Maiden of Vigilance Strategy/Tactics for Normal/Heroic

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General Information

On this page, you will find a working strategy to defeat Maiden of Vigilance in Tomb of Sargeras for both Normal and Heroic modes, which usually only differ by the tuning of the boss.

Here, we assume that you have read our descriptions of the abilities for this encounter.

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Phase One

Immaculate positioning and spatial awareness is required to triumph over the Maiden of Vigilance, as any interaction with a player or mechanic of the opposing element will trigger Unstable Soul Icon Unstable Soul detonations. This will cost the raid precious damage and healing resources and can very easily spiral into a full raid wipe.

Before commencing the encounter, raid markers should be placed (recommended to use the Triangle and Star raid markers) on either side of where the boss is to be tanked. These markers designate the stack point for Hammer of Creation Icon Hammer of Creation and Hammer of Obliteration Icon Hammer of Obliteration in order for their damage to be correctly split and avoid killing the tanks.

Maiden of Virtue Positioning P1

Once the Maiden is engaged, the raid should stand ready to move in anticipation of Infusion Icon Infusion being cast. Once debuffs have been assigned, the group should quickly but carefully fan out into their positions for hammers. Ideally, classes with very high mobility and "blink" style abilities should occupy the area furthest from the pit, allowing the melee and less mobile ranged and healers to maneuver. Additionally, this grants them secure access to the pit, which reduces the risk of an Unstable Soul Icon Unstable Soul going off without the protection of Aegwynn's Ward Icon Aegwynn's Ward.

Tanks will perform taunt swaps periodically, ensuring that the Maiden's current hammer matches their debuff. For example, when Hammer of Obliteration Icon Hammer of Obliteration is active, the tank with Fel Infusion Icon Fel Infusion will taunt the boss. If the tank with Light Infusion Icon Light Infusion was the previous target, this taunt swap should cause the Maiden to pivot 180 degrees, facing the opposite direction. All fel infused players should already be in position, fanned out behind the tank to split the damage from Hammer of Obliteration Icon Hammer of Obliteration.

Be sure to immediately step out of Fel Remanence Icon Fel Remanence/Light Remanence Icon Light Remanence if you are caught in it. These zones will decay slowly over time, but as they decay they emit Fel Echoes Icon Fel Echoes and Light Echoes Icon Light Echoes respectively. The range on this damage is limited (4 yards), so evasion is not difficult, but getting hit will cause severe magic damage and can trigger Unstable Soul Icon Unstable Soul.

Anyone afflicted with Unstable Soul Icon Unstable Soul has 8 seconds to jump into the pit in the center of the room. The affected players should stand near the edge of the pit until ~2 seconds are left on the Unstable Soul Icon Unstable Soul debuff, then jump into the pit. This will negate the raid damage due to Aegwynn's Ward Icon Aegwynn's Ward, and the players will be transported back into the fight after a few seconds. Mass Instability Icon Mass Instability will occur periodically, and therefore it is important to be ready with movement abilities and a path to the room's center planned in advance, as collision with a player of the opposing Infusion Icon Infusion could trigger a chain reaction.


Phase Two

Phase Two will commence with the Maiden incapacitating the raid for several seconds with Blowback Icon Blowback. The Maiden leaps away from the group and cloaks herself in a Titanic Bulwark Icon Titanic Bulwark, beginning her channel of Wrath of the Creators Icon Wrath of the Creators.

The group should re-engage Maiden immediately following the expiry of the Blowback Icon Blowback debuff. Raid wide movement speed cooldowns can be a great asset, such as Wind Rush Totem Icon Wind Rush Totem or Demonic Gateway Icon Demonic Gateway.

Essence Fragments Icon Essence Fragments will begin to circle the room (henceforth referred to as "orbs") as the channel for Wrath of the Creators Icon Wrath of the Creators commences. Collecting orbs matching your current Infusion Icon Infusion is essential to success. The orbs:

  • spawn underneath the Maiden of Vigilance and travel outwards in both directions;
  • grant stacking damage and healing for each orb collected, lasting 20s and refreshed by each new stack;
  • do not travel indefinitely, rather, they despawn after traveling approximately two fifths of the platform's circuit;
  • spawn in sets of 6 (3 traveling in each direction) and are finite in number. The Maiden starts with 14 Essence Fragments Icon Essence Fragments stacks at the beginning of the phase and each set of orbs removes a stack. Usually, the orbs are completely gone by the time Wrath of the Creators Icon Wrath of the Creators hits ~10 stacks.

DPS cooldowns should be prepared for Phase Two. It is prudent to hold any cooldowns lasting 20s or less until after the orbs have finished spawning, thereby maximizing their potency.

Once the Titanic Bulwark Icon Titanic Bulwark is broken, the Wrath of the Creators Icon Wrath of the Creators channel can be interrupted. Optionally, more organized and advanced groups may choose to prolong Phase Two as long as sustainable. There are no mechanics or movement to worry about in this phase after the Essence Fragments Icon Essence Fragments have finished, allowing the group to pump out as much free DPS as they can. Wrath of the Creators Icon Wrath of the Creators must be interrupted before reaching 30 stacks, however, or the Maiden will cast Extinguish Life Icon Extinguish Life and wipe the raid.

Healing cooldowns should be organized to match Wrath of the Creators Icon Wrath of the Creators when it reaches higher stacks. The reference point for this is obviously contigent on the gear and experience level of your group, but a good number to start overlapping cooldowns is around 14-15 stacks of Wrath. Throughput cooldowns are highly effective as they benefit from the Demon's Vigor Icon Demon's Vigor and Creator's Grace Icon Creator's Grace.

Once Wrath of the Creators Icon Wrath of the Creators has been interrupted, the Maiden will instantly resume Phase One, beginning with an Infusion Icon Infusion cast. The group should be pre-spread and ready to re-lay new raid markers as the Maiden will likely be on the opposite side of the room.