Star Augur Etraeus Mythic Strategy/Tactics

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General Information

On this page, you will find a list of changes between Normal/Heroic modes and Mythic mode, as well as a working strategy to defeat Star Augur Etraeus in The Nighthold in Mythic mode.

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Mythic Mode Abilities

Star Augur Etraeus will perform all the same abilities in the Mythic version of the encounter, with a few notable augmentations to existing abilities and some unique new additions.


All Phases: Grand Conjunction

The major addition to Mythic difficulty is the introduction of the Grand Conjunction Icon Grand Conjunction mechanic. Etraeus will periodically brand several players with 1 of 4 star signs. The marked players will have 10 seconds to match up with a partner with a matching star sign. Failure to match up with a partner within the time limit, or making contact with a player who's star sign that does not match will trigger a Grand Trine Icon Grand Trine. This deals moderate raid wide Arcane damage and applies a debuff to the raid that increases damage taken by 200%. A Grand Trine Icon Grand Trine will always result in a raid wipe.

The star signs project a small circle at your feet and place a matching marker over the player's head. The signs and their colors are as follows:

  • Star Sign: Wolf Icon Star Sign: Wolf is red.
  • Star Sign: Hunter Icon Star Sign: Hunter is green.
  • Star Sign: Dragon Icon Star Sign: Dragon is white.
  • Star Sign: Crab Icon Star Sign: Crab is orange.

The timing of Grand Conjunction Icon Grand Conjunction varies from phase to phase. Each successive cast of Grand Conjunction Icon Grand Conjunction affects progressively more players (8->12->16), with the maximum number of affected players being 16. This resets in each new phase. There will always be 4 of each star sign when applied (e.g. when there is 8 players affected, there could be 4 Star Sign: Crab Icon Star Sign: Crabs and 4 Star Sign: Dragon Icon Star Sign: Dragons). This means the earlier casts of Grand Conjunction Icon Grand Conjunction in each phase will be much easier to coordinate.


Phase Two: Absolute Zero

The Shatter Icon Shatter from Icy Ejection Icon Icy Ejection will now leave behind an ice crystal that emits a Frigid Pulse Icon Frigid Pulse. The pulse deals heavy Frost damage to anyone with 5 yards and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.


Phase Three: A Shattered World

Fel Ember Icon Fel Ember is the only mechanic unique to Mythic in this difficulty. A meteor will slowly fall from the sky, dealing heavy Fire damage and creating several patches of Felflame Icon Felflame upon impact.


Phase Four: Inevitable Fate

World-Devouring Force Icon World-Devouring Force occurs about once a minute. A massive eye of the void manifests on a random side of the platform. After 5 seconds, it blasts a beam through the center of the platform that deals fatal damage to anyone hit. This mechanic is relatively simple to deal with but will result in instant death if anyone is caught. The beam will also leave behind an untargetable Remnant of the Void. The remnant will periodically cast Devouring Remnant Icon Devouring Remnant, which deals moderate Shadow damage in a line, split between everyone hit.




Phase One: The Dome of Observation

The melee and tanks should begin the fight in their predetermined positions for dealing with Gravitational Pull Icon Gravitational Pull and Absolute Zero Icon Absolute Zero. The melee should form a loose spread and retain these positions between each attempt, as this will help reduce the risk of causing a Grand Trine Icon Grand Trine immediately when Grand Conjunction Icon Grand Conjunction is cast. Consistency of positioning is very important for all players on Mythic. The ranged and healers should form an even spread around the room.

When Grand Conjunction Icon Grand Conjunction occurs, the marked raiders should quickly pair off with matching star signs while avoiding players who's signs do not match. The raid should move quickly but carefully; precision is key to success. The Grand Conjunction Icon Grand Conjunction only lasts 10 seconds, but overly hasty movement will result in Grand Trine Icon Grand Trines and raid wipes. It is best to avoid using abilities such as Fel Rush Icon Fel Rush while other star signs are active, as this is unpredictable and can often result in collision with other star signs. Conjunctions occur in rapid succession in the first phase.


Phase Two: Absolute Zero

Players with Icy Ejection Icon Icy Ejection should ensure that they get right to the edge of the arena when it expires, due to the ice crystals spawned on Mythic difficulty. Ranged should be wary of the Frigid Pulse Icon Frigid Pulses behind them as getting hit can easily result in a quick death due to the damage and stun. Immunities, such as Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows, will immediately remove the Icy Ejection Icon Icy Ejection but still drop a frozen crystal, so be wary of how they are used.

When Etraeus begins his cast of Frigid Nova Icon Frigid Nova, the raid should collapse onto the melee stacks to avoid taking fatal damage.


Stage Three: A Shattered World

Dealing with Fel Ejection Icon Fel Ejection properly is very important on Mythic, as space will be much more limited due to the presence of Fel Ember Icon Fel Ember. Clearing with Gravitational Pull Icon Gravitational Pull is key, especially due to Grand Conjunction Icon Grand Conjunction. The number of marked players will increase as the phase progresses, but conversely, the amount of available space will decrease. This makes the later Grand Conjunction Icon Grand Conjunctions very dangerous, especially as the third one will occur just before Fel Nova Icon Fel Nova. For this reason, the tanks should focus on clearing one side of the room in particular. This will make dealing with the Grand Conjunction Icon Grand Conjunction much easier while running out for Fel Nova Icon Fel Nova.

Felflame Icon Felflame deals very heavy damage on Mythic, even at one stack, which makes clearing even more important, as running through a patch to escape Fel Nova Icon Fel Nova can easily result in deaths.


Stage Four: Inevitable Fate

Continue to deal with Grand Conjunction Icon Grand Conjunction with care in this phase. Be very careful of World-Devouring Force Icon World-Devouring Force, as getting clipped will result in instant death. The remnants left behind will deal Shadow damage to players occasionally, though this acts as more of a soft enrage and healing check rather than an active mechanic.

When the Thing That Should Not Be spawns, all players should immediately switch to ensure it dies as fast as possible. Ensure to face away during the Witness the Void Icon Witness the Void casts, or be feared for 8 seconds. These casts also deal moderate raid damage, and healing cooldowns may be necessary later in the phase.

The raid needs to be very careful when Grand Conjunction Icon Grand Conjunction occurs while the Thing That Should Not Be is active, as many of the melee will be clumped in one spot. It may be easier for the melee to disengage momentarily and spread out to avoid a Grand Trine Icon Grand Trine.

This phase is a tough healing check, as the damage begins to pile up very heavily as the phase progresses. Classes with strong execute or single target damage are very potent here. Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust should be used in this phase.



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