Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Dungeon Guide: Location, Boss Strategies, Trash, and Loot

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Welcome to our guide to the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds dungeon in Season 1 of the Dragonflight World of Warcraft expansion. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the dungeon, including how to get to it, its layout, the trash and boss mechanics within, and its loot.


Getting into Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds is a level 70 dungeon located on the west coast of - Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor. The nearest flight point for Alliance and Horde players is Akeeta's Hovel, Shadowmoon Valley. Upon landing, head further to the east until you uncover the dungeon's entrance.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Entrance

This guide will focus on an extensive overview of the dungeon, providing vital information to complete it on MythicMythic and Mythic Keystone difficulty. We will cover all 4 boss fights supported by the most notable trash enemies in the dungeon and their important abilities. If you would like to learn about the other Dragonflight Dungeons or the Mythic+ season instead; please see our overviews linked below. Otherwise, without further ado, let us begin!


Crypt of the Ancients and Sadana Bloodfury


Notable Trash Before Sadana Bloodfury

Luckily for you, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds is one of the most straightforward dungeons in this season. There are no dungeon buffs and no special events you must complete to time this key. Once you exit from the first room of The Crypt of the Ancients (upon defeating the first 3 mobs), you can choose to go either left or right; both ways share the same difficulty. Here is what you should know about the trash mobs in this area:

  • Shadowmoon Bone-Mender is going to be the most dangerous caster in the first area of the dungeon. Interrupts its heal effect - Shadow Mend Icon Shadow Mend at all costs while doing your best to stop as many incoming Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolts as possible.
  • Reanimated Ritual Bones will do mostly tank damage with his auto-attacks and Void Slash Icon Void Slash.
  • Beware of Void Spawn and its Void Pulse Icon Void Pulse cast, you cannot out-range the AoE damage, but you can line of sight it. In addition, do your best to sidestep any Void Eruptions Icon Void Eruptions on the ground projectiles.
  • When Defiled Spirit teleports behind you, sidestep its Cry of Anguish Icon Cry of Anguish cast.
  • Shadowmoon Loyalist does not do anything besides auto-attacks. They will occasionally cast Sinister Focus Icon Sinister Focus buff; use your Purge effects to remove it.

Sadana Bloodfury Boss Guide

Sadana Bloodfury

All Roles

  • Avoid the Daggerfall Icon Daggerfall cast at all costs.
  • Use defensive when appropriate during Whispers of the Dark Star Icon Whispers of the Dark Star channel cast, it will do AoE damage to everyone!
  • When Sadana Bloodfury spawns a spirit through Dark Communion Icon Dark Communion, focus it immediately. Stun, slow, immobilize and knockback effects also work on the mob. If the boss devours the spirit, it will heal her for 10% of her health and give her 20% extra damage for 20 sec.
  • When Sadana Bloodfury casts Dark Eclipse Icon Dark Eclipse, enter in one of the Lunar Purity Icon Lunar Purity runes on the ground (there are a bunch of them in the inner circle of the boss) to reduce the damage from it by 80%. Failing to do so might be lethal, depending on the key level.


  • Beware of Deathspike Icon Deathspike from the boss, be ready to use active mitigation if your health drops low.
  • Make sure there is a good distance between you and the spirit spawning from Dark Communion Icon Dark Communion.


  • Use healing cooldowns when Whispers of the Dark Star Icon Whispers of the Dark Star channel is happening.
  • Top up your party members after the Dark Eclipse Icon Dark Eclipse cast.

