Harjatan Mythic Strategy/Tactics

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General Information

On this page, you will find a list of changes between Normal/Heroic modes and Mythic mode, as well as a working strategy to defeat Harjatan in Tomb of Sargeras in Mythic mode.

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Mythic Mode Abilities


Eggs and Tadpoles

There are 4 groups of Incubated Eggs scattered throughout Harjatan's arena, lined against the edges of the room. The Incubated Eggs are always present in the same location every pull. The egg piles remain latent and untargetable until certain timings within the fight, where they will hatch in sets of 2. When the 2 egg piles begin to hatch, they will become targetable, however, they are defended by a Hardened Shell Icon Hardened Shell, reducing damage taken by 99%. This can be removed by ensuring that Harjatan's Unchecked Rage Icon Unchecked Rage cleave also connects with the Incubated Egg pile.

If the Incubated Eggs are not destroyed before they hatch, they will spawn Tadpoles. There are several types of eggs, indicated by colored auras enveloping the egg piles. There are several types of Tadpoles corresponding to the colors of the Incubated Egg piles, each with different abilities:

  • Green eggs will spawn Sickly Tadpoles, which fixate players and slowly chase them. If they reach the player, they will cast Rotten Emission Icon Rotten Emission, damaging the entire raid for heavy Nature damage.
  • Blue eggs will spawn Drippy Tadpoles, who will periodically spawn pools of Drenching Waters Icon Drenching Waters underneath themselves via their Dripping Wet Icon Dripping Wet passive.
  • Red eggs will spawn Colicky Tadpoles, which periodically cast Tantrum, a channeled ability that causes them to leap to random players and deal damage while the channel persists. They also periodically cast Getting Angry Icon Getting Angry, increasing their damage.

When the Tadpoles die, they will permanently increase the damage of Harjatan and any of his allies by 25% if they are within 15 yards. The Tadpoles are immune to all forms of CC barring slows/snares.



The Mythic version of the Harjatan encounter greatly resembles the other difficulties, with the key difference being the addition of the Tadpoles. The Incubated Eggs will always activate in pairs, however, it is only possible to kill one of the egg piles before the hatch cast finishes (due to the infrequency of Unchecked Rage Icon Unchecked Rage). Therefore, the raid will have to choose which of the Incubated Eggs to allow to hatch based on the colors and which Tadpoles they prefer to deal with. Our recommendation for kill priority is:

  1. Blue eggs should always be killed when possible, as additional pools of Drenching Waters Icon Drenching Waters will prolong some of Harjatan's existing abilities (such as Draw In Icon Draw In or Frigid Blows Icon Frigid Blows), making the fight much more grueling.
  2. Red eggs are the second highest priority to be killed, as the Colicky Tadpoles deal moderate raid damage and can be difficult to position away from the boss and adds when they are Tantruming.
  3. Green eggs should be allowed to hatch. The Sickly Tadpoles move slowly and can easily be managed by additional snares and kiting. They also have the lowest health pool of the Tadpoles, and should be easy fodder for multi-dot classes.

When an egg pair begins to hatch, the raid should immediately move towards the egg pile they intend to kill. The tank should position itself on top of the eggs, ensuring that the Unchecked Rage Icon Unchecked Rage will remove the Incubated Eggs' Hardened Shell Icon Hardened Shell. The raid will also have to stand with the tank(s) to ensure they are not killed. All DPS must immediately switch to the Incubated Eggs once Hardened Shell has been stripped away, as they have a reasonably high healthpool. Harjatan should be kept near the egg that the raid killed, ensuring he is as far as possible from the Tadpole(s) that did hatch. It is very important the Tadpoles are not killed within 15 yards of Harjatan or his allies to avoid the damage buff.

Drippy Tadpoles are about equal priority with Harjatan for damage dealers. The taskmaster and murlocs should always be dealt with first. Multi-dot classes excel at keeping constant pressure on them and the Tadpoles should be kept slowed whenever possible. Melee should not worry about switching to the Drippy Tadpoles and they can be dealt with at the raid's leisure once the murlocs have been destroyed.



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