Fallen Avatar Mythic Strategy/Tactics

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General Information

On this page, you will find a list of changes between Normal/Heroic modes and Mythic mode, as well as a working strategy to defeat Fallen Avatar in Tomb of Sargeras in Mythic mode.

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Mythic Mode Abilities

There are several key additions to Fallen Avatar on Mythic difficulty that significantly ramp up the coordination required to succeed on this encounter. Phase One, in particular, demands an elegant degree of control while the second phase remains a brutal test of both numbers and execution.


Tainted Matrix

The biggest alteration to the first phase of the fight is the addition of Tainted Matrix Icon Tainted Matrixs. Two Tainted Matrices will spawn as the standard Containment Pylon appears. The Tainted Matrices will channel dark energy in the Fallen Avatar, increasing his rate of Energy generation even further. Unlike the standard Containment Pylon beam, however, using the Maiden of Valor to intercept the Tainted Matrix beams will result in very high raid wide Shadow damage pulsing every 2 seconds. This can be avoided by using players to intercept the Tainted Matrix beams, which will deal light Shadow damage every 1.5 seconds, and apply the Tainted Essence Icon Tainted Essence debuff.


Tainted Essence

Tainted Essence Icon Tainted Essence reduces all healing and shields received by 10% per application. If this debuff reaches 10 stacks, the recipient is instantly killed. The debuff persists for 60 seconds.


Shadowy Blades

Shadowy Blades Icon Shadowy Blades will now spawn at the back of the room, in addition to the set of 3 that targets players from under the boss. These will target different players.


Touch of Sargeras

On Mythic difficulty the Fallen Avatar will always spawn 5 Touch of Sargeras Icon Touch of Sargeras zones.


Rain of the Destroyer

The Fallen Avatar will periodically cast Rain of the Destroyer Icon Rain of the Destroyer, beckoning Felflame Comets from the heavens, which deal heavy Fire damage to anyone caught within 4 yards of their impact. Any comets that are not absorbed upon impact (by a player) will shatter the platform, inflict heavy raid wide Fire damage, and knock players away.



The most important aspect of Phase One is to assign a soaking order for the Tainted Matrix Icon Tainted Matrixs. It is ideal to split your soakers into "left" and "right" groups, with the respective groups immediately moving into position no matter where the Tainted Matrices spawn without the need for additional positioning calls.

A minimum of 5 players will need to be assigned to each Tainted Matrix Icon Tainted Matrix group, however, we recommend each group have around 6-7 players instead. This reduces the healing load on each player as each soaker can take fewer stacks before switching. Mana conservation for the second phase is important, however, and therefore you should adjust the number of soakers for your group as necessary to suit your immediate needs. More soakers means more players with the debuff, which taxes raid healing when other mechanics (such as Rupture Realities Icon Rupture Realities) occur. Fewer soakers, on the other hand, demands more direct healing spam and makes soakers more susceptible to die via other mechanics due to their healing debuff.

Shadowy Blades Icon Shadowy Blades provides a more direct threat in this phase, as they will spawn in both the front and the back of the room. Raid awareness during the blades is paramount as they can easily kill multiple members of your group on Mythic if not avoided. This also increases the amount of Lingering Darkness Icon Lingering Darkness pools present in the arena.

The Maiden of Valor should be dealt with in an identical fashion to lesser difficulties. Touch of Sargeras Icon Touch of Sargeras is also handled in the same way, however, due to the increased number of zones, the entire raid must be vigilant to ensure at least 2-3 players are present for each soak (unless they are being immuned).

Phase Two is very similar to lesser difficulties, however, Rain of the Destroyer Icon Rain of the Destroyer provides an ever-present threat to your platform. All the Felflame Comets will need to be soaked by players to avoid losing precious real estate. There is no reason to let any comets impact, as they deal the same damage (raid wide) if they impact as they do to an individual player that could have soaked them. The knockback from a missed soak will often result in additional soaks being failed, quickly snowballing into a raid wipe.



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