Horrific Visions Potions Guide (BfA 8.3)

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Horrific Visions contain potions that players can consume for a variety of effects, but there is always 1 bad potion in the batch. Here, you can see exactly how to find the bad potion, as well as the potential combinations of potions.


Potion Effects

Both of the Horrific Visions (Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar and Horrific Vision of Stormwind) contain a number of potions that players can consume for a variety of effects. The available effects are as follows:

Each of these effects will be assigned to a colour of potion for that run and it can change every time you enter one.


The Bad Potion

In every run of a Horrific Vision, there will be a potion that is the "bad" potion, decreasing your current Sanity by 60 when used.

In both the Horrific Vision of Orgrimmar and Horrific Vision of Stormwind, there is a method to distinguishing which colour is the bad colour for that run.


Finding the Bad Potion in Stormwind

As soon as you zone into the Horrific Vision, you will be faced with the first set of trash in Cathedral Square. At the back of the current street, there is a pack of 2 mobs, a Fallen Voidspeaker and a Fallen Heartpiercer.

Potion Location in Stormwind

Just behind them, there is the corpse of Morgan Pestle that will always have one of the potions next to it. Whichever colour is there will be your bad potion for that run.


Finding the Bad Potion in Orgrimmar

Just as in Stormwind, there is a corpse in Orgrimmar that shows which potion is the bad one for that run.

On the left side of Thrall's building, head into the hut located just before the Blacksmith's building. There, you will find a corpse of a Voidbound Ravager next to a potion. This is the colour of potion that is bad for your current run.


Potion Combo List

Once you have found the bad potion for your run, you can compare that to the lists below and see exactly which potions will have which effects.

Bad Potion +100 Sanity Sickening Potion Icon Sickening Potion Sluggish Potion Icon Sluggish Potion Spicy Potion Icon Spicy Potion
Black Green Red Blue Purple
Blue Purple Green Red Black
Green Red Purple Black Blue
Purple Black Green Red Blue
Red Blue Purple Black Green


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