Halls of Infusion Dungeon Guide: Location, Boss Strategies, Trash, and Loot

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Welcome to our guide to the Halls of Infusion dungeon in the Dragonflight World of Warcraft expansion. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the dungeon, including how to get to it, its layout, the trash and boss mechanics within, and its loot.


Getting into Halls of Infusion

Halls of Infusion is a level 70 dungeon that can be found in the Thaldraszus zone on the Dragon Isles (marked with blue on the minimap below). The nearest flight point for both Alliance and Horde players are Gelikyr Post, Thaldraszus (marked with yellow on the minimap below). Upon landing, head to the east, where you will see the entrance of the dungeon once you get closer to Tyrhold ruins.

Halls of Infusion Entrance Location

This guide will focus on an extensive overview of the dungeon, providing vital information to complete it across all difficulties (Normal, HeroicHeroic, and MythicMythic). We will cover all 4 boss fights supported by the most notable trash enemies in the dungeon and their important abilities. If you would like to learn about the other Dragonflight Dungeons or the upcoming Mythic+ season instead, please see our overviews linked below. Otherwise, without further ado, let us begin!


Halls of Infusion Layout


Unlock Unique Bonuses in Halls of Infusion

Halls of Infusion Engineering Interactive There are two bonuses available in this dungeon, one from Engineering and one from Herbalism. Below you can find more information on what buffs you can acquire and where they are located:

  • Limited Immortality Device is located in the Infuser's Rotunda — check the screenshot below — there is only one of its kind.
  • You must have at least 25 skill in Dragon Isles Engineering in order to activate it.
  • Only one member from your team is required to have the profession, and upon "unlocking" the device, it will grant each member of your party the Limited Immortality Icon Limited Immortality buff lasting for 60 minutes.
  • This buff will prevent you from dying a single time when you take lethal damage, and it will disappear as soon as it procs.
  • Halls of Infusion Herbalism Interactive Infused Mushroom can be found in the Intake Reservoirs (to the left after defeating Watcher Irideus) and in the Khajin's Gambit area on the way to the third boss of the dungeon, Khajin the Unyielding).
  • You must have at least 25 skill in Dragon Isles Herbalism to activate one.
  • Only one member from your team is required to have the profession, and upon interacting with the Infused Mushroom, it will grant each member of your party the Cleansing Spores Icon Cleansing Spores buff for 30 minutes.
  • This buff will cure one application of a PoisonPoison or DiseaseDisease effect every 5 seconds.

Aquatic Intake and Watcher Irideus


Notable Trash before Watcher Irideus

  • Interrupt the Earth Shield Icon Earth Shield coming from Primalist Geomancer. If the shield goes through, it will heal a random mob and reduce their damage taken by 10%. In addition, sidestep the Seismic Slam Icon Seismic Slam ground animation at all costs (it is 5 yards wide).
  • Refti Defender will be the first "tank-buster" trash mob you will face in this dungeon because of its Gushing Wound Icon Gushing Wound BleedBleed effect and Spear Flurry Icon Spear Flurry ability. Use your remaining interrupts for Demoralizing Shout Icon Demoralizing Shout to prevent him from decreasing your damage output.
  • Containment Beam Icon Containment Beam, coming from Containment Apparatus, is the most important channel cast to watch out for; it will deal serious damage until the channel is over. In addition, the mob has Expulse Icon Expulse, a heavy AoE spell that damages everyone within 20 yards, hence why you want to stop it at all costs!
  • Beware of chaining Primalist Ravagers with any other trash enemies due to its Tailwind Icon Tailwind aura. Avoid their Blasting Gust Icon Blasting Gust ground animation, as it will likely turn lethal for you.

Watcher Irideus Boss Guide

Halls of Infusion Watcher Irideus

Watcher Irideus's boss fight is a two-stage encounter, each of them being completely different to tackle. Stage Two: Watcher's Last Stand begins once the boss starts to channel his Ablative Barrier Icon Ablative Barrier. For more information, check the detailed guide below:


All Roles

  • Watcher Irideus Spark Volley Watch out for the Spark Volley Icon Spark Volley ground puddles. If you do get hit by one, it will leave a magical debuff that damages you over time.
  • Once the boss casts Ablative Barrier Icon Ablative Barrier, kill 3 Nullification Devices on top of the boss so they can remove his Ablative Barrier applications with the Nullifying Pulse Icon Nullifying Pulse cast. Just remember, the longer the boss stays in Ablative Barrier, the more stacks of Siphon Power Icon Siphon Power he gets.
  • Interrupt the Purifying Blast Icon Purifying Blast cast from Nullification Devices.
  • Watcher Irideus Nullification Device
  • Each time you remove an application of the Ablative Barrier Icon Ablative Barrier, the boss will trigger a Reactive Spark Icon Reactive Spark; dodge the ground puddles at all costs!


