Kin'garoth Abilities

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General Information

On this page, we list all the abilities from the Kin'garoth encounter in Antorus, the Burning Throne. The idea is to give you a solid understanding of the encounter before you read the strategy.

If you are already familiar with the encounter, then you can skip to the strategy and tactics page or access any other page of the guide by using the table of contents on the right.



Kin'garoth has 2 alternating phases, although some of his abilities carry over between both. He will also attempt to build constructs during the encounter which will engage the raid alongside Kin'garoth sporting unique and very threatening abilities of their own. In fact, the most critical and precarious portions of the encounter take place when both Kin'garoth and his constructs are active simultaneously.


Deployment/Up Phase



Forging Strike Icon Forging Strike is always targeted on the current target, dealing a sizeable amount of Physical damage to everyone within a 5-yard radius. Additionally, Forging Strike applies a debuff that increases damage taken from subsequent Forging Strikes by 200% for 20 seconds.

Reverberating Strike Icon Reverberating Strike targets a random player, inflicting light Physical damage to everyone within a 5-yard radius. Additionally, Reverberating Strike leaves behind a permanent zone that will explode for heavy Fire damage (to targets within a 5 yard radius of the zone) each time subsequent Reverberating Strikes are cast.

Diabolic Bomb Icon Diabolic Bombs are spawned in sets of 3 and orbit Kin'garoth's circular platform. Anyone hit by a Diabolic Bomb will cause it to detonate for heavy Shadow damage to all players within 200 yards, however, the damage is reduced by distance.

Ruiner Icon Ruiner is targeted on a random player. Kin'garoth begins to channel a laser that can travel in either direction around the circle. Anyone hit by by Ruiner will suffer massive Fire damage every 0.3 seconds. Ruiner travels approximately a third of the circle before the channel concludes.

Shattering Strike Icon Shattering Strike occurs periodically, and deals light Nature damage to the raid.


Garothi Constructs

Feedback Overload Icon Feedback Overload triggers upon a construct's death, removing 4% of Kin'garoth's maximum health and ignoring all damage reductions.


Garothi Annihilator

Annihilation Icon Annihilation calls down missiles across the platform in 4 yard zones. Players hit absorb the missile and take moderate Fire damage. Any missiles that impact the platform without hitting a player will trigger an Annihilation Blast Icon Annihilation Blast, which inflicts heavy raid wide Fire damage.


Garothi Decimator

Decimation Icon Decimation targets random raid members, applying a debuff that expires after 5 seconds and inflicts moderate Fire damage to all allies within a 10-yard radius. It also inflicts light Fire damage raid wide.


Garothi Demolisher

Demolish Icon Demolish targets random raid members, applying a debuff that lasts 6 seconds. Upon expiration, it inflicts massive Shadow damage split between all allies within a 10-yard radius. It also increases Shadow damage taken by 100%.


Construction/Down Phase



Apocalypse Protocol Icon Apocalypse Protocol reduces Kin'garoth's damage taken by 99% as he immerses himself into his construction console. Kin'garoth opens his 3 construction bays and begins construction on his Garothi Constructs. Apocalypse Protocol lasts 40 seconds.

Apocalypse Blast Icon Apocalypse Blast targets random players often throughout the phase. An 8-yard zone will spawn beneath targeted players' characters and impact after several seconds. This damage is avoidable, even by the targeted characters.

Flames of the Forge Icon Flames of the Forge deals moderate Fire damage every 2 seconds for the duration of Apocalypse Protocol Icon Apocalypse Protocol.

Purging Protocol Icon Purging Protocol is cast after Initializing Icon Initializing (explained in the Garothi Constructs section below) concludes. Purging Protocol inflicts moderate Fire damage every second for 5 seconds to anyone remaining in the construction bays. After these 5 seconds expire, the construction bays seal and anyone inside is instantly killed.


Garothi Constructs

Initializing Icon Initializing is a 30-second cast, at the end of which the constructs will become active. During this time the constructs will be completely inactive and take 3% increased damage per stack. The constructs begin at 30 stacks, decaying to 0 over the channel of Initializing (minus 1 stack per second).



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