Harjatan Abilities

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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Harjatan encounter in Tomb of Sargeras. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.



Harjatan is a single phase encounter with straightforward but punishing mechanics. He will occasionally bring to bear murloc allies to assist him, which must be properly handled in order to ensure success. Overall, this fight requires good basic coordination and strong numbers from all roles to seal victory for your squad.



Abrasive Armor Icon Abrasive Armor causes attacks made against Harjatan's target to suffer the effects of Jagged Abrasion Icon Jagged Abrasion, which bleeds the target for Physical damage every 2 seconds for 30 seconds. These bleeds can stack and refresh the duration.

Unchecked Rage Icon Unchecked Rage is cast when Harjatan reaches 100 Energy, splitting massive Physical damage between all enemies in a cone in front of Harjatan. Additionally, the current target is hit for heavy Physical damage. If no targets are damaged, Harjatan casts Enraged. Harjatan's Energy bar serves no other purpose than to indicate when Unchecked Rage Icon Unchecked Rage will be cast.

Frigid Blows Icon Frigid Blows causes melee attacks made by Harjatan to deal moderate Frost damage to all nearby enemies. Each melee attack removes a stack of Harjatan's Frigid Blows Icon Frigid Blows and triggers a Drenching Slough Icon Drenching Slough, flying to a random raid member's location and dealing moderate Frost damage to anyone hit. Drenching Slough Icon Drenching Slough also leaves behind a pool of Drenching Waters Icon Drenching Waters, which deals damage to anyone inside of it and stacks Drenched Icon Drenched, which deals Frost damage every 2 seconds and increases Frost damage taken by 5% per stack.

Frosty Discharge Icon Frosty Discharge is cast when all stacks of Frigid Blows Icon Frigid Blows have been removed. This deals moderate raid wide damage and removes all stacks of Drenched Icon Drenched from the raid.

Draw In Icon Draw In causes Harjatan to pull all Drenching Waters Icon Drenching Waters pools to himself, gaining a stack of Frigid Blows Icon Frigid Blows for each pool he absorbs.


Murloc Allies

Commanding Roar Icon Commanding Roar is cast periodically. This summons nearby murloc allies, each possessing unique abilities for the raid to deal with.

Razorjaw Wavemenders cast Watery Splash Icon Watery Splash, inflicting moderate Frost damage and adding a stack of Drenched Icon Drenched to the target. They will also cast Aqueous Burst Icon Aqueous Burst, covering an enemy with freezing water for 6 seconds. When Aqueous Burst Icon Aqueous Burst expires, it explodes for moderate Frost damage and spawns a pool of Drenching Waters Icon Drenching Waters.

Razorjaw Gladiators enchant their weapons with Dripping Blade Icon Dripping Blade, causing their melee attacks to apply Drenched Icon Drenched to their targets. They will periodically fixate on new targets with Driven Assault Icon Driven Assault, also increasing their damage by 50% while decreasing their movement speed by 35%. They will also occasionally cast Splashy Cleave Icon Splashy Cleave, applying Drenched Icon Drenched to all targets in a cone and Frost damage.

Darkscale Taskmasters only appear on Heroic difficulty and above. They will Bring To Task Icon Bring To Task all allies within 10 yards, increasing their damage done by 100%. Nearby murloc allies (and Harjatan) become Focused Icon Focused, increasing Physical damage by 100% and Magical damage by 50%. If the Darkscale Taskmaster moves out of range, his allies are left with Lingering Focus Icon Lingering Focus, causing the damage buff to persist for 10 seconds.



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