The Storm's Fury Event Guide for Dragonflight (10.0.7)

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The Storm's Fury is a new world event taking place in Primalist Tomorrow in Patch 10.0.5.


What is the Storm's Fury?

The Storm's Fury is a World Event added to the game in Patch 10.0.5. It is very similar to Primal Storms, but the enemies are more powerful, and the event offers gear with a higher item level.


When Will the Storm's Fury Event Be Available in Dragonflight?

The Storm's Fury will become available for the first time with the release of Patch 10.0.5 on January 24, 2023 .


Where Does the Storm's Fury Event Take Place?

The Storm's Fury occurs every 5 hours in Primalist Tomorrow, accessed through the Temporal Conflux portal in Thaldraszus. The exact location will be highlighted on the map of the Dragon Isles as an Epic World Quest for 3 hours when it is available.


What is the Objective of the Storm's Fury Event?

You must close 4 Elemental portals by defeating powerful nearby Elites afflicted with the Icetouched buff. The exact location of the portals is highlighted on the map below.

The portals hold like PvP Flags, and you must assign people to all four portals to prevent them from re-activating. Hold your position and kill the Elites to disable all portals.

Once all four portals are disabled, you must defeat a Primalist monster and the Storm's Fury Event will be complete.


The Storm's Fury Freezing Debuff

During the Storm's Fury, you will need to find your way around a powerful Freezing Icon Freezing debuff that deals stacking damage over time by seeking sources of Warmth Icon Warmth.

The Freezing Icon Freezing effect is mitigated with consumables or gear bought from the Quartermaster with Warmth effects.


The Storm's Fury Consumables

Tarnormu sells two consumables that help you during the Storm's Fury. One of them mitigates the Freezing Icon Freezing effect.

  • Armaments of the Scale Icon Armaments of the Scale — Arms a Timewalker Resistance Defender with armaments that restore health when deeply wounded and provide a chance to stun their target. Only usable upon a Timewalker Resistance Defender within the Primalist Future during the Storm's Fury event.
  • Field Deployable Heat Source Icon Field Deployable Heat Source — Builds a fire that provides a source of Warmth Icon Warmth to nearby allies for 15 seconds. Only usable within the Primalist Future during the Storm's Fury event.

The Storm's Fury Currency

Essence of the Storm Icon Essence of the Storm is a new currency exclusive to Storm's Fury. It drops from mobs during the event and is used to purchase items offered by Brendormi, the Storm's Fury Quartermaster.


The Storm's Fury Quartermaster and Rewards

Completing the Storm's Fury event rewards Glowing Primalist Cache Icon Glowing Primalist Cache, which contains gold, Dragon Isles Supplies, Storm Sigils, and a chance for cosmetic Primalist weapons and armor. You will earn the Drop It Like Its Hot Icon Drop It Like Its Hot achievement and a quest item that gives you 10 Essence of the Storm Icon Essence of the Storm when you complete the event for the first time. The Primalist Monster drops 6 Essence of the Storm Icon Essence of the Storm when defeated.

Brendormi is the Storm's Fury Quartermaster.

The rewards you can buy with Essence of the Storm Icon Essence of the Storm and Elemental Overflow Icon Elemental Overflow include Item Level 385 rings, an amulet, a trinket, a toy, a mount, a battle pet, and Stormed Primalist Cache Icon Stormed Primalist Cache.

Here is an in-game screenshot of the Time-Lost Vorquin Foal Icon Time-Lost Vorquin Foal pet.

Skyskin Hornstrider Icon Skyskin Hornstrider is a new blue Tailstrider Primal mount obtainable in the Storm's Fury.



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