Guide to Leveling Tailoring and Making Gold in Shadowlands

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This page covers everything you need to know about leveling Tailoring in the Shadowlands expansion from 1-100, as well as how to make gold with the profession.


Tailoring in Shadowlands

One of the core new systems being introduced in Shadowlands is the Legendary Crafting system. Similar to the Legion Legendary system, everyone will eventually be able to craft and equip a legendary item on your character once you have the required components. There are several components required to craft a legendary item, one of which is a piece of armor or jewelry created through a crafting profession. Tailoring is used to craft all of the cloth armor pieces.

It is important to note — while these crafted armor pieces are required to create a legendary item, they are not soul-bound. This means that you can buy them on the auction house or get someone else to craft them for you. However, they require lots of materials to make and may be extremely expensive in the first few weeks of Shadowlands. This also means that if you are a Tailor, Shadowlands launch could be an opportunity to make lots of Gold if you focus on crafting the right legendary pieces early.

Additionally, tailoring offers an excellent set of starter gear, better than the equivalent that you could make in BfA or Legion. As a Tailor, you can create a full set of 151 item level gear, which is good enough to do heroic dungeons with. This is the easiest and best option for gearing your character immediately upon reaching level 60 since you will instantly be dungeon ready.


Leveling Tailoring from 1-100 in Shadowlands

Leveling from 1-100 in Shadowlands Tailoring is extremely easy and quite cheap. Everyone will get lots of cloth just from questing and killing enemies while leveling from 50-60, so you should have ample cloth to buy on the auction house even in the first few days of the expansion. Below is the easiest way to go about leveling from 1-100.


1-100 Crafting List

  1. 1-15: ~17x Shrouded Cloth Bandage Icon Shrouded Cloth Bandage — 17x Shrouded Cloth Icon Shrouded Cloth
  2. 15-31: 8x Shrouded Cloth Cape Icon Shrouded Cloth Cape — 32x Shrouded Cloth Icon Shrouded Cloth, 8x Penumbra Thread Icon Penumbra Thread
  3. 31-37: 2x Shrouded Cloth Hood Icon Shrouded Cloth Hood — 12x Shrouded Cloth Icon Shrouded Cloth, 2x Penumbra Thread Icon Penumbra Thread
  4. 37-40: 1x Shrouded Cloth Spaulders Icon Shrouded Cloth Spaulders — 6x Shrouded Cloth Icon Shrouded Cloth, 2x Penumbra Thread Icon Penumbra Thread
  5. 40-65: ~30x Heavy Shrouded Cloth Bandage Icon Heavy Shrouded Cloth Bandage — 60x Shrouded Cloth Icon Shrouded Cloth
  6. 65-71: 3x Shadowlace Cord Icon Shadowlace Cord — 60x Shrouded Cloth Icon Shrouded Cloth, 12x Lightless Silk Icon Lightless Silk, 9x Penumbra Thread Icon Penumbra Thread
  7. 71-75: 4x Shadowlace Handwraps Icon Shadowlace Handwraps — 80x Shrouded Cloth Icon Shrouded Cloth, 16x Lightless Silk Icon Lightless Silk, 24x Penumbra Thread Icon Penumbra Thread
  8. 75-87: 4x Shadowlace Cowl Icon Shadowlace Cowl— 100x Shrouded Cloth Icon Shrouded Cloth, 20x Lightless Silk Icon Lightless Silk, 24x Penumbra Thread Icon Penumbra Thread
  9. 87-90: 1x Shadowlace Tunic Icon Shadowlace Tunic — 30x Shrouded Cloth Icon Shrouded Cloth, 6x Lightless Silk Icon Lightless Silk, 10x Penumbra Thread Icon Penumbra Thread
  10. 90-96: 2x Shadowlace Trousers Icon Shadowlace Trousers — 60x Shrouded Cloth Icon Shrouded Cloth, 12x Lightless Silk Icon Lightless Silk, 20x Penumbra Thread Icon Penumbra Thread
  11. 96-100: 2x Shadowlace Mantle Icon Shadowlace Mantle — 50x Shrouded Cloth Icon Shrouded Cloth, 10x Lightless Silk Icon Lightless Silk, 20x Penumbra Thread Icon Penumbra Thread

In total for 1-100, this comes out to 507x Shrouded Cloth Icon Shrouded Cloth, 76x Lightless Silk Icon Lightless Silk, and 119x Penumbra Thread Icon Penumbra Thread. If you level from 50-60 by questing first, you can probably expect to get at least half of this yourself during that time.


Making Gold with Tailoring in Shadowlands

Tailoring offers some excellent ways of making Gold, particularly in the beginning of the expansion. The best ways are outlined below.


Legendary Crafting

This is by far the biggest benefit to having Tailoring in Shadowlands. As I mentioned above, in Shadowlands you can craft legendary items. For more information on how to craft these items, check out the guide linked below.