  • Aim the Titanic Fist Icon Titanic Fist frontal away from your party.
  • During Stage Two, gather threat on the nearby Nullification Devices and stack them under the Watcher Irideus so you can destroy his Ablative Barrier Icon Ablative Barrier.


  • Prepare to use healing cooldowns once Watcher Irideus in casting Static Surge Icon Static Surge.
  • The boss will periodically apply 2 Power Overload Icon Power Overload MagicMagic debuffs to your team members. There are different strategies on hold to handle this boss and you should discuss them with your party beforehand, either you don't dispel the debuff and let it expire or dispel one / spot-heal the other, both can work depending on the spec setup. As soon as the debuff runs out, it will trigger a follow-up spell - Power Field Icon Power Field.

Goliath's Lair and Gulping Goliath


Notable Trash before Gulping Goliath

Upon defeating Watcher Irideus, you can go to the right or the left. I recommend you take the left path (see the screenshot with the green arrow), since you will be able to collect Infused Mushroom. Here is what you should know about the trash mobs that can be found in this area:

  • Stop the Elemental Focus Icon Elemental Focus cast from Primalist Shocktrooper, or else they will transform their Lightning Blast Icon Lightning Blast into Chain Lightning.
  • There will be Stealth Icon Stealthed Skulking Zealots around the area that will stun the first target that they get in combat with Cheap Shot Icon Cheap Shot. As a Healer, be ready to top up the health of your Tank since they will be unable to use their active mitigation during the stun. The longer the mob takes to defeat, the harder it will hit due to its Rising Squall Icon Rising Squall passive, so watch out!
  • Interrupt the Dazzle Icon Dazzle frontal disorient from Dazzling Dragonfly at all costs. You can also sidestep or outrange it by moving at least 10 yards away if you want to save your interrupt for more important casts.
  • There are going to be some Curious Swoglets around the area. They are harmless frogs that have only one ability known as Gulp Swog Toxin Icon Gulp Swog Toxin. This PoisonPoison effect stacks and instantly kills you upon reaching 10 applications. Having an Infused Mushroom buff will save you a lot of headaches here!
  • Interrupt the Pyretic Burst Icon Pyretic Burst and coming from Flamecaller Aymi. Avoid being hit by the Molten Subduction Icon Molten Subduction ground animation.
  • Squallbringer Cyraz is another unique mob you will only meet once in this dungeon, just like Flamecaller Aymi. Your Tank must gather threats from the nearby Zephyrlings once they are spawned with Zephyr's Call Icon Zephyr's Call.

Gulping Goliath Boss Guide

Halls of Infusion Gulping Goliath

All Roles

  • Sidestep the Cave In Icon Cave In ground animation.
  • Gulping Goliath Curious Swoglet Quickly nuke the Curious Swoglets; they will leave a stackable Gulp Swog Toxin Icon Gulp Swog Toxin PoisonPoison effect on you that will instantly kill you upon reaching 10 stacks.
  • Once the boss casts Gulp Icon Gulp, select one player from your party to be deliberately "consumed" to prevent him from getting the Hangry Icon Hangry EnrageEnrage effect, which you cannot dispel. Keep in mind once you are Gulp Icon Gulped you, will take initial damage and get 3 applications of Gulp Swog Toxin Icon Gulp Swog Toxin!
  • Sidestep the Belly Slam Icon Belly Slam ground animation at all costs.


  • Move Gulping Goliath closer to the Curious Swoglets to enable your DPS to cleave all targets.


  • Top your teammates quickly once Gulping Goliath in casting Overpowering Croak Icon Overpowering Croak.
  • Spot heal the target that gets Gulp Icon Gulped; here is a good place to use your external defensive cooldowns!
  • Use healing cooldowns once the boss is casting Toxic Effluvia Icon Toxic Effluvia, as the AoE damage will become especially dangerous if the boss is enhanced by Hangry Icon Hangry effect.

Khajin's Gambit and Khajin the Unyielding


Notable Trash before Khajin the Unyielding

Upon defeating Gulping Goliath, continue down the river toward the third boss of the dungeon, Khajin the Unyielding. Remember, alongside the river, there will be a few locations where you can find Infused Mushroom! The entire area leading toward Khajin the Unyielding is packed with Proto dragons and caster mobs that will empower them. Here are more details on what to expect:

  • Avoid being hit by the Primalist Earthshaker ground effect - Rumbling Earth Icon Rumbling Earth.
  • Beware of Primalist Galesinger's Thunderstorm Icon Thunderstorm, use defensive if you are at low HP.
  • Primalist Icecaller will only cast its single-target ability - Ice Shards Icon Ice Shards on your tank, disturb as many as you can to help your team.
  • Sidestep the Oceanic Breath Icon Oceanic Breath frontal coming from Glacial Proto-Dragon. Use defensive cooldowns during Deep Chill Icon Deep Chill cast (any dispel effect works too).

