Madness Debuff Overview for Horrific Visions (BfA 8.3)

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While inside Horrific Visions, players will experience Madness effects which change depending on the current weekly rotation, as well as the zone tier they are fighting in.


What are Madness Debuffs?

In each zone of Horrific Visions, players will have a debuff applied to them while in that zone. These debuffs vary in power and difficulty depending on the difficulty of the zone they are in.


When do Madness Debuffs change?

Each week, a new "rotation" of debuffs is introduced, similarly to how M+ affixes are decided.

The debuffs cycle through a group of debuffs, with each group being assigned to a certain "tier" of difficulty in the zones.


Madness Debuff List

In this section, you can find all of the madness debuffs, what they do, and any tips you should be aware of in handling them.


Tier 1 Areas

The following debuffs are only found in "Tainted" areas, also known as Tier 1 areas.

Madness Debuff Effect Tips
Madness: Bloodthirsty Icon Madness: Bloodthirsty Deal damage to nearby targets and heal yourself for damage dealt. Try to stack enemies if this is about to go off.
Madness: Desynchronized Icon Madness: Desynchronized Time moves either 30% faster or slower. N/A
Madness: Promised Power Icon Madness: Promised Power Summons zones that grant 15% damage, lose 10% damage if not in them. Damage increase is not worth soaking Sanity-draining abilities.

Tier 2 Areas

The following debuffs are only found in "Corrupted" areas, also known as Tier 2 areas.

Dark Delusions Clone
Madness Debuff Effect Tips
Madness: Dark Delusions Icon Madness: Dark Delusions Summons a shadow copy that stuns you if you touch it. Speed stays same, so outrange this quickly to ignore it.
Madness: Entomophobia Icon Madness: Entomophobia Bugs crawl on your character, will cause loss of control if it reaches 5 stacks. Casters should jump at 3-4 stacks to prevent DPS loss.
Madness: Scorched Feet Icon Madness: Scorched Feet Causes you to leap forward over fire zones. Control where you jump by facing that direction when feet are on fire.
Madness: Shortsighted Icon Madness: Shortsighted Combat and vision radius are reduced to 20 yards. N/A

Tier 3 Areas

The following debuffs are only found in "Lost" areas, also known as Tier 3 areas.

Madness Debuff Effect Tips
Madness: Haunting Shadows Icon Madness: Haunting Shadows Copy of you spawns randomly and explodes, fearing players hit. Move away as soon as it spawns.
Madness: Leaden Foot Icon Madness: Leaden Foot Moving slows your movement speed until you are immobile. Try to stutterstep to prevent overtiring yourself.
Madness: Split Personality Icon Madness: Split Personality Ring of copies surrounds you, with a hole to run through. If you have an ability that can teleport, use it to escape quickly.
Madness: Volatile Intent Icon Madness: Volatile Intent Dealing damage can deal a percentage to yourself. N/A


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