The Necrotic Wake Quick Dungeon Guide: Video, Boss Strategies, and Trash

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Welcome to our quick guide to the Necrotic Wake dungeon in the Shadowlands World of Warcraft expansion. This guide aims at giving you proper direction to complete the dungeon (boss strategies and trash mobs) without being unnecessarily long. We also have encounter journal pages, for those who want a complete breakdown of the abilities.


Ready Check Pull Video


Mythic+ Difficulty

To see how difficult The Necrotic Wake is to complete on Mythic+ this week, we recommend checking out our Mythic+ dungeon difficulty rankings, linked below.



Please consult our The Necrotic Wake encounter journal pages for more information regarding what the bosses do exactly in each difficulty.



  • Pull him when you have plenty of room to fight him without running into other trash.
  • Dodge the frontal cone if not targeted by it (Heaving Retch Icon Heaving Retch).
  • Focus kill and CC the worms spawned by the frontal, and run away from them if you are fixated.
  • Stay out of the big green pool the boss spawns under himself (Fetid Gas Icon Fetid Gas).
  • On Mythic, the worms also leave big green pools on the ground when they die.

Amarth, The Harvester

  • All the trash in his area dies instantly when you enter the area, and then the boss spawns.
  • Interrupt Necrotic Bolt Icon Necrotic Bolt from the boss when possible.
  • Dodge the randomly facing frontal breath (Necrotic Breath Icon Necrotic Breath).
  • Remove the enrage from the boss if possible (Unholy Frenzy Icon Unholy Frenzy).
  • Focus kill the adds that are occasionally summoned (Land of the Dead Icon Land of the Dead).
  • The boss will detonate all of the adds after a few seconds. This does damage to everyone for each add that is alive, but only does avoidable AoE damage for each add that is dead (Final Harvest Icon Final Harvest).
  • On Mythic, more adds spawn and the Reanimated Mages cast Frostbolt Volley Icon Frostbolt Volley, which needs to be interrupted.

Surgeon Stitchflesh

  • Start by attacking the add, "Stitchflesh's Creation". The boss is immune up on his platform (Noxious Fog Icon Noxious Fog).
  • Pull the add about 20 yards away from the platform, and everyone stack near the add.
  • Dodge the green swirls that spawn regularly (Embalming Ichor Icon Embalming Ichor), and move the add in an arc around the platform when needed.
  • If targeted by Meat Hook Icon Meat Hook, aim it at the boss on his platform, and then dodge the hook at the end of the cast. If done correctly, it will pull the boss off of his platform and make him attackable.
  • Focus kill the boss until he jumps back to his platform after 30 seconds.
  • A new add will spawn after the boss jumps away. Repeat until the boss dies.
  • On Mythic, the boss casts Morbid Fixation Icon Morbid Fixation when he is active. The targeted player needs to run away from the boss until it is over, or you can use the hook from an add that is still alive to interrupt the fixate.

Nalthor the Rimebinder

  • Stay spread, and move out of the circle around the random player that gets rooted. Dispel the root once everyone is out of the circle (Frozen Binds Icon Frozen Binds).
  • Dodge blue swirls that appear under all players' feet for a few seconds (Comet Storm Icon Comet Storm).
  • If you get sent down to a lower platform, run to the end of the platform while dodging blue swirls and circles. Interrupt and kill the add at the end in order to fly back up to Nalthor.
  • On Mythic, the player that gets sent down gains stacks of Frigid Cold Icon Frigid Cold while they are on the lower platform. When they get back to the main platform, they need to drop these stacks in a corner of the platform in order to keep the resulting zone of ice from covering the entire platform.

Notable Trash


Before the First Boss (Blightbone)

  • Corpse Harvester
    • Interrupt the Drain Fluids Icon Drain Fluids cast, because it stuns a player for a long time.

Between the First Boss (Blightbone) and the Second Boss (Amarth)

  • Zolramus Necromancer
    • Focus kill the necromancer, because his adds will die when he dies. AoE is useless.
    • If you get a swirly green debuff, quickly take it out of the group (Grim Fate Icon Grim Fate).
  • Skeletal Marauder
    • Don't stand in front of Marauders, because they cast a cleave on the tank (Gruesome Cleave Icon Gruesome Cleave).
    • Interrupt Rasping Scream Icon Rasping Scream to avoid getting feared. Move out of the 15 yard range if you cannot interrupt it.
  • Skeletal Monstrosity
    • Quickly move out of the big blue circle around the monstrosity (Reaping Winds Icon Reaping Winds).
    • Quickly move out of the small white swirls under every players' feet (Grave Spikes Icon Grave Spikes).

Between the Second Boss (Amarth) and the Third Boss (Stitchflesh)

  • Flesh Crafter
    • If targeted by Throw Cleaver Icon Throw Cleaver, move to where an enemy is between you and the caster by the end of the cast. That enemy will take the damage instead of you.
    • Interrupt Repair Flesh Icon Repair Flesh, because it heals another enemy by a ton.
  • Corpse Collector
    • Interrupt the Drain Fluids Icon Drain Fluids cast, because it stuns a player for a long time.
    • And interrupt the Goresplatter Icon Goresplatter cast, because it does a ton of damage to the entire group.


  • 26 Nov. 2020: Added Mythic mechanics and updated the guide for the release of Shadowlands.
  • 15 Jun. 2020: Guide added.
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