Trilliax Strategy/Tactics for Normal/Heroic

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General Information

On this page, you will find a working strategy to defeat Trilliax in The Nighthold for both Normal and Heroic modes, which usually only differ by the tuning of the boss.

Here, we assume that you have read our descriptions of the abilities for this encounter.

The other pages of our Trilliax guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.

1. Phase One: The Cleaner

The tank should immediately drag Trilliax to an edge of the arena when engaging the boss. Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust should be used on the pull. The raid should stay loosely grouped along the same edge and behind the boss. This will ensure the Arcane Seepage Icon Arcane Seepage stays on the edges. As the edges fill up, the tanks should drag the boss around the edge in a circle. The Arcane Seepage Icon Arcane Seepage only spawns on DPS and Healers. It is important to keep the middle of the room clear for the Maniac phase.

When Trilliax casts Toxic Slice Icon Toxic Slice, DPS and Healers should prioritize soaking the cakes immediately on Heroic difficulty due to the Stuffed Icon Stuffed debuff. When the second wave of Toxic Slice Icon Toxic Slices arrive, any players without the Stuffed Icon Stuffed debuff should quickly soak a slice.

The tanks should perform a taunt swap every 2 stacks of Arcane Slash Icon Arcane Slash. Tanks should not help soak Toxic Slice Icon Toxic Slices as the Arcane Slash Icon Arcane Slash debuff will cause them to take increased damage from the ticking debuff.

2. Phase Two: The Maniac

Whichever players are linked by the Arcing Bonds Icon Arcing Bonds should immediately group up and move together until the debuff expires.

Tanks should continue to perform taunt swaps every 2 stacks of Arcane Slash Icon Arcane Slash.

When Trilliax jumps to the center of the room and starts his cast of Annihilation Icon Annihilation, all players should group up on a safe side of the boss and move as the boss turns. Movement speed cooldowns, such as Stampeding Roar Icon Stampeding Roar and Wind Rush Totem Icon Wind Rush Totem, should be assigned to ensure no player with Stuffed Icon Stuffed gets clipped by the beam (as it will result in instant death on Heroic). It is important that the middle of the room be kept clear of Arcane Seepage Icon Arcane Seepage so that the raid does not take additional damage during this time.

3. Phase Three: The Caretaker

Players should be assigned to be Cleansing Destruction Icon Cleansing Destruction soakers in advance. These assigned players should eat the few Succulent Feast Icon Succulent Feasts that spawn at the beginning of this phase. When a Scrubber begins to cast Cleansing Destruction Icon Cleansing Destruction, these players should leap on them and soak the damage using the absorb provided by Succulent Feast Icon Succulent Feast. Unshield players and tanks can also assist with soaking in an emergency, though an external or personal defensive should be used.

Do not damage the Scrubbers as they are helpful to the raid — without them, the Arcane Seepage Icon Arcane Seepages will not be cleared.

4. The Cleaner: Redux

The second Cleaner phase and each additional Cleaner phase following that will have two new mechanics.

Players afflicted with Sterilize Icon Sterilize should get away from other players and use their debuff to buff the Scrubbers, which allows them to clear the room of Arcane Seepage Icon Arcane Seepage much faster. The Healers should pay special attention to these players as they will take additional damage for the duration of Sterilize Icon Sterilize. If any Scrubbers begin to cast Cleansing Destruction Icon Cleansing Destruction in this phase, they must also be soaked to avoid raid damage.

Before casting his first Toxic Slice Icon Toxic Slice, Trilliax will cast Cleansing Rage Icon Cleansing Rage to check if any Toxic Slice Icon Toxic Slices remain unsoaked. It is imperative all slices are soaked at this point or it will likely result in fatalities or a raid wipe.

This phase proceeds identically as the first time, otherwise, and players should continue to perform the strategy in the exact same fashion.

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