One of the required components for forging a legendary is that you need a crafted piece of gear of the appropriate rank as a template of sorts to craft your legendary item with. These are specific items, and for Tailoring these are the "Grim-Veiled armor pieces". Players will want specific armor pieces because legendary power can only be utilized in specific gear slots depending on the legendary, meaning not everyone will want the same pieces.

The best pieces to craft early are going to be the Helm and the Chest, so Grim-Veiled Hood Icon Grim-Veiled Hood and Grim-Veiled Robe Icon Grim-Veiled Robe. These should be the most desired pieces initially since Mages, Warlocks, and healing Priests can all use one these slots for their BiS legendary powers. In general more people will want the pieces that offer the most stats, meaning Helms, Chests, Pants, and Shoulders. If you can craft these early on to put on the auction house, you should be able to charge a decent amount of gold for eager players looking to quickly get a legendary item.


Legendary Item Ranks

Legendary items can be crafted in ranks. Higher ranks of legendary items require more materials to craft, but will be higher item level and thus will give more stats. You will learn the rank 1 patterns from the Tailoring trainer, and from there you can earn higher ranks of specific armor pieces by crafting multiple copies of the previous rank until you have enough "experience" that you will automatically be given the next rank. Overall, you need to earn 225 total "experience" in a specific slot to learn how to craft the rank 4 version of that piece of gear, which is the highest rank in the first tier of Shadowlands. Each new rank requires 75 experience in the previous rank, which equates to 15 crafts per rank.

  1. You start with Rank 1 of a recipe from your Trainer.
  2. To learn Rank 2, you must craft 15x of the Rank 1 pattern.
  3. To learn Rank 3, you must craft 15x of the Rank 2 pattern.
  4. To learn Rank 4, you must craft 15x of the Rank 3 pattern.

This rank up process has to be done for every piece of gear that you want to craft higher ranks for. As you can see, this requires lots of materials, and if you wanted to learn the rank 4 pattern for every single slot you are talking about thousands of materials, which will take significant time and gold.


Rank 5 and 6 Legendaries

New in Patch 9.1, legendaries can now be upgraded all the way to Rank 6. To craft a new Rank 5 or 6 base, you need the new craftable item Vestige of Origins Icon Vestige of Origins. When you craft a base legendary piece, adding a Vestige to it as an optional reagent will upgrade the rank by an additional 2 ranks, up to Rank 6. So, using this on a Rank 3 or 4 base when you craft one will give you a Rank 5 or 6 base instead. These will be in extremely high demand early on in the patch.

You will learn how to craft Vestige of Origins Icon Vestige of Origins once you buy the pattern from the new Death's Advance reputation at Honored, by buying the Tome of Origins Icon Tome of Origins for 2000 Stygia. The Vestiges are quite expensive to make however, as they require 40 of a new legendary crafting mat only found in Korthia or purchased with Stygia from the reputation vendor.


Starter Gear

Tailors can also craft excellent starter gear for fresh level 50 and 60 characters. The level 50 gear is the "Shrouded Cloth" set of gear that ranges from item level 99 to 129, such as the Shrouded Cloth Robe Icon Shrouded Cloth Robe. The level 60 gear is the "Shadowlace" set of item level 151 gear, such as the Shadowlace Tunic Icon Shadowlace Tunic. The Shadowlace gear specifically will be quite popular at the start of Shadowlands since it is the best way for fresh characters to become geared enough for heroic dungeons. For making gold, you could sell full sets of the item level 151 Shadowlace gear early on to newly leveled characters, which would be in high demand.

Additionally, you can learn how to make Crafter's Mark I Icon Crafter's Mark I. Crafter's Marks are optional reagents for when you craft armor than can upgrade the armor depend on the rank of the mark and the item level of the crafted item. In Patch 9.1, there will now by an additional 2 ranks of crafter's marks bringing the total up to 4 ranks.



There are two new bags craftable with Shadowlands Tailoring, the Shrouded Cloth Bag Icon Shrouded Cloth Bag and the Lightless Silk Pouch Icon Lightless Silk Pouch. These are 30 slot and 32 slot bags respectively, which makes them on par with the best bags you could make with BfA Tailoring, so they are not super exciting. Chances are they will not sell for much early on, since the materials will be more valuable than the actual bags themselves. However, later on when the cloth is much cheaper, these might be more reasonable to craft.



There are probably more unique items that have not been uncovered or farmed yet, but currently we do know of one. The Pattern: Pink Party Hat Icon Pattern: Pink Party Hat is a zone drop in Maldraxxus, which for just 6x Shrouded Cloth Icon Shrouded Cloth, 2x Penumbra Thread Icon Penumbra Thread, and 1x Pink Dye Icon Pink Dye, lets you create a Pink Party Hat Icon Pink Party Hat. These hats are BoE and could be potentially valuable early for anyone after the look.



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