 115.

Total Materials for 10 Tenet of Critical Strike Icon Tenet of Critical Strike, 6 Eternal Stats Icon Eternal Stats, 5 Lightless Force Icon Lightless Force and 2 Sinful Revelation Icon Sinful Revelation: 20 Eternal Crystal Icon Eternal Crystal and 63 Sacred Shard Icon Sacred Shard.


Making Gold with Enchanting in Shadowlands

Making Gold with Enchanting is all about buying cheap materials or gear and disenchanting it. Check the prices of various enchants on your server with The Undermine Journal and craft the most expensive enchants into Enchanting Vellum Icon Enchanting Vellums, ready to turn in a profit.

Due to the cyclical nature in which players buy Enchants for their new gear, most of your profits will come from timing the market in two steps:

  1. Figure out your server's raid days. Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday nights are the typical candidates. On these days it will be easier to sell enchants for higher prices, both for people looking to enchant their gear before raiding, and especially for people wanting to enchant their shiny new gear after raiding. You can use The Undermine Journal to track the resulting price fluctuation.
  2. Before leaving the website, search for Enchanting material price. Take note of when they are cheapest, and aim to buy during these periods.

You can also search the auction house for Level 51+ green, blue and epic quality gear of any kind. If you find very cheap items, it is likely that they could be disenchanted for a profit, but the exact calculations on how much Gold you could get through disenchanting are best left to an auctioning addon such as TSM or Auctioneer.


9.2 Enchanting Optional Reagents

Progressing through Zereth Mortis will allow you to unlock two new optional reagents which can be used in gear crafts: Cosmic Protoweave Icon Cosmic Protoweave and Magically Regulated Automa Core Icon Magically Regulated Automa Core. These are cheap to create and can add extra power to crafted gear from any crafted source!

In the example below we use a Jewelcrafting-crafted optional reagent on an Alchemy gear craft to make it more powerful without any downsides.

Optional Reagent Craft Example

You can unlock these optional reagents through a random drop in Zereth Mortis, the Unformed Essence Icon Unformed Essence, which can come from any enemy in the zone. This will allow you to start a short quest that unlocks the usage of optional reagents in your crafts.

Optional Reagent Usage Unlock

Enchanted Elethium Bar / Heavy Callous Hide / Lightless Silk

In Shadowlands, high-end Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring crafters all require special enchanted materials in order to create gear that can become Legendary and other expensive items.

This opens the possibility of turning a profit by simply buying the baseline materials and enchanting them before reselling them. Again, make sure to price check the materials and the enchanted material in order to make sure you will be turning in a profit!


Anima-ted Leash

The only Patch 9.1 addition to Enchanting is the Anima-ted Leash Icon Anima-ted Leash, a new toy you can craft for 2 Soul Dust Icon Soul Dust and 2 Sacred Shard Icon Sacred Shard. Buy the recipe for 15 Polished Pet Charm Icon Polished Pet Charm at Keeper Ta'hult in Oribos.

Animated Leash

Crafter's Marks (Item Level Upgrades)

Unlike most other professions, Enchanters cannot create high level Crafter's Mark I Icon Crafter's Mark I items, and have little ways to make use of them to craft high item level gear.



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