Khajin the Unyielding Boss Guide

Halls of Infusion Khajin the Unyielding

All Roles

  • Khajin the Unyielding Ice Boulder Once Khajin the Unyielding begins to cast Hailstorm Icon Hailstorm hide behind any nearby Ice Boulder Icon Ice Boulders or use immunity to survive. One important note is that once you have used the Ice Boulder Icon Ice Boulders, they will become damaged and destroyed with the next Hailstorm Icon Hailstorm, triggering Avalanche Icon Avalanche, so always make sure to find a new boulder to hide behind after each Hailstorm Icon Hailstorm. You can still deal damage through the Ice Boulder Icon Ice Boulders!
  • Avoid being hit by the Glacial Surge Icon Glacial Surge rings at all costs.
  • Khajin the Unyielding will periodically cast Frost Cyclone Icon Frost Cyclone. Make sure to avoid it and not "bait" it toward any existing Ice Boulder Icon Ice Boulders otherwise, they will become damaged.


  • Bring the boss closer to any existing Ice Boulder Icon Ice Boulders to increase the damage uptime of your melee DPS when they exit melee to hide during Hailstorm Icon Hailstorm casts.


  • Throughout the whole fight, players will have the Polar Winds Icon Polar Winds debuff on them; do not forget to top them up frequently!
  • Top up the health of the party member that is targeted by Frost Shock Icon Frost Shock and dispel the slow follow-up effect.

Infusion Chamber and Primal Tsunami


Notable Trash before Primal Tsunami

Once you have defeated Khajin the Unyielding, the last gate of the dungeon will open, allowing you to enter the Infusion Chamber where you will find Primal Tsunami. Along the way, you will face some familiar foes like Glacial Proto-Dragon and Primalist Icecaller paired with several new mob types. Once you approach the bridge leading to the final boss, there will be a constant Crashing Tsunami Icon Crashing Tsunami coming either from the left or right. If you fail to dodge it, you will get knocked back. Here is more information on the trash mobs you will face on the way:

  • Aqua Rager is the first unique mob you will face. It has only one important cast to watch for: its Boiling Rage Icon Boiling Rage EnrageEnrage effect. Once it reaches 20% health, it will begin casting Tidal Divergence Icon Tidal Divergence, dividing itself into 4 Aqualings. It is a 6 sec long cast, so it will be quite easy to interrupt once you see it!
  • Once you approach the end of the bridge, Infuser Sariya will be available to be attacked. She will have unavoidable AoE damage coming from Inundate Icon Inundate (non-interruptible) and a Aqueous Barrier Icon Aqueous Barrier absorb shield cast that must be interrupted at all times. Finally, get away from her Flash Flood Icon Flash Flood AoE cast, as it will knock you back and damage you! Once Infuser Sariya has been defeated Infuser Sariya, Crashing Tsunami Icon Crashing Tsunami will stop.

Primal Tsunami Boss Guide

Halls of Infusion Primal Tsunami

Primal Tsunami Phase 2 The Primal Tsunami boss encounter has two stages: Stage One: Violent Swells and Stage Two: Infused Waters. During Stage One, you will be fighting on the main platform (from where you pull the boss) until the boss reaches 60% HP. Once that happens, it will cast Cast Away Icon Cast Away and begin Stage Two. During this stage, you will be sent back to the beginning of the bridge (where you have entered originally) and need to return to the boss. Keep in mind your team will be split in two (3 players in one corridor and 2 players in the other), and the water swirls (Crashing Tsunami Icon Crashing Tsunami) will be present once again! Here is a more detailed breakdown of the fight:


All Roles

  • Avoid being hit by the Infused Globule Icon Infused Globule ground spheres during Stage One and Stage Two. Failing to do so will deal serious initial damage and trigger a secondary Waterlogged Icon Waterlogged debuff.
  • Primal Tsunami Infused Globule During Stage Two, avoid the incoming Crashing Tsunami Icon Crashing Tsunami. Once you get to the boss, you will have to deal with 4 Primalist Infusers and defeat them in order to get back to Stage One.
  • Speaking about Primalist Infusers, it is important to interrupt the Infuse Icon Infuse ability since it empowers the boss. In addition, watch out for the Inundate Icon Inundate cast!
  • Dodge the incoming Rogue Waves Icon Rogue Waves.


  • Always be present in melee to prevent Undertow Icon Undertow from being cast.
  • Use active mitigation once the boss is casting Squall Buffet Icon Squall Buffet. Not only will it knock you back, but it will also apply a follow-up debuff of Focused Deluge Icon Focused Deluge. You aim to get back to melee as quickly as possible to prevent it from casting Undertow Icon Undertow.


  • Periodically, Primal Tsunami will cast Tempest's Fury Icon Tempest's Fury, dealing AoE damage to all players. Be ready to top up the health of your teammates!
  • Dispel the slow effect from Waterlogged Icon Waterlogged as quickly as possible.

Halls of Infusion Loot Table


Watcher Irideus

Type Item Stats
Plate Hands Gauntlets of Incalculable Power Icon Gauntlets of Incalculable Power Mastery/Crit
Trinket Irideus Fragment Icon Irideus Fragment Mastery
Off-Hand Rod of Perfect Order Icon Rod of Perfect Order Haste/Mastery
Gun Titan-Forged Blaster Icon Titan-Forged Blaster Mastery/Vers
Leather Waist Watcher's Clasp of Purpose Icon Watcher's Clasp of Purpose Vers/Mastery

Gulping Goliath

Type Item Stats
Mail Head Amphibian's Bellowing Crown Icon Amphibian's Bellowing Crown Crit/Mastery
Leather Shoulder Ancient Hornswog Spaulders Icon Ancient Hornswog Spaulders Haste/Vers
Dagger Croaking Dagger Icon Croaking Dagger Agi, Vers/Crit
Cloth Wrist Lily-Laced Bracelets Icon Lily-Laced Bracelets Vers/Mastery
Plate Waist Ravenous Omnivore's Girdle Icon Ravenous Omnivore's Girdle Crit/Mastery
Mail Feet/td> Swoglet Stompers Icon Swoglet Stompers Vers/Mastery
1H Axe Tongue Hacker Icon Tongue Hacker Str, Vers/Haste

Khajin the Unyielding

Type Item Stats
Finger Circle of Ascended Frost Icon Circle of Ascended Frost Haste/Vers
Plate Head Earthshaker's Steel Visor Icon Earthshaker's Steel Visor Mastery/Vers
Trinket Globe of Jagged Ice Icon Globe of Jagged Ice Agi
Mail Chest Hauberk of Frozen Fervor Icon Hauberk of Frozen Fervor Vers/Crit
Cloth Feet Khajin's Hailstone Footwraps Icon Khajin's Hailstone Footwraps Mastery/Vers

Primal Tsunami

Type Item Stats
Plate Shoulder Mantle of Crushing Waves Icon Mantle of Crushing Waves Vers/Mastery
Cloth Chest Robe of Plunging Depths Icon Robe of Plunging Depths Crit/Mastery
Mail Hands Torrential Downpour Gauntlets Icon Torrential Downpour Gauntlets Haste/Vers
Leather Feet Treads of Restored Order Icon Treads of Restored Order Haste/Vers
2H Sword Undertow Tideblade Icon Undertow Tideblade Str, Crit/Mastery
Trinket Water's Beating Heart Icon Water's Beating Heart Int

Halls of Infusion Achievements

There are 8 total achievements to obtain in Halls of Infusion:

Achievement Criteria
Halls of Infusion Icon Halls of Infusion Defeat the Primal Tsunami in Halls of Infusion.
Heroic: Halls of Infusion Icon Heroic: Halls of Infusion Defeat the Primal Tsunami in Halls of Infusion on HeroicHeroic difficulty or higher.
Mythic: Halls of Infusion Icon Mythic: Halls of Infusion DEfeat the Primal Tsunami in Halls of Infusion on MythicMythic or Mythic Keystone difficulty.
Mythic: Halls of Infusion Guild Run Icon Mythic: Halls of Infusion Guild Run Defeat Primal Tsunami in Halls of Infusion on MythicMythic difficulty while in a guild group.
Keystone Hero: Halls of Infusion Icon Keystone Hero: Halls of Infusion Complete Halls of Infusion on MythicMythic Level 20 or higher, within the time limit.
Go With the Flow Icon Go With the Flow Defeat the Primal Tsunami after slaying three Flow Control Units in Halls of Infusion on MythicMythic difficulty.
Hungry Hungry Hornswog Icon Hungry Hungry Hornswog Defeat the Gulping Goliath after forcing it to become Hangry and devour 10 Curious Swoglets in Halls of Infusion.
Toxicity Strike Team Icon Toxicity Strike Team Defeat the Toxic Swogmother after Purging the Water intakes in Halls of Infusion on MythicMythic difficulty.


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