Discipline Priest Healing Gear and Best in Slot — Shadowlands 9.2

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General Information

On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Discipline Priest in World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.2.

If you were looking for TBC Classic content, please refer to our TBC Classic Healer Priest gear and best in slot.


Trinkets for Discipline Priests

The ranking system is as follows:

  1. S Tier: the strongest and most generally useful trinkets; these are always good choices.
  2. A Tier: these trinkets are slightly weaker than the S Tier traits, but are still solid choices.
  3. B Tier: a below-average trinket that should be picked only in the absence of an S or A Tier trinket.
  4. C Tier: a weak trinket that provides very little healing output or other utility and should be avoided if possible.

S Tier

  1. Instructor's Divine Bell Icon Instructor's Divine Bell (World Quest Reward)
  2. Soulletting Ruby Icon Soulletting Ruby (Kul'tharok in Theater of Pain)
  3. Empyreal Ordnance Icon Empyreal Ordnance (Oryphrion in Spires of Ascension)
  4. First Class Healing Distributor Icon First Class Healing Distributor (P.O.S.T. Master in Tazavesh, the Veiled Market
  5. Unbound Changeling Icon Unbound Changeling (Ingra Maloch in Mists of Tirna Scithe)

A Tier

  1. Scrawled Word of Recall Icon Scrawled Word of Recall - see section below on this trinket (The Nine in Sanctum of Domination)
  2. Unchained Aspirant's Badge of Ferocity Icon Unchained Aspirant's Badge of Ferocity (Conquest Vendor)
  3. Inscrutable Quantum Device Icon Inscrutable Quantum Device (Dealer Xy'exa in De Other Side)
  4. Moonlit Prism Icon Moonlit Prism (Vault of the Wardens during Legion Timewalking
  5. Sinful Aspirant's Insignia of Alacrity Icon Sinful Aspirant's Insignia of Alacrity (Conquest Vendor)
  6. Flask of the Solemn Night Icon Flask of the Solemn Night (Court of Stars during Legion Timewalking)

B Tier

  1. Infernal Writ Icon Infernal Writ (Court of Stars during Legion Timewalking)
  2. So'leah's Secret Technique Icon So'leah's Secret Technique (Tazavesh, the Veiled Market)
  3. Boon of the Archon Icon Boon of the Archon (Devos in Spires of Ascension)

C Tier

  1. Forbidden Necromantic Tome Icon Forbidden Necromantic Tome (Kel'Thuzad in Sanctum of Domination)
  2. Titanic Ocular Gland Icon Titanic Ocular Gland (The Eye of the Jailer in Sanctum of Domination)
  3. Infinitely Divisible Ooze Icon Infinitely Divisible Ooze (Margrave Stradama in Plaguefall)
  4. Satchel of Misbegotten Minions Icon Satchel of Misbegotten Minions (Surgeon Stitchflesh in The Necrotic Wake)
  5. Overflowing Anima Cage Icon Overflowing Anima Cage (Executor Tarvold in Sanguine Depths)
  6. Vial of Spectral Essence Icon Vial of Spectral Essence (Dessia the Decapitator in Theater of Pain)
  7. Lingering Sunmote Icon Lingering Sunmote (Grand Proctor Beryllia in Sanguine Depths)
  8. Siphoning Phylactery Shard Icon Siphoning Phylactery Shard (Nalthor the Rimebinder in The Necrotic Wake)
  9. Tome of Monstrous Constructions Icon Tome of Monstrous Constructions (The Tarragrue in Sanctum of Domination
  10. Sunblood Amethyst Icon Sunblood Amethyst (High Adjudicator Aleez in Halls of Atonement)
  11. Tome of Insight Icon Tome of Insight (Assorted Korthia activities
  12. Soul Cage Fragment Icon Soul Cage Fragment (Mor'geth the World Boss)

Scrawled Word of Recall

This trinket is conditionally good based on a variety of factors such as utilzing the The Penitent One Icon The Penitent One legendary and having the 4 piece tier set bonus active. Take a look at our raid guide linked below for when this trinket can be used.


Legendary Gear

Discipline Priest has a few different Legendary powers that are likely to be used based on the content you are attempting to complete. Check out our legendary page for more in depth discussion on our legendary choices.

For a more detailed dive into the Legendary Crafting system, take a look at our Runecarving guide!


Tier Set for Discipline Priests

The following bonuses can be found on the 9.2 Tier Set for Discipline Priest:

The two piece tier set bonus causes no rotational gameplay changes. The four piece bonus, however, will result in a variety of rotational changes. Please refer to the rotation page of the guide on how best to utilize this bonus.

When attempting to aquire the various pieces of tier, priotize getting any piece you can to activate the set bonuses. Eventually, due to a pair of higher item level gloves that are available from The Jailer in the Sepulcher of the First Ones, we recommend aquiring the Helm, Shoulders, Chest, and Pants as your four pieces of tier.


Creation Catalyst

By utilizing a new feature in 9.2 called Creation Catalyst, you can upgrade any Season 3 piece of gear into tier gear, including keeping its upgrade path, sockets, or tertiary.


Best in Slot List for Discipline Priests

Due to Leech and our overall closely-ranked secondary stats, your choice as to what piece would be best in slot is very much case by case. There are no set recommendations for overall items to aim for in the new raid tier as a result. Outside of Leech and Sockets, your goal should be to target the highest item level gear available and following the stat priority presented on equal item level gear.


Domination Shards and Sockets

As of patch 9.2, Domination Shards and Sockets are no longer active in current content and not relevant.


Other Sockets in Shadowlands

In Shadowlands, only your Helm, Rings, Necks, Bracers, and Belts can have a socket on them. When a piece of gear in that slot drops, there is a chance for it to already have a socket in it.



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