Discipline Priest Healing Gear and Best in Slot — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5

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General Information

On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items for your Discipline Priest in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.2.5.


Trinkets for Discipline Priests

The following is a ranking of trinkets, aimed at use in a raid environment. These rankings are formulated with all trinkets at the same item level. Due to how close in value most trinkets in each tier are, generally it is the higher item level that will decide which one is optimal. Only the easy to get trinkets are listed below. If you get a huge titanforge on a more obscure trinket and do not see it on the list below, check the spreadsheet for the full listing.

For more in-depth information and the math behind the trinket rankings, please check out the Discipline Priest Spreadsheet.

The ranking system is as follows:

  1. S Tier: the strongest and most generally useful trinkets; these are always good choices.
  2. A Tier: these trinkets are slightly weaker than the S Tier traits, but are still solid choices.
  3. B Tier: a below-average trinket that should be picked only in the absence of an S or A Tier trinket.
  4. C Tier: a weak trinket that provides very little healing output or other utility and should be avoided if possible.

Any trinket not listed in one of the above tiers or in the spreadsheet provides no increase in healing output, or significant utility, though some may increase damage dealt.


S Tier


A Tier


B Tier


C Tier


Pocket-Sized Computation Device

While this trinket is fairly poor from a healing standpoint, the red punchcard Cyclotronic Blast Icon Cyclotronic Blast is an insanely powerful DPS cooldown. This damage is amplified by Schism and can contribute a very large amount of DPS for a very small investment. The damage from this trinket DOES NOT heal through Atonement Icon Atonement.


Best in Slot List for Discipline Priests in Battle of Dazar'alor

Due to Titanforging, Warforging and sockets, your choice as to what piece would be best in slot is very much case by case. There are no set recommendations for items to aim for in the new raid tier as a result.


Benthic Gear

Of the Benthic gear available to healers, none of the bonus effects are particularly strong. It is suggested that you focus your upgrades on improving your item level in low item level slots, and on your Benthic items with sockets and/or Leech. Both sockets and Leech add significant value to the item slot, usually 5-10 item levels or more each.


Unique Loot in Patch 8.2

  • Anu-Azshara, Staff of the Eternal Icon Anu-Azshara, Staff of the Eternal, as well as all of the unique Queen Azshara loot, has an extremely powerful effect in addition to the normal amount of stats for its item level. This effect, when procced intentionally at a good time, can contribute a massive amount of healing akin to an extra raid-wide healing cooldown. This staff should be worn if you have it outside of extreme item level disparity.
  • Handguards of the Highest-Born Icon Handguards of the Highest-Born gain the extra Storm of the Eternal in addition to the normal stat budget of the item making it more powerful than an equal item level option.
  • Slippers of the Sorceress-Queen Icon Slippers of the Sorceress-Queen gain the extra Storm of the Eternal in addition to the normal stat budget of the item making it more powerful than an equal item level option.
  • Neural Synapse Enhancer Icon Neural Synapse Enhancer has the added effect at the loss of the normal stat budget on the item. Because of this, its value is similar to that of and equal item level weapon. Use it if you have it and it is your highest item level option, but its nothing to look for specifically.
  • Hyperthread Wristwraps Icon Hyperthread Wristwraps lose all secondary stats for a fairly low impact effect. Do not use these bracers.


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