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Welcome to our World of Warcraft encounter guide for Fallen Avatar in Tomb of Sargeras. We will teach you everything you need to know to defeat the boss in every difficulty.

On this particular page, we will give you a short overview of the fight as well as a list of things to watch out for (include LFR tips when applicable).

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The Fallen Avatar is the penultimate encounter in the Tomb of Sargeras.

When Aegwynn defeated the Avatar of Sargeras, she was unable to destroy his avatar. In an effort to seal it away, the armor was entombed beneath the Temple of Elune, where it remained dormant for hundreds of years. Now, with the Legion tearing down the tomb's barriers, Kil'jaeden is in a position to reanimate the armor and unleash its power on Azeroth.



The Fallen Avatar is a primarily single target fight, testing the raid group's ability to deal with very punishing mechanics while still putting out consistent and high damage and healing. Coordination is key in the first phase, as the better you play the longer the phase can be prolonged. This leads to a shorter and easier second phase, which is a desperate race to the finish before the entire platform will be destroyed and the raid will be dropped into the lethal magma pit below. Fallen Avatar is a difficult and unforgiving encounter overall and will require exceptional preparation and knowledge to bring down.





  • In the first phase one tank will hold the Fallen Avatar while the other tank will hold the Maiden of Valor.
  • Perform a taunt swap and trade targets after 2 stacks of Desolate Icon Desolate are applied by the Fallen Avatar.
  • Use the Maiden of Valor to block the Energy beam when a Containment Pylon is active.
  • In Phase Two the Fallen Avatar should be tanked on the corners of the platform and quickly moved out of the fel lava whenever Rupture Realities Icon Rupture Realities destroys pieces of the platform.


  • Tank damage can be very high when a Containment Pylon is active, and externals may be necessary when the second stack of Desolate Icon Desolate is applied to the Fallen Avatar tank.
  • Have throughput cooldowns available for Unbound Chaos Icon Unbound Chaos.
  • Spot heal targets of Shadowy Blades Icon Shadowy Blades.
  • Be ready to provide heavy raid healing after each Touch of Sargeras Icon Touch of Sargeras.
  • Raid damage is extremely high in the second phase: constant ticking damage from Sear Icon Sear and periodic spikes from each set of Dark Mark Icon Dark Marks.


  • Do not hit the Maiden of Valor in Phase One unless a Cleansing Protocol Icon Cleansing Protocol is being cast and the absorbtion shield is active.


  • If you are targeted by Shadowy Blades Icon Shadowy Blades, run to the back or edges of the room. If you are not targeted, avoid standing in the purple beams or risk taking unnecessary damage.
  • Run as far away from the Fallen Avatar as possible when Rupture Realities Icon Rupture Realities is cast.
  • Avoid standing in the green circles during Unbound Chaos Icon Unbound Chaos.
  • Avoid all of the Black Winds Icon Black Winds in Phase Two.
  • Stack to split the damage from Touch of Sargeras Icon Touch of Sargeras and Dark Mark Icon Dark Mark or they will explode on the raid for lethal damage.


Positioning is key when facing the Fallen Avatar. The ranged and healers will spread horizontally across the arena in front of the boss. Touch of Sargeras Icon Touch of Sargeras will force quick collapses in order to split the damage, and a spread ensures that no matter where they spawn there should be several raid members nearby. A clean spread also ensures that no collateral damage is taken from Unbound Chaos Icon Unbound Chaos.

In the second phase, players should form one or two stacks behind the boss. This greatly enhances raid healing while making the stack for soaking Dark Mark Icon Dark Marks simpler. When Dark Mark is applied the raid should soak in separate groups to avoid chain knock ups, rather than having the entire raid split the debuffs back-to-back.

During Phase Two, the boss should be tanked in the corners of the platform to minimize its destruction from Rupture Realities Icon Rupture Realities.


Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp

There are 2 options to use Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust on this fight, each with distinct advantages. Using it on the pull ensures the shortest possible fight. Alternatively, it can be used nearing execute in Phase Two, as raid damage from Sear Icon Sear will be at its highest. This has the benefit of Bloodlust acting as both a damage and healing cooldown. Note that the time spent in Phase Two will likely not be much different for either usage as more damage in Phase One organically shortens the second phase (as the health carries over).



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