Dragons of Nightmare Mythic Strategy/Tactics

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General Information

On this page, you will find a list of changes between Normal/Heroic modes and Mythic mode, as well as a working strategy to defeat Dragons of Nightmare in The Emerald Nightmare in Mythic mode.

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About our Reviewer

This guide has been reviewed and approved by Pottm from Serenity.


Mythic Changes

In addition to the bosses and adds having more health and all abilities dealing more damage, there are several new abilities or mechanics.

  • All dragons are available, with Ysondre and one of them on the ground while the other two are in the air.
  • All dragons get a new common attack called Tail Lash Icon Tail Lash, which deals damage behind them.
  • Dread Horrors and spirits from Siphon Spirit Icon Siphon Spirit periodically gain 20% movement speed and 10% damage done, thanks to Unrelenting Icon Unrelenting.

Lumbering Mindgorger

At 90%, 60%, and 30% health, a portal appears to the Hinterlands. Players who take it are faced with an add called Lumbering Mindgorger. It has an energy bar that fills up over the course of 2 minutes and if it is still alive by this time, it casts Devour Nightmare Icon Devour Nightmare, wiping the raid.

Other than that, this add seems to randomly melee players in range and uses 2 abilities: Crimson Moon Icon Crimson Moon and Collapsing Nightmare Icon Collapsing Nightmare.

  • Crimson Moon Icon Crimson Moon periodically inflicts mild Shadow damage to all players within 60 yards.
  • Collapsing Nightmare Icon Collapsing Nightmare can be interrupted and send red bulbs crashing down, inflicting moderator Shadow damage to all players within 5 yards of the impact and reducing their damage done by 50% for 9 seconds.

Mythic Strategy

For most of the raid, the strategy barely changes, as only a handful players have to deal with the Lumbering Mindgorger.

Because you have 2 dragons in the air, there is one more ability to worry about. This is the only meaningful change from Heroic mode, but even with the change, the fight feels the same as in Heroic mode (for players who do not enter portals to deal with the Lumbering Mindgorger). For your information, the order of the dragons is the following:

  1. Ysondre + Emeriss on the ground / Taerar + Lethon in the air;
  2. Ysondre + Taerar on the ground / Emeriss + Lethon in the air;
  3. Ysondre + Lethon on the ground / Emeriss + Taerar in the air.

To deal with the Lumbering Mindgorger, Serenity used a team of 4 players: 2 Rogues, 1 DPS Demon Hunter, and 1 Restoration Druid (who provided some healing but mostly DPS'ed the add). The goal of this team is to interrupt Collapsing Nightmare Icon Collapsing Nightmare that the Lumbering Mindgorger often casts and to kill it before the time is up. The team's composition is flexible, the idea being to have burst damage and be able to interrupt often.

Serenity's 4-player team starts on the dragon on the right and at 90% enters the first portal (in the back of the room on the right side). Once the first Lumbering Mindgorger is dealt with, the team stays on the right dragon until 60% and then enters the second portal (next to the entrance of the room on the left side). After the second Lumbering Mindgorger is dead, the team stays on the left dragon so that they can quickly enter the last portal at 30% (it spawns on the left side in the back of the room). Once the last Lumbering Mindgorger is dead, the team can stay on the left dragon for the remainder of the fight.



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