Eonar the Life-Binder Abilities

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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Eonar the Life-Binder encounter in Antorus, the Burning Throne. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.



Eonar is a "protect the boss from adds" encounter with a unique twist. The fight area is made up of several lanes on different vertical levels, all of which eventually lead to the Essence of Eonar. Adds will spawn at the beginning of these lanes and march towards the Essence. Often, they will spawn in several lanes at once, forcing the raid to split into sub-groups that tackle different adds on different levels of the room. If you are familiar with "Tower Defense" style games, that is essentially what this fight boils down to.



The Essence of Eonar has a health pool, which cannot be healed. Any damage the Essence takes is permanent and will persist to the end of the encounter. If the Essence of Eonar dies, the entire raid group is instantly killed and the encounter must be attempted again.


Essence of the Lifebinder

Essence of the Lifebinder Icon Essence of the Lifebinder provides each and every raid member with the Surge of Life Icon Surge of Life ability, which can be used by pressing the Extra Action Button. Surge of Life briefly grants the ability to fly, and has a cooldown of 30 seconds.


Life Energy

The Essence of Eonar builds Life Energy Icon Life Energy as the raid defeats waves of Legion forces. When she reaches 100 Life Energy, she will blast The Paraxis for 25% of its health using Life Force Icon Life Force. Any adds that are currently alive will also take a significant amount of damage. Using Life Force resets her Life Energy bar to 0.


The Paraxis

The The Paraxis is a Legion ship that will be ever-present overhead, providing artillery support throughout the fight to the invading Legion ground forces. The objective of the encounter is to protect the Essence of Eonar until The Paraxis is defeated by her Life Force Icon Life Force blasts.


Paraxis Artillery

Paraxis Artillery Icon Paraxis Artillery deals periodic bursts of Fire damage to random players.


Rain of Fel

Rain of Fel Icon Rain of Fel targets several players, marking them with a targeting circle that has an 8-yard radius. After a few seconds, the targeted player and anyone in the blast radius will suffer moderate Fire damage.


Spear of Doom (Heroic+ Only)

Spear of Doom Icon Spear of Doom is a beam of fel energy that fixates on a random player and chases them for several seconds. The beam leaves behind a trail of fel energy on the ground that damages players for moderate Fire damage every second they stand in it. The fel energy also increases the movement speed of any Legion ground forces that step in it by 30%.


Legion Ground Forces

The Legion ground forces will periodically warp in and attempt to make their way to the Essence of Eonar. If they are allowed to reach the Essence, they will attack it until either it dies or they are killed. Most of the Legion ground forces are susceptible to crowd control.

There are four types of the standard ground forces. The amount of health and the speed of the ground forces depends on their type. There are:

  • Felguards: they move at a medium pace and have a medium amount of health;
  • Fel Hounds: they move very fast and have a low amount of health;
  • Fel Lords: they move slowly and have a large amount of health;
  • Volant Kerapterons: they move at a medium pace and have a medium amount of health, however, they are airborne and can take unconventional paths to reach the Essence of Eonar, giving you a limited window of time to attack them.

Fel-Infused Destructor

The Fel-Infused Destructor is a mini-boss that needs to be tanked. If it is not engaged in melee combat by the raid, it will enter Artillery Mode Icon Artillery Mode, firing long distance missiles at the Essence of Eonar, which will quickly end the encounter.

Once the Fel-Infused Destructor spawns, it will remain immobile. It does not posses any abilities while engaged in melee combat except for Artillery Strike Icon Artillery Strike. Artillery Strike fires a long range missile at the Essence of Eonar, however this cast can be interrupted.


Fel-Charged Obfuscator

The Fel-Charged Obfuscator does not need to be tanked. It will spawn with certain sets of Legion ground forces, concealing them with its Cloak Icon Cloaking aura. Cloaked ground forces cannot be targeted directly, however they can be hit using targeted area of effect spells (Blizzard Icon Blizzard, for example). The Obfuscator(s) have a large amount of health and move down the paths towards the Essence of Eonar, however it is immune to all forms of crowd control.


Fel-Powered Purifier (Heroic+ Only)

The Fel-Powered Purifier is a mini-boss that needs to be tanked. The Purifier will make all nearby adds immune to crowd control using its Purification Icon Purification aura. The range is unclear, however it appears to be about 15-20 yards.

The Fel-Powered Purifier must also be kept facing away from other raid members at all times, as it will periodically cast Fel Swipe Icon Fel Swipe on the tank, dealing Fire damage in a frontal cone.