How to Obtain Quantum Items in World of Warcraft (10.1.5)

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Quantum items are cosmetics that teach you various appearances from the past. The following guide covers how exactly they work and what type of appearances you can collect.


What Are Quantum Items?

Quantum items are new cosmetic consumables added in Patch 10.1.5.


How Do I Obtain Quantum Items?

The items drop randomly from bosses in the Dawn of the Infinite mega-dungeon. You cannot obtain them anywhere else in the game.


What Makes Quantum Items Special?

Quantum items are consumed upon use and add weapon or gear appearances from the past to your collection. You can collect an infinite number of them and they will always add a different missing appearance to your collection.


List of Appearances Learned from Quantum Items

You will always learn an uncollected appeareance when using a Quantum item. Most of the time, you will see gray or green items, but the consumable also has a very low chance to teach you appearances of items with an extremely low drop chance, like Xavius' shoulders.

Everyone has a different collection of appearances, so there is no fixed list of appearances you will learn when using the items.


A List of Quantum Items in World of Warcraft

Below is a list of all 21 Quantum items available in the game. Armor slots will have different Quantum items tied to them. For example, if you loot a Quantum Wand Icon Quantum Wand, it will teach you an uncollected Wand appearance.


Weapon Quantum Items

Each weapon slot has a corresponding Quantum item tied to it.

  • Quantum Wand Icon Quantum Wand;
  • Quantum Staff Icon Quantum Staff;
  • Quantum Warglaives Icon Quantum Warglaives;
  • Quantum Sword Icon Quantum Sword;
  • Quantum Polearm Icon Quantum Polearm;
  • Quantum Shield Icon Quantum Shield;
  • Quantum Mace Icon Quantum Mace;
  • Quantum Knife Icon Quantum Knife;
  • Quantum Focus Icon Quantum Focus;
  • Quantum Greathammer Icon Quantum Greathammer;
  • Quantum Greatsword Icon Quantum Greatsword;
  • Quantum Knuckles Icon Quantum Knuckles;
  • Quantum Bow Icon Quantum Bow;
  • Quantum Crossbow Icon Quantum Crossbow;
  • Quantum Firearm Icon Quantum Firearm;
  • Quantum Axe Icon Quantum Axe.

Gear Quantum Items

Quantum gear also exists for the following armor slots. Currently, there are no Quantum items for the Back, Wrist, Belt, and Feet slots:

  • Quantum Headpiece Icon Quantum Headpiece;
  • Quantum Shoulders Icon Quantum Shoulders;
  • Quantum Chestpiece Icon Quantum Chestpiece;
  • Quantum Gloves Icon Quantum Gloves;
  • Quantum Legs Icon Quantum Legs;


  • 28 Jul. 2023: Post-patch clarifications.
  • 07 Jul. 2023: Guide added.
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