Whispering Hollows and Nhallish


Notable Trash Before Nhallish

Upon defeating Sadana Bloodfury, continue straight into the Whispering Hollows zone, where you will find the second boss of the dungeon Nhallish. You will find one of the most challenging trash mobs throughout this area. Here is what you should know about them:

  • Shadowmoon Dominator is going to be one of the caster mobs that you must pay attention to simply because of their Domination Icon Domination ability. Since it is considered a charm effect, you can stop it with any cast or use a utility like Shaman's Tremor Totem Icon Tremor Totem to completely negate the effect. In addition, interrupt Rending Voidlash Icon Rending Voidlash channel cast as soon as you see it.
  • Subjugated Soul is a harmless mob that only does auto-attacks to your tank.
  • Once you engage Shadowmoon Exhumer, he will spawn 2 Exhumed Spirits. First, it is crucial to interrupt Shadowmoon Exhumer's Void Bolt Icon Void Bolt as it does high single-target damage. And second, use Purge/Dispel effects to remove the shield of the Exhumed Spirits, followed by stopping their Death Blast Icon Death Blast cast.

Nhallish Boss Guide


Before you engage Nhallish, be aware that there are shadowy tombs on the ground that, upon stepping on them, you will spawn Exhumed Spirits. Avoid them at all costs, especially during the boss fight.


All Roles

  • When the boss is casting Planar Shift Icon Planar Shift, use any movement speed abilities to get away from the Void Vortex Icon Void Vortex as quickly as you can.
  • During the Soul Steal Icon Soul Steal phase of Nhallish, quickly defeat your soul to get Returned Soul Icon Returned Soul buff for 20 sec. Remember, the longer it takes to kill your soul, the more damage you will take from Soul Shred Icon Soul Shred.
  • Avoid the shadow ground projectiles coming from Void Devastation Icon Void Devastation.


  • Aim the Void Blast Icon Void Blast frontal away from your team.


  • Top up your party when the Soul Steal Icon Soul Steal phase is over.

Pools of Reflection and Bonemaw


Notable Trash Before Bonemaw

There are not many new trash mobs in this area outside of the already familiar Shadowmooni Dominator and Shadowmoon Exhumer, you are going to face Monstrous Corpse Spider, Plagued Bat and Carrion Worm. Here is what you should know about them:

  • Interrupt the Necrotic Burst Icon Necrotic Burst ability from Monstrous Corpse Spider, the damage-over-time Disease effect will go on everyone from your party if it is not stopped!
  • Beware of Plagued Bat and its Plague Spit Icon Plague Spit, use your interrupts to stop it.
  • Once you get closer to the bridge that leads to Bonemaw, there will be 2 Carrion Worms waiting for you, one located at the beginning and on at the end of the bridge. Both of them will disappear once they reach 20% health, they will cast their uninterruptible spell Fetid Spit Icon Fetid Spit on random targets and have a frontal for you to avoid — Body Slam Icon Body Slam.

Bonemaw Boss Guide


Throughout the fight, the 2 Carrion Worms that you fought previously on the bridge will spawn. You can either ignore them and finish the boss fight or switch to them; remember that they will be spread around the platform where the boss is. More information about the fight is down below:


All Roles

  • Avoid the Bonemaw's Body Slam Icon Body Slam when you see it.
  • When the boss is casting Inhale Icon Inhale, stay under the Corpse Breath Icon Corpse Breath ground puddles, they will prevent you from being pulled towards Bonemaw. You will take initial damage and spit off the platform if you get caught in his Inhale cast.
  • If possible, cleave all Bonemaw and Carrion Worms when they spawn. This is mostly available to ranged damage dealers; if you are a melee, focus on one of them.


  • Make sure you are in a healthy state when the boss is casting Fetid Spit Icon Fetid Spit on you.


  • Top up your party once they stay in the Corpse Breath Icon Corpse Breath when Inhale Icon Inhale is happening. If anyone is accidentally caught in the cast, spot heal them to prevent them from sure death.

Altar of Shadow and Ner'zhul


Ner'zhul Boss Guide


Since there are not any new mobs leading toward the final boss of the dungeon Ner'zhul, we are just going to mention that there is 2 pack of mobs before the boss. The first being a combination of Plagued Bat and Monstrous Corpse Spider and second one 2 Void Spawns.


All Roles

  • Run away from the Omen of Death Icon Omen of Death spawn. The damage varies depending on the proximity of your position. In addition, it will always go on the furthest target (or mostly on ranged players), so you can deliberately "bait" it near the edge of the area.
  • Dodge the Malevolence Icon Malevolence frontal cast.
  • Pre-assigned one of the skeletons before the Ritual of Bones Icon Ritual of Bones cast, this way, you will save time and avoid confusion.


