Discipline Priest PvP Rotation and Playstyle (Shadowlands / 9.2)

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PvP requires you to perform various actions in the course of a duel, match, or battleground: interrupting/silencing enemies, healing your teammates and yourself, defending yourself, keeping yourself alive, etc.. It is a game mode that fully utilises your kit, especially spells that are rarely used in PvE. On this page, we go through all the spells you need to use in PvP as a Discipline Priest, how you should use them, and we explain what your playstyle should be.

This page is part of our Discipline Priest PvP Guide.


Playstyle for Discipline Priests

The main role for a Discipline Priest is to use both your healing and damaging spells to keep your team alive. The passive ability, Atonement Icon Atonement, allows you to directly heal from your damaging spells.


Before Gates Open

Before the gates open you will want to coordinate your crowd control. Discipline Priests have Psychic Scream Icon Psychic Scream, a great way to fear an entire team. The only weakness about this ability is that you need to be in melee range to use it. It is important for your teammates to try to stun the enemy healer before using Psychic Scream Icon Psychic Scream so they cannot run away. Make sure to use Power Word: Fortitude Icon Power Word: Fortitude on your teammates. It can be dispelled by abilities like Purge Icon Purge or Spellsteal Icon Spellsteal, so be prepared to apply it multiple times during an Arena match.


The Opener

The other team is going to try to force your trinket in the opener so they have an advantage later in the game. As soon as the gates open you want to use Power Word: Shield Icon Power Word: Shield on your teammates to apply Atonement Icon Atonement to them. Then start using Purge the Wicked Icon Purge the Wicked on enemies. This way, if you are put into crowd control you will still be healing with Atonement Icon Atonement.

It is important to note that, after using Power Word: Shield Icon Power Word: Shield, your target will get a debuff called Weakened Soul Icon Weakened Soul. This means that you cannot use Power Word: Shield on that target for 7.5 seconds. As a result, the primary purpose for Power Word: Shield is to just apply Atonement Icon Atonement. However, while Rapture Icon Rapture is active, you are able to use Power Word: Shield on targets that are affected by Weakened Soul.

If the enemy team has someone that can Stealth, use Mind Sear Icon Mind Sear on one of your teammates to potentially knock them out.


Healing Techniques


Burst Healing

The great thing about Discipline Priests is that they have the multiple ways to keep teammates alive and high on health.


Sustained Damage Healing

Use this to heal sustained damage throughout the match (damage done when the other team does not have burst cooldowns available).

  1. If you are playing Inner Light and Shadow Icon Inner Light and Shadow make sure you have Inner Shadow Icon Inner Shadow active.
  2. Maintain Atonement Icon Atonement on all of your teammates. If you are using the PvP talent, Trinity Icon Trinity (which you should be), use Power Word: Shield Icon Power Word: Shield to apply it.
  3. Maintain Shadow Word: Pain Icon Shadow Word: Pain or Purge the Wicked Icon Purge the Wicked on the enemy team.
  4. Use Penance Icon Penance as soon as it is off cooldown.
  5. Use Power Word: Solace Icon Power Word: Solace as soon as it is off cooldown.
  6. Use Mindgames Icon Mindgames on the kill target if you are Venthyr.
  7. Cast Mind Blast Icon Mind Blast on an enemy to heal with your Atonement.
  8. Use Shadow Mend Icon Shadow Mend if you get interrupted on your Holy abilities.
  9. When there is not much damage happening use Smite Icon Smite when teammates have Atonement Icon Atonement.
  10. Use Shadow Word: Death Icon Shadow Word: Death on enemies that are below 20% health.


Although Discipline Priests can heal with their damage, sometimes this is not enough to keep teammates alive. Below are the cooldowns that they have to deal with heavy damage.

  • Shadow Word: Death Icon Shadow Word: Death. Even though this ability should be used on enemies below 20% health, it has a much more important use for a Discipline Priest. You can use this ability at any time, but if the target does not die, it will deal damage to yourself. This is extremely important because if there is an enemy Mage on the other team, you can use Shadow Word: Death at the end of the cast and deal damage to yourself, breaking the crowd control on you.
  • Pain Suppression Icon Pain Suppression is a strong defensive with a long cooldown. It will primarily be used while you are stunned, but should be used whenever a teammate is taking strong single target damage.
  • Power Word: Barrier Icon Power Word: Barrier is also a strong defensive with a long cooldown. It is best used when your teammates are stacked and taking strong spread pressure. The bonus healing you gain when standing in it will help keep your teammates alive.
  • Rapture Icon Rapture is a powerful cooldown that should not be wasted. Use this when your team is dangerously low and you need a way to recover. This can be used when your team is taking single target or spread pressure.
  • Shadowfiend Icon Shadowfiend is best used when your teammates are starting to take light spread pressure and have Atonement Icon Atonement active.
  • Desperate Prayer Icon Desperate Prayer increases your health by 25% for 10 seconds, and instantly heals you for that amount. This is great for when you get interrupted on Shadow Mend Icon Shadow Mend and need an instant heal.
  • Fade Icon Fade/Mind Soothe Icon Mind Soothe do the same thing in PvP: they reduce the range at which attacks can be made to you. This is great versus teams with ranged classes on them. This will either force them to wait or make them overextend to deal damage/crowd control you.


It is advised to use Macros to use abilities on enemies or allies without having to target them. For this reason, we have a page dedicated to them.



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