Kin'garoth Mythic Strategy/Tactics

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General Information

On this page, you will find a list of changes between Normal/Heroic modes and Mythic mode, as well as a working strategy to defeat Kin'garoth in Antorus, the Burning Throne in Mythic mode.

The other pages of our Kin'garoth guide can be accessed from the table of contents on the right.


Mythic Mode Abilities



On Mythic difficulty, Kin'garoth has a new passive ability called Weapons Upgrade Icon Weapons Upgrade. Weapons Upgrade causes the last Fel Reaver created during Apocalypse Protocol Icon Apocalypse Protocol that is destroyed to empower one of Kin'garoth's abilities.

  • Garothi Annihilator empowers Ruiner Icon Ruiner.
  • Garothi Decimator empowers Reverberating Strike Icon Reverberating Strike.
  • Garothi Demolisher empowers Diabolic Bomb Icon Diabolic Bomb.

Another passive, Overcharge Icon Overcharge, is triggered when any weapon is empowered more than once. Overcharge increases all of Kin'garoth's damage by 25% permanently, stacking.

All empowered abilities are listed below. These abilities are cast simultaneously with their original abilities (e.g. Ruiner Icon Ruiner and Ruination Icon Ruination).



Ruination Icon Ruination activates when Ruiner Icon Ruiner is empowered by killing the Garothi Annihilator last. Ruination summons a large number of annihilation missiles (the same as Garothi Annihilator's Annihilation ability) that appear as 4-yard circles and deal moderate Fire damage after a few seconds delay.

Any annihilation missiles that are not soaked trigger Ruination Blast Icon Ruination Blast, which deals moderate raid-wide Fire damage.


Reverberating Decimation

Reverberating Decimation Icon Reverberating Decimation activates when Reverberating Strike Icon Reverberating Strike is empowered by killing the Garothi Decimator last. Reverberating Decimation marks several players with debuffs that explode after several seconds, dealing moderate Fire damage. The radius is 10-yards, and they display as red circles around the targeted players.



Demolished Icon Demolished activates when Diabolic Bomb Icon Diabolic Bombs are empowered by killing the Garothi Demolisher last. Demolished causes anyone damaged by Diabolic Bombs, including the AoE damage, to take 100% increased Shadow damage for 7 seconds. This effect stacks.


Strategy and Positioning

Three raid markers should be placed around the room; one in front of each construction bay. As with Heroic and lesser difficulties, the tanks should position on the far side of the room, near the Decimator spawn. The rest of the raid should be split into two groups with roughly equal DPS and position loosely around the remaining two world markers (Demolisher and Annihilator spawns).

It is recommended anyone within melee range move away from the markers before Reverberating Strike Icon Reverberating Strike occurs, as placing a Detonation Charge where the group is stacking will often result in deaths later in the fight due to pulse damage.

If you have Havoc Demon Hunters, they should be sent to damage the Decimator during Apocalypse Protocol Icon Apocalypse Protocol using their cooldowns, as they are the best class for dealing damage to the constructs. In an ideal situation, two Havoc Demon Hunters will be sent to the Decimator while the remaining DPS and Healers will be split amongst the remaining two constructs. The Annihilator and Demolisher must be killed before or very shortly after Apocalypse Protocol ends; if they are able to cast their abilities (Demolish Icon Demolish and Annihilation Icon Annihilation) it will surely be a wipe. The tanks should also damage the Decimator during the down phase. If you have Demon Hunters using their Metamorphosis in addition to the tank damage, the Decimator should emerge from Apocalypse Protocol relatively low on health.

For the first three Apocalypse Protocol Icon Apocalypse Protocols the Garothi Decimator should be killed last, activating Reverberating Decimation Icon Reverberating Decimation. This does not affect positioning greatly; the targeted players should simply move a short distance away from their marker to ensure other players have space to maneuver.

Be aware that with each successive Garothi Decimator killed, Overcharge Icon Overcharge will gain a stack. This means that the Tanks will have to be more careful when clearing Diabolic Bomb Icon Diabolic Bombs and the raid will have to be more aware of environmental damage.

If you reach a fourth Apocalypse Protocol Icon Apocalypse Protocol, the groups should rotate clockwise immediately before it happens. This means that the group killing the Garothi Demolisher will now kill the Garothi Annihilator, and the group killing the Annihilator will shift upwards and kill the Garothi Decimator. The Tanks (and Havoc Demon Hunters, if you have them) will now be attacking the Garothi Demolisher. The reason for this is that it becomes very difficult to survive when Kin'garoth has three or more stacks of Overcharge Icon Overcharge.

If you finish the fourth Apocalypse Protocol Icon Apocalypse Protocol and Kin'garoth is still alive, you will have to deal with Demolished Icon Demolished for the remainder of the encounter. The raid will now have to be extremely careful not to accidentally trigger Diabolic Bomb Icon Diabolic Bombs. The Tanks should continue soaking them, however, they should only soak once every 7 seconds minimum in this phase, allowing the debuff to fall off and the Healers to stabilize the raid. This part of the fight can be very chaotic as the Diabolic Bombs will generally spawn faster than you can soak them, and there will often be six or more Diabolic Bombs active at once, putting high pressure on the raid to avoid getting hit.

If you reach Apocalypse Protocol Icon Apocalypse Protocol a 5th time (very unlikely), the entire raid should focus down one construct. Your only hope at this point is that Feedback Overload Icon Feedback Overload damage will kill the boss before the phase ends.


Bloodlust/Time Warp

Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Heroism Icon Heroism usage is very flexible on Mythic. For first kills, it is generally best used during an Apocalypse Protocol Icon Apocalypse Protocol you are struggling with. The 4th Apocalypse Protocol Icon Apocalypse Protocol is a great choice, as players will be taking massive damage from Flames of the Forge Icon Flames of the Forge due to the two stacks of Overcharge Icon Overcharge. Feel free to adjust the usage as necessary, however; for example, if you can skip an entire Apocalypse Protocol Icon Apocalypse Protocol it should instead be used when the boss is in execute.



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