  • Move Ner'zhul away from the Omen of Death Icon Omen of Death ground eruption.
  • Once the boss casts Ritual of Bones Icon Ritual of Bones, move Ner'zhul to the pre-assigned skeletons. This way, you will enable your DPS players to cleave both targets and speed up the fight.


  • During the Omen of Death Icon Omen of Death area effect, top up the health of your party members.
  • If any of the players cross the threshold of the marching skeletons during the Ritual of Bones Icon Ritual of Bones cast, they will take a heavy ticking damage-over-time effect, which you must heal to prevent them from dying.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Loot Table


Sadana Bloodfury

Type Item Stats
Off-Hand Sadana's Grisly Visage Icon Sadana's Grisly Visage Crit/Haste


Type Item Stats
Polearm Nhallish's Bloody Polearm Icon Nhallish's Bloody Polearm Str, Crit/Mastery
Cloth Chest Robes of Arcane Mystery Icon Robes of Arcane Mystery Crit/Haste
Mail Chest Sharpeye Chestguard Icon Sharpeye Chestguard Crit/Haste
Cloth Wrist Bracers of Arcane Mystery Icon Bracers of Arcane Mystery Crit/Haste
Plate Wrist Goldsteel Bindings Icon Goldsteel Bindings Haste/Vers
Mail Wrist Sharpeye Bracers Icon Sharpeye Bracers Crit/Haste
Trinket Voidmender's Shadowgem Icon Voidmender's Shadowgem Int


Type Item Stats
Bow Bonetooth Longbow Icon Bonetooth Longbow Crit/Vers
Plate Hands Goldsteel Gloves Icon Goldsteel Gloves Haste/Crit
Leather Waist Belt of Burning Focus Icon Belt of Burning Focus Haste/Crit
Trinket Bonemaw's Big Toe Icon Bonemaw's Big Toe Str


Type Item Stats
Staff Portal-Ripper's Staff Icon Portal-Ripper's Staff Int, Haste/Crit
Dagger Ner'zhul's Ritual Blade Icon Ner'zhul's Ritual Blade Haste/Mastery
Plate Head Goldsteel Greathelm Icon Goldsteel Greathelm Crit/Vers
Cloth Head Hood of Arcane Mystery Icon Hood of Arcane Mystery Crit/Mastery
Leather Feet Boots of Burning Focus Icon Boots of Burning Focus Crit/Mastery
Cloth Feet Sandals of Arcane Mystery Icon Sandals of Arcane Mystery Crit/Mastery
Mail Feet Sharpeye Greaves Icon Sharpeye Greaves Crit/Haste

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Achievements

There are 8 total achievements to obtain in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds:

Achievement Criteria
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Icon Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Defeat Ner'zhul in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds.
Heroic: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Icon Heroic: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Defeat Ner'zhul in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds on HeroicHeroic difficulty.
Mythic: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Icon Mythic: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Defeat Ner'zhul in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds on MythicMythic difficulty.
Heroic: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Guild Run Icon Heroic: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Guild Run Defeat Ner'zhul in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds on HeroicHeroic difficulty while in a guild group.
Keystone Hero: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Icon Keystone Hero: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Complete Shadowmoon Burial Grounds at MythicMythic Level 20 or higher, within the time limit.
Icky Ichors Icon Icky Ichors Defeat Bonemaw after having fed him 25 Corpse Skitterlings in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds on HeroicHeroic difficulty.
Souls of the Lost Icon Souls of the Lost Defeat Ner'zhul after slaying 2 Ritual of Bones skeletons within 5 seconds of each other in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds on HeroicHeroic difficulty.
Whats Your Sign? Icon Whats Your Sign? Defeat Sadana Bloodfury while only having the runes that correspond to her active lunar cycle lit in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds on HeroicHeroic difficulty.


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