Atal'Dazar Dungeon Guide: Location, Boss Strategies, Trash, and Loot

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Welcome to our guide to the Atal'Dazar dungeon in Season 3 of the Dragonflight World of Warcraft expansion. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the dungeon, including how to get to it, its layout, the trash and boss mechanics within, and its loot.


Short Introduction

This guide will focus on an extensive overview of the dungeon, providing vital information to increase your chance of completing the key. We will cover all 4 boss fights supported by the most notable trash enemies in the dungeon and their important abilities. If you would like to learn about the rest of the dungeons in Mythic+, please see our overviews linked below.


Getting into Atal'Dazar

Atal'Dazar is a max-level dungeon in Zuldazar, Zandalar. The dungeon is available in both MythicMythic and Mythic+ mode.


Atal'Dazar Layout


Priestess Alun'za


Notable Trash Before Priestess Alun'za

  • Beware of Dazar'ai Juggernauts as they will cast Merciless Assault Icon Merciless Assault on any players outside of melee range. It is best if you have a designated player to "bait" the charge and avoid it by moving swiftly. At last, use Enrage effect dispels on Fanatic's Rage Icon Fanatic's Rage.
  • Important mob: Dazar'ai Confessor is the one you want to always focus on to prevent them from casting Mending Word Icon Mending Word to any nearby enemies. In addition to that, they will also cast Bwonsamdi's Mantle Icon Bwonsamdi's Mantle, causing all enemies within the zone to be immune to crowd control and stop it at all costs.
  • Dezar'ai Honor Guard will be a non-boss-enemy your tank must pay attention to due to its Fervent Strike Icon Fervent Strike.
  • Interrupt Dazar'ai Augur's Wildfire Icon Wildfire. In addition, if there are any Dazar'ai Juggernauts within the pack, they will cast Fiery Enchant Icon Fiery Enchant, as this is an extremely dangerous cast, make sure to stop it.
  • If you happen to engage Dazar'ai Colossus, make sure they are the first ones to die due to its Soulforged Construct Icon Soulforged Construct passive. I don't recommend anyone ever to engage this mob, but if you do, use defensives on Soulburn Icon Soulburn cast and make sure to kill him first!
  • When fighting Gilded Priestess, enter any nearby Tainted Blood Icon Tainted Blood ground pool to make her take damage from Transfusion Icon Transfusion cast. If you don't have the debuff, she will heal instead.

Priestess Alun'za Boss Guide

Priestess Alun'za is a relatively simple fight in which you will have to play around Transfusion Icon Transfusion + Tainted Blood Icon Tainted Blood once the boss reaches 100 maana. In addition to all of that, your tank must pay attention to Gilded Claws Icon Gilded Claws (it can be purged), and your healer must dispel Molten Gold Icon Molten Gold as quickly as they can. At last, you can either choose to crowd-control the incoming Spirit of Gold spawns or kill them; just make sure they don't reach any Tainted Blood Icon Tainted Blood circles, else you won't be able to take advantage of Transfusion Icon Transfusion damaging the boss to its full extend. More information down below:

Priestess Alun'za

All Roles

  • Use defensive cooldowns once you soak the Tainted Blood Icon Tainted Blood. Ideally, you would like to be pre-assigned or at least pre-move before the Transfusion Icon Transfusion cast has begun to avoid confusion.
  • Use Purge effects for the Gilded Claws Icon Gilded Claws buff.
  • Use crowd-control effects for Spirit of Gold or alternatively focus it down.
  • Dodge the incoming Corrupted Gold Icon Corrupted Gold spheres.


  • Watch out for Gilded Claws Icon Gilded Claws buff, if there is no Purge in your group (Mage's Spellsteal Icon Spellsteal also works), consider using your major cooldowns.
  • If your group chooses to damage the Spirit of Gold instead of using crowd-control effects, get closer to the add to enable cleaving on both targets.


  • Dispel Molten Gold Icon Molten Gold as quickly as you can.
  • Be prepared to use your healing cooldowns during Transfusion Icon Transfusion channel.



Notable Trash Before Rezan

First, beware of the Tiki Blaze Icon Tiki Blaze leading to Rezan as the higher the key, the higher the likelihood of them being lethal.

Flame 2

Regardless of which path you choose, you will have to play around Ancient Switch, making sure you use the leverage to open the gates and continue forward. The path will be otherwise locked.

  • Toxic Saurids will occasionally cast Leaping Thrash Icon Leaping Thrash leaping on a random member of your party and damaging them. This is a good place to prematurely use defensive cooldowns, especially if you are in low health.
  • Interrupt Feasting Skyscreamer's Terrifying Screech Icon Terrifying Screech to prevent your party from being feared.
  • Interrupt Dinomancer Kish'o's Dino Might Icon Dino Might (if you miss the interrupt you can always Purge it). In addition to that, they will continuously cast Quickshot Icon Quickshot on your tank and Deadly Aim Icon Deadly Aim on a random player from your party. This mob is the priority target to kill.
  • In addition to Dinomancer Kish'o, you will fight alongside Monzumi and T'lonja. Monzumi will cast Wild Thrash Icon Wild Thrash dealing high physical damage to everyone within 8 yards (out-range the cast / get out of melee), while T'lonja will target a random player with Frenzied Charge Icon Frenzied Charge (make sure nobody gets in the path of the charge to avoid multiple people from getting damaged and stunned).

Rezan Boss Guide

When engaging Rezan, there is one thing you have to keep in mind: do not step on any nearby Pile of Bones Icon Pile of Bones to avoid triggering the Ancient Dry Bones Icon Ancient Dry Bones cast, which will then spawn a Reanimated Raptor. Although they only do melee attacks, they will be still tough to handle by your tank. Speaking about your tank, they need to pay close attention to the Serrated Teeth Icon Serrated Teeth BleedBleed effect as it hits extremely hard the higher the keys go. To add to the fight, the whole group can either choose to line of sight the Terrifying Visage Icon Terrifying Visage on one of the pillars or use immunity to prevent them from being Feared (you can also dispel it in case you can't make the line of sight in time). At last, if any member gets Pursuit Icon Pursuit, do make sure to run away from the boss to prevent him from Devour Icon Devour you. Just be mindful to not let Rezan walk on any nearby Pile of Bones Icon Pile of Bones to avoid the Reanimated Raptor spawn!


All Roles

  • Avoid stepping on any Pile of Bones Icon Pile of Bones.
  • If you get Pursuit Icon Pursuit, run away from the boss to prevent him from Devour Icon Devour you.
  • Line of sight the Terrifying Visage Icon Terrifying Visage cast.


  • Use your major defensive cooldowns during the Serrated Teeth Icon Serrated Teeth BleedBleed effect.


  • Spot-heal your tank during Serrated Teeth Icon Serrated Teeth BleedBleed effect.
  • Dispel any fear effects from the Terrifying Visage Icon Terrifying Visage if your members can't make it to the line of sight pillar.



Notable Trash Before Vol'kaal

  • Interrupt Zanchuli Witch-Doctor's Venom Blast Icon Venom Blast and stop It Unstable Hex Icon Unstable Hex crowd-control effect. Alternatively, you can CurseCurse dispel the Unstable Hex Icon Unstable Hex.
  • When you engage Reanimated Honor Guard, make sure to kill the Reanimation Totem first or else it will heal the mob for 5% of their max HP every second. They will also continuously damage the whole party with Rotting Decay Icon Rotting Decay, hence why you want to kill it as quickly as you can. At last, the mob will cast Rending Maul Icon Rending Maul BleedBleed effect on your tank.
  • Use disturb effects to stop Shieldbearer of Zul's Bulwark of Juju Icon Bulwark of Juju. Your tank must pay attention to Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash as not only will it deal damage but will also interrupt you.
  • Shadowblade Stalker is another non-boss-enemy that will primarily endanger the life of your tank through its Venomfang Strike Icon Venomfang Strike PoisonPoison combined with Venom-Tipped Blade Icon Venom-Tipped Blade.

Vol'kaal Boss Guide

Vol'kaal is a 2 phase boss encounter, starting with Reanimation Totem Icon Reanimation Totem (Phase 1) and once defeat the Vol'kaal fight himself (Phase 2). During Phase 1, your goal is to kill all 3 Reanimation Totem Icon Reanimation Totems simultaneously since they will cast Reanimate Icon Reanimate once destroyed. In addition to that, DON'T focus on the boss during this phase, since he is getting Bad Voodoo Icon Bad Voodoo healing out of the Reanimation Totem Icon Reanimation Totems. Throughout all phases, the boss will use Toxic Leap Icon Toxic Leap on a random person, cast its Noxious Stench Icon Noxious Stench (which must be interrupted), which will follow up with DiseaseDisease effect - Lingering Nausea Icon Lingering Nausea. The longer the Noxious Stench Icon Noxious Stench channel goes through, the more stacks of Lingering Nausea Icon Lingering Nausea you will have, hence why you want to interrupt it quickly. At last, make sure to avoid staying in any ground Toxic Pool Icon Toxic Pools and be aware that the boss will damage itself with Rapid Decay Icon Rapid Decay until he is dead. More info down below:


All Roles

  • Kill all 3 Reanimation Totem Icon Reanimation Totems simultaneously to avoid triggering Reanimate Icon Reanimate.
  • Avoid getting hit by Toxic Leap Icon Toxic Leap.
  • Interrupt Noxious Stench Icon Noxious Stench.
  • Use defensive cooldowns if you have multiple stacks of the Lingering Nausea Icon Lingering Nausea DiseaseDisease effect.


  • During Phase 2 move the boss at a moderate rate to allow your melee players to continuously DPS without endangering their lives with any nearby Toxic Pool Icon Toxic Pools.


  • Use major healing cooldowns if multiple stacks of Lingering Nausea Icon Lingering Nausea debuff go through. Always be considerate when the cast comes, as it will deal a great amount of damage.



Notable Trash Before Yazma

There are no more unique enemies within this area, but do keep in mind that you must defeat all 3 previous bosses to encounter the last boss of the dungeon Yazma. At the final stretch, you will find a wall of spiders that you must maneuver through in order to get to the boss. The higher the key level you play, the more likely they will become lethal upon contact, so watch out!


Yazma Boss Guide

Yazma is the last boss of the dungeon and likely the hardest, she will have an energy bar you must pay attention to, and once it's full - it will trigger Soulrend Icon Soulrend spawning 4 Soulspawn Icon Soulspawns. The main goal is to never let them reach the boss , which will then avoid triggering Soulfeast Icon Soulfeast - a stackable mass damage-over-time effect. Here is a good place to use any form of crowd-control effects and nuke them quickly; just be mindful of Soul Link Icon Soul Link and be sure to be in stable health! In addition, throughout the whole encounter, Yazma will be spawning Echoes of Shadra Icon Echoes of Shadra under every player, hence why it is extremely important to avoid having any contract with them as they will do a follow-damage to you Shadowy Remains Icon Shadowy Remains (do keep in mind that on the higher-end keys, this will be lethal). At last, always interrupt Wracking Pain Icon Wracking Pain, and if you are a tank player, use defensive cooldowns during the Skewer Icon Skewer tank-buster! More information down below:


All Roles

  • Interrupt Wracking Pain Icon Wracking Pain at all costs.
  • Avoid any nearby Shadowy Remains Icon Shadowy Remains. The best way to play them is to always be close to each other for better management.
  • Focus and kill all the Soulspawn Icon Soulspawns. Do your best to always place them close to each other and behind the boss.
  • Use defensive cooldowns on the Soulrend Icon Soulrend cast.


  • Beware of the Skewer Icon Skewer tank buster ability.
  • Be ready to move the boss if there are any nearby Soulspawn Icon Soulspawns to avoid triggering Soulfeast Icon Soulfeast.


  • Top-up your party members every time before the Soulrend Icon Soulrend cast.
  • Use your major healing cooldowns if Soulfeast Icon Soulfeast is triggered

Atal'Dazar Loot Table


Priestess Alun'za

Type Item Stats
Wand Wand of Zealous Purification Icon Wand of Zealous Purification Haste/Crit
Off-Hand Aureus Vessel Icon Aureus Vessel Haste/CriT
Mail Wrist Wristlinks of Alchemical Transfusion Icon Wristlinks of Alchemical Transfusion Mastery/Crit
Leather Waist Belt of Gleaming Determination Icon Belt of Gleaming Determination Haste/Vers
Plate Boots Embellished Ritual Sabatons Icon Embellished Ritual Sabatons Crit/Mastery
Trinket My'das Talisman Icon My'das Talisman Agi


Type Item Stats
1H Mace Adulation Enforcer Icon Adulation Enforcer Haste/Vers
Back Drape of the Loyal Vassal Icon Drape of the Loyal Vassal Haste/Mastery
Cloth Wrist Wraps of Everliving Fealty Icon Wraps of Everliving Fealty Haste/Crit
Plate Hands Grips of the Everlasting Guardian Icon Grips of the Everlasting Guardian Mastery/Haste
Leather Legs Shambling Berserker's Leggings Icon Shambling Berserker's Leggings Crit/Mastery
Trinket Revitalizing Voodoo Totem Icon Revitalizing Voodoo Totem Int


Type Item Stats
Fist Weapon Soulrending Claw Icon Soulrending Claw Haste/Mastery
Bow Hallowed Ossein Longbow Icon Hallowed Ossein Longbow Mastery/Crit
Shield Disc of Indomitable Will Icon Disc of Indomitable Will Mastery/Haste
Leather Wrist Venerated Raptorhide Bindings Icon Venerated Raptorhide Bindings Vers/Crit
Mail Legs Kilt of Fanatical Consumption Icon Kilt of Fanatical Consumption Vers/Crit
Cloth Boots Devilsaur Worshiper's Sandals Icon Devilsaur Worshiper's Sandals Mastery/Crit
Ring Seal of the Regal Loa Icon Seal of the Regal Loa Vers/Haste
Trinket Rezan's Gleaming Eye Icon Rezan's Gleaming Eye Str


Type Item Stats
Dagger Soulrender's Fang Icon Soulrender's Fang Vers/Haste
Mail Head Coif of the Court Spider Icon Coif of the Court Spider Mastery/Crit
Cloth Head Secret Spinner's Miter Icon Secret Spinner's Miter Crit/Vers
Plate Head Soulspun Casque Icon Soulspun Casque Mastery/Vers
Cloth Chest Loa Betrayer's Vestments Icon Loa Betrayer's Vestments Crit/Vers
Leather Chest Spymaster's Wrap Icon Spymaster's Wrap Mastery/Vers
Plate Wrist Shadowshroud Vambraces Icon Shadowshroud Vambraces Crit/Vers
Mail Boots Souldrifting Sabatons Icon Souldrifting Sabatons Crit/Haste
Trinket Vessel of Skittering Shadows Icon Vessel of Skittering Shadows Int

Atal'Dazar Achievements

There are 7 total achievements to obtain in Atal'Dazar:

Achievement Criteria
Atal'Dazar Icon Atal'Dazar Defeat Yazma in Atal'Dazar.
Heroic: Atal'Dazar Icon Heroic: Atal'Dazar Defeat Yazma in Atal'Dazar on HeroicHeroic difficulty or higher.
Mythic: Atal'Dazar Icon Mythic: Atal'Dazar Defeat Yazma in Atal'Dazar on MythicMythic difficulty.
Keystone Hero: Atal'Dazar Icon Keystone Hero: Atal'Dazar Complete Atal'Dazar at MythicMythic Level 20 or higher, within the time limit.
It's Lit Icon It's Lit Defeat Yazma while all four Shadowflame Scones are lit in Atal'Dazar on MythicMythic difficulty.
Bringing Hexy Back Icon Bringing Hexy Back Defeat all four bosses with at least one party member under the effects of Unstable Hex Icon Unstable Hex in Atal'Dazar on MythicMythic difficulty.


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