Weekly Mythic+ Dungeon MDT Routes with Tyrannical/Raging/Explosive Affixes

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On this page, you will find full MDT routes for all Mythic+ Shadowlands dungeons, complete with our comments for how to best handle each dungeon.

This page is updated on a weekly basis to account for all the Mythic+ affixes present in that given week.



This page will provide you with optimal MDT routes for each of the 8 Shadowlands dungeons. It is updated for the current week's Mythic affixes (Tyrannical Icon Tyrannical, Raging Icon Raging, and Explosive Icon Explosive, in addition to the ever-present Prideful Icon Prideful for Mythic+ 10 and higher keys).

The dungeons on this page are listed alphabetically. For a difficulty ranking of this week's Mythic dungeons, we recommend our dedicated guide, linked below.


De Other Side





Make sure to always use Soothe Icon Soothe or a similar effect when Enraged Spirit enter Enrage form due Raging Icon Raging; if you do not have a Soothe within the group, use immunities or personal defensives to survive this mob's Rage channel.

Tyrannical Icon Tyrannical makes some boss fight really intense, such as Hakkar the Soulflayer and Dealer Xy'exa, so make sure to save all of your cooldowns paired with the Prideful buff!


Halls of Atonement





Raging Icon Raging can be dangerous on Shard of Halkias once they cast their Thrash Icon Thrash, so make sure to use Soothe Icon Soothe or similar effects, and if you do not have that, worry not, you can out-range the cast if you stay 35+ yards away from the mob.

Tyrannical can be quite dangerous, but saving Heroism Icon Heroism/Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust, cooldowns, and Prideful buffs will be the main focus this week, especially on Echelon.


Mists of Tirna Scithe





Explosive Icon Explosive has little to no influence in this dungeon due to the majority of the pulls being 4-5 mobs; just make sure to not chain several trash packs together and you are going to have an easy time!

Pay attention to Mistveil Stalker and his Mistveil Tear Icon Mistveil Tear, this is especially dangerous if enraged due to Raging Icon Raging, so if you do not have Soothe Icon Soothe make sure to personal defensive on the DoT.







This dungeon is primarily easy to handle on the trash mob side by using Unstable Canister and Rigged Plagueborer to your advantage. Once they drop below 30%, they will cast Plague Bomb Icon Plague Bomb which leaves a lethal DoT on nearby mobs. Enhance this by making sure the mobs are affected by Raging Icon Raging first.

Pay attention to Explosive Icon Explosive, especially when you engage Gushing Slime or Plaguebound Devoted; split the pulls to avoid excessive amount of Explosive orbs spawning!


Sanguine Depths





Explosive Icon Explosive can be a real pain to take care of as the majority of the pulls are rather large, especially in the Amphitheater of Sorrow (the last part of the dungeon prior to engaging General Kaal) so pay attention to them and focus the orbs as soon as you see them.

Raging Icon Raging can turn lethal when dealing with Enraged Grand Overseers; to avoid the incoming damage, you can out-range the Dread Bindings Icon Dread Bindings cast, just make sure you are at least 30 yards away from the mob (sorry melee players, you just have to press defensive cooldowns).


Spires of Ascension





Spires of Ascension can be really tough, especially with this week's affix rotation. Raging Icon Raging is extremely punishing if you do not have a Soothe Icon Soothe (or similar effect) in your party. Most of the mobs become deadly once they reach Enrage so make sure to kite away or avoid lettings casts going through by interrupting or disturbing them.

Pay extra attention to Klotos, as once he is Enraged it will quickly turn lethal to the whole party; make sure to nuke him down fast, possibly using Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism and all of your offensive and defensive cooldowns!

As we already mentioned in our weekly dungeon rankings article, when the mobs are stunned, they do not spawn Explosive Icon Explosive, so having a Kyrian within your party to obtain Spear of Destiny Icon Spear of Destiny and stun the mobs will make some dangerous pulls significantly easier!


The Necrotic Wake





Use Raging Icon Raging to your advantage by deliberately Enraging the Flesh Crafter and aiming his Throw Cleaver Icon Throw Cleaver towards enemy mobs.

Make sure to not pull several packs of mobs together due to Explosive Icon Explosive being present, especially around The Grim Harvest area (Blightbone area); use stuns to prevent as many Explosive orb spawns as possible.


Theater of Pain





Theater of Pain is known to be one of the hardest dungeons in Shadowlands, and with this week's affix rotation is no different. The most important thing thing is to pay attention to the Raging Icon Raging affix, especially on Portal Guardian's Soulstorm Icon Soulstorm, as it turns deadly if not Soothe Icon Soothed (or similar effect).

Tyrannical Icon Tyrannical has a big impact on the difficulty of the dungeon, making some bosses extremely dangerous, like Kul'tharok and Mordretha, the Endless Empress, so make sure to time your Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism accordingly and save some cooldowns!



  • 12 Jan. 2021: Updated routes for Mythic+ Week 6.
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  • 31 Dec. 2020: Fixed Plaguefall and Spires of Ascension routes.
  • 29 Dec. 2020: Updated routes for Mythic+ Week 4.
  • 26 Dec. 2020: Added mention of the MDT addon no longer being available.
  • 23 Dec. 2020: Updated route for Week 3 of Shadowlands Mythic